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As I watched Lee slowly start to turn red I quickly raised my hand, " Lee stop," I looked towards the proctor, "I withdraw from the match."

Lee stopped his opening of the 8 hidden gates and looked at me with a shocked expression.

"Why? Why would you quit? Did you know what technique I was using?" Lee asked with confusion on his face.

I gave Lee a slight smile as I body flickered off the field. I had finished the fight in a condition that would make even Garra proud, not a scratch on me.

The decision to quit the fight wasn't a small one but it was calculated. In the end, the chunin exams would be interrupted so it wasn't worth the effort to fight Lee right now especially with his possibly opening up to the 5th gate.

Of course, if I was losing and really desperate the nine-tails chakra would start leaking out and I would get a huge boost to my strength. But I didn't want to rely on something that I couldn't control. If I got to the point where tails started to appear, the jonin would no doubt step in to seal the chakra away and I would lose the fight regardless.

While I did have those reasons for withdrawing the biggest one was what would happen to Lee if I let him open the hidden gates. Judging from his character I had no doubt that he would go as far as he could and open up to the fifth gate. Fighting Gaara he had almost become a cripple and ruined his future as a ninja. I didn't want to take that risk, the future wasn't guaranteed. That was confirmed when I had to fight Lee instead of Kiba.

After I had left the stage and Lee was taken to the medical room, he had lost a lot of blood, the electronic board started to shift through the names of the remaining applicants.

"The second fight will be between Hinata Hyuga and Tsurugi Misumi" said the proctor as he waived the second fight.

The fight was pretty anti-climactic it was obvious who would win right when it was called. Right when the fight began Tsurugi tried to get close and choke Hinata just as he did originally with Kankuro. When he entered her range all Hinata had to do was press his chakra points after using her Byakugan. After that, he wasn't able to any jutsu so he chose to withdraw.

After that the fights kept going on with some of the matches being the same as they originally were, Sakura and Ino fought each other to a double knockout again. But others were completely different like Ten Ten fighting Sasuke, where Sasuke had a  much easier time controlling the pain caused by the curse mark.

After all the fights had finished the 8 people moving on into the finals were: Lee, Sasuke, Temari, Shikamaru, Gaara, Kankuro, Hinata, Neji, and Dosu Kinuta. I didn't know much about the sound ninja that passes by beating Choji but I think he would try to fight Gaara, and how that would turn out.

After Sasuke's match had ended Kakashi sensei took him away from the field. It was probably to try and seal the curse mark, but in the end, how well it worked depended on Sasuke's will.

I waited till sensei came back and walked over and asked him, "Sensei where is Sasuke? Also what was the mark on his neck, it looked like it was causing him a lot of pain."

"He's fine now, I put left him in at the hospital with Ambu watching over him in case anything went wrong," He responded.

I tried to make my face look as worried as possible and said, " Also sensei I heard some of the sand ninjas talking in whispers about a plan during the final exam. Something about a genjutsu and the Hokage involving a barrier. I couldn't really hear the rest but I think something's going on."

"Hmm, alright I'll look into it," said sensei with a distant voice. He sounded like he had something on his mind and if I was right I think I know what it is. He had probably met with Orochimaru and had been threatened. He probably feels frustrated at his own strength right now.

After talked to sensei I turned around to leave when I saw Hinata waiting for me by the exit to the building. She was fidgeting and not meeting my eyes as usual.

I gave her a questioning look as she struggled to speak. I knew she originally was supposed to offer me medicine after my fight, but that hadn't happened this time. Maybe because I didn't even have a scratch on me after my fight.

"Na Na Naruto-kun," she managed to say still not looking at me properly. " Do do you think you can help me train for the final exam?"

I couldn't help but let out a small chuckle, which startled Hinata. But before she could run away I said," Sure I'll meet you at training field 3 in a few days."