The Forest of Death
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Just as the room was busy celebrating passing the first test, the window of the room suddenly shattered and a figure flashed through it.

"None of you should be celebrating right now! I'm the second examiner of the test, Mitarashi Anko and we're wasting time people, follow me," she said from the front of the room.

"Hehe, you still can't read the room can't you Anko?" asked Ibiki.

With a small blush, Anko ignored his question and said, "You left 78 people? That's 26 teams! Hehe, I guess I'll have to clear out at least half of them in this next test."

She turned towards the class," Let's go people, I'll lead you to the place of the second exam."

I followed with the rest of the class as she led us through the village's training grounds. We finally stopped when we arrived in front of an ominous-looking forest full of giant trees, it was barred off with a tall metal fence and there were no trespassing signs all over it.

After waiting till the whole 78 people were in view Anko stared at us all with a sinister look in her eyes, "This is the place for your second exam training ground number 44 ... Also known as the forest of death."

Anko went on to explain the rules of the survival test. Each team would be given a scroll with either Hevan or Earth written on it. You would have 5 days to get the one both the heaven and earth scrolls and take it to a tower in the middle of the forest. There were no rules other than don't open the scroll and if one of your teammates is unable to go on, the whole team is eliminated.

But while she was explaining the rules of the test I was busy scouting out where Orochimaru was. He was hidden among all the other candidates taking the exam, and I had to make sure we stayed away from him in the forest. I can't let him put the curse mark on Sasuke or he will try to search Orochimaru out again for power.

After she finished explaining all the rules Anko let us into the forest by saying one last thing," And some final words of advice, don't die."

After that, all the teams were led to a different entry point into the forest and were let inside at the same time.

After we were entered the forest I knew that we had to try and avoid Orochimaru at all costs. Even the third Hokage could barely hold him off so we would have no chance if we ran into him.

"Guy's let's go towards the right so we have a better chance of running into more teams, we do need the Earth scroll to pass the test," I said right after we entered the forest.

"Fine, let's try to take out a weaker team quickly then we can focus on getting to the tower" agreed Sasuke.

We quickly moved through the forest jumping from tree to tree when we heard people up ahead of us. We sneaked closer and closer towards them and saw that it was the group of people that had the misfortune of running into Gaara early on in the test.

"Guys wait I have a plan," I whispered to Sakura and Sasuke. I remembered the team but I couldn't remember what scroll they had. But there was an easy way of fixing that. "Let's just wait for my clones to collect info. We shouldn't fight them and waste energy if they also have a heaven scroll also. If they do have an Earth scroll we can ambush them."

I quickly created 3 shadow clones next and transformed two of them to look like Sasuke and Sakura. I directed the clone to cut off the team and we followed them from a safe distance. After a few minutes, I felt my clones dissipate after being pierced by something.

"It's not worth it, one of the members of the team revealed that they had a heaven scroll when my clones taunted them," I said.

We decided to retreat and look for another team to fight, one that had an Earth scroll this time. As for the team we just met, they were just unlucky. Unless our interference just now changed their pathing, they would end up running into Gaara and his team and... dying.

We continued looking for more teams for the rest of the day but we weren't lucky with our search. We ended up setting our camp next to a river, where we knew it would be easier to find food. We ended up fishing and after we ate we decided on a place to sleep, a hidden spot in the roots of one of the giant trees.

Sasuke suggested that we take turns keeping watch, I agreed and let Sasuke take the first shift. You never knew if you were being watched in a place like this.