The First Test
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The next day I wanted to relax until I had to leave my house for the chunin exams but I couldn't sit still. To get rid of my anxiousness I spent the day doing taijutsu training. While Chakra and ninjutsu training was very important, I didn't want to be weak at hand to hand combat.

After I worked up a sweat with the training I went home and took a quick shower before going to meet the rest of the team at the testing location.

As we climbed up a floor the surroundings started to get slightly blurry. I focused my chakra and quickly disrupted the flow to get out of the genjutsu. When I was free I realized that the genjutsu that was placed around room 301 made you climb the same flight of stairs twice making it look like you were in room 301 but in reality, you hadn't left the second floor. I looked around and found the door towards the second floor and walked towards it. After I walked through I didn't see anything for a few seconds, I had to wait until what I assume is the time it took Sasuke and Sakura to break the Jutsu. Or climb the stairs again.

Hehehe, so when Sasuke complimented Sakura about her knowledge of genjutsu he already noticed she was the slowest and was just trolling her. I didn't know that he had that side to him.

As we walked down the corridor of the second floor we saw two ninjas blocking the door to what was supposed to be room 301 and the rest of the applicants gathered in front of them.

Lee was on the floor in front of the door and the two ninjas were lecturing all the applicants.

"You guys think you're ready to take the Chunin exams? Chunins often become the captains of military teams. Do you think you guys are ready to take responsibility for another person's death?" said one of the ninjas blocking the door.

"While you guys are right, you will let me pass, and remove the genjutsu surrounding the room too. I want to go to the third floor," said Sasuke with a smug look on his face. He continued saying, "You probably noticed first right Sakura? You do have the best knowledge on genjutsu out of the three of us," he said with a small smile on his lips.

I was trying to hold back my laugh when I noticed the look on Sakura's face, she looked almost relieved. So that's why he said that, not to make fun of Sakura, but to give her confidence before the exams. Wow, I guess there is some kindness hidden under the cold facade huh.

"Ha, of course I already knew, that's because this is the second floor," she said with a smile.

The number on the sign blurred and changed from 301 to 201.

"Hmm now bad, but all you did was see through it, that's not enough." said one of the ninjas as he suddenly attacked trying to hit Sasuke with a kick. Sasuke reacted instantly and also kicked towards the ninja.

Just as it looked like a brawl was about to start a green flash stepped in between Sasuke and his attacker, catching both their kicks in mid-air. He threw them both back and while Sasuke landed the attacker was laying on the floor, supposedly passed out.

"What happened to not drawing attention to ourselves," said Neji stepping up to stand next to Lee.

Lee ignored Neji and walked forward to talk to Sakura. He asked her out and I couldn't help but laugh at how she fast she rejected him.

Neji also tried to talk to Sasuke but he acted all cool by ignoring him. As we had started to walk towards the third floor we heard someone run up behind us.

"Hey you with the black hair, do you dare and fight me?" Lee asked running to catch up with us.

"Right now against me?" asked Sasuke.

"Yes, my name is Rock Lee and I want to test my strength against one of famed Uchiha, do you accept Uchiha Sasuke?" said Lee assuming a fighting stance.

"Sounds like fun, sure let's fight," said Sasuke.

"Don't Sasuke-kun, we only have 30 minutes to submit our applications for the exams, what if we are late?" shouted Sakura.

"It's fine Sakura it won't take that long, a winner will be decided fairly quickly," I said to Sakura.

Sasuke looked back at me and Sakura with a smirk on his face before he charged towards Lee. Sigh. I hope he didn't think I meant him when I said it would end quickly.