Naruto vs Lee
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Once again I used shadow clone Jutsu to summon 10 clones but this time I put a decent amount of charka into each clone so it wouldn't be as easy to deal with. Then before Lee could react to threw shuriken with each of the clones towards Lee. Of course, he could easily dodge 10 shurikens so then I used shadow shuriken jutsu so he had a rain of ninja tools about to descend on him. This was my plan from the start, while Lee's strength was taijutsu, it was also his weakness. He had to get close for his to attack, so if I could just keep him away and attack him from long range there was no way I could lose.

I watched as Lee struggled to dodge the hail of shuriken and was forced to retreat and jump back onto the statue that was on the state to avoid the attack.

I started to get deja vu and realized where this was going.

"Lee take them off," shouted Guy sensei from the audience.

"But sensei I thought I was only allowed to do take them off when I'm in a life-threatening situation?" Lee asked in confusion.

"It's alright I'll allow it this once!" said Guy sensei.

Lee sat down and removed what looked to be ankle weights from both his legs.

"Finally I can move around freely," he said as the weights hit the ground.


A cloud of dust rises as the weights hit the ground shocking everyone in the audience.

I prepare myself by making my clones form a protective circle around me to help Shield me from Lee's attacks. I also take out my chakra blades and infuse them with more chakra than I had ever before, increasing their range by a large amount.

The blades start to emit a high-pitched screech as the chakra starts taking shape around the blades and it looks as if I am dual-wielding two swords.

I hear surprised murmurs from the audience as Lee smiles at my performance and then takes a fighting stance.

Before I can react, one of the clones surrounding me has already disappeared with a poof from a spinning kick from Lee.

I try to see where the attacks are coming from but all I can see is a green flash going around me at high speeds as I struggle to find a target to attack.

When just two of my clones are left I gamble using my luck. When I see the green flash as Lee moves to finish off my remaining clones. I swing my chakra through the clone closest to me. I don't connect with my blade but I hear a grunt of pain as the chakra surrounds the blade catches Lee's on the thigh and leaves a trail of blood. Lee quickly retreated with a series of backflips to create some distance.

"I bet you weren't expecting that," I say with a chuckle.

"That is nothing you will still not be able to keep up with my speed," Lee retorts. He once again takes up a fighting stance and prepares to get close.

But this time I'm ready. Once again I used shadow clone Jutsu with one in the middle surrounded by clones on all sides. But this time all the Naruto's that are around the one in the middle have explosive tags on their chest. As soon as I feel a close get hit I can release the explosion. Of course, I would get hit too if I detonated the tags, but my stamina and healing are much better than Lee's so it's a gamble worth taking. I see Lee hesitate for a second seeing the explosive tags but nevertheless, he still gets into his fighting stance.

Then once again he's gone in a flash. I look around but I don't see or feel any of my clones getting hit or dissipating.

"You protected all your angles except this one," Lee shouts as I look up to see an axe kick coming down that hits me in the side of the head.

"It was a good fight," Lee says as I go flying through two clones as I hit the wall with a bang.

All the clones in the circle start to dissipate around Lee who is now stood in the middle of my previous formation.

The Procter looks ready to call the fight when he sees a sudden movement.

Due to all the clones starting to dissipate Lee lowered his guard until he sees the body that he just blasted into the wall disappear in a cloud of white smoke.

Lee tried to react by quickly moving away from his position but it was too late. I had been waiting mixed into the circle clones and used the slight weakness showed by Lee to attack. I slashed at Lee and a long gash appeared that when down the length of his back. Blood immediately started to flow from his back as he fell to the floor yelling out in pain.

I looked to the proctor but he had yet to call the fight and I didn't want to seriously injure Lee so I said, "Withdraw Lee, you can't win, especially not with those injuries."

"You, how did you know I would attack the clone at the center," Lee asked while sending chakra into the wound in his back to help it heal. But the damage was already done, he was started to look pale from blood loss. It shouldn't be too long before he passed out completely.

"The explosive tags that I put on the clones were fake. If I really wanted to detonate them when you attacked I would have hidden them on the clone, not put them on their chests. I knew you wouldn't want to get caught in the blast, so you attacked the one clone without a tag. The one you thought was the actual body," I replied.

Lee shakily got to his feet, " Don't think that I will give up just yet, remember that the lotus of the leaf blooms twice."

Lee crossed his arms in front of his chest and I felt his chakra surge throughout his body.