Chapter 3: The Summoning part 3
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On a dimly lit room, a person was seated on a chair, drinking a wine while there was a naked woman on a bed "He appeared again, I know it's not him but... this anger on my heart just can't seem to quell it" his voice sounded with anger but mixed with pity, a pity on himself for being angry on a person just because they have the same class "I can't go back anymore, I atleast won't kill him. Haha... hahaha! Who am I kidding?! I've... sacrificed too much just for the better of the kingdom... sigh, I don't know anymore. I'll just wait for someone to kill me someday I guess?" While he was busy, the naked woman woked up and walked unto him "what's the problem dear? Is something bothering you again?" Asked the woman worriedly, but the king just brushed it off

"Nothing, it's my own problem" despite the kings attitude the woman still smiled at him gently "I know~ don't worry no matter what happens, whether you'll be a bad guy or a good guy I'll always love you" she then proceeded to kiss him "well then I'll go first, take care" 

Always be with me huh i hope that's true...


There was a ruckus on a room, there Greg and Coal are having a heated discussion 

"What did I tell you?! I told you to just wait, do you think Zed told us to stay still so that we won't get harmed? Yeah he did, but there's also another reason behind it" 

" Okay let's say he did that because he knows something is up... but I just can't take it knowing that something dangerous may happen to him" Greg said in a dispirited voice

After all they know that the thing called special training ground was all bullshit. But what they can't wrap their heads around is why the king acted like that to him?

They were sure it was the first time the king met them

Suddenly a thought struck on Coal "wait Greg, you noticed it right? When it was Zed's turn king just looked at him without any interest, anger or whatsoever. But when his class was announced the king's face suddenly warped in anger but only for a moment" 

"Hmm, yeah I did noticed it too. The aura of his was stifling, I almost peed my pants back there" 

Hmm, In Coal's mind there was definitely something off about it. Just because his class was a sword saint...? Ahh, a theory was formed!

"I knew it Greg! The king, you know when we got into our quarters some of the maids said that they are glad the heroes are back again" Greg scratched his head and asked with confusion "well? Isn't it normal? I'm they would try to summon the heroes too knowing they were on a world class calamity back then" 

Coal can only sigh at his friend's simple mind 

"What I'm trying to say is that maybe the king back then also summoned a sword saint and something bad happened between the two"

"Aha! So you're saying that Zed just got unlucky he got that class? Don't fuck with me, how is he a king when he let his emotions get to himself?!"

Hahaha... Yeah there's also an idiot here who let his emotions get hold of him, Coal thought to himself


Meanwhile on a dark cave, the person in question was there doing some exercises "haaah, nothing really beats a good ol warm up, but still why did the king put me here? I know it has a connection on the class that I got but, isn't this a bit too much?! Ah no no no, I'm not really angry at him or anything but he could have just kicked me out of this kingdom or something right?" Zed sighed at all this misfortunes that happened at him today

"Well enough thinking about it I'm fine being here but the moment he lays his hands on my friends and girlfriend..." a strong killing intent was released! "I'll make sure he gets the worse experience he'll ever have"

"Welp let's eat first shall we?" 


"H-hey, y-you felt that right? W-what kind of person is that man?! That k-kind of k-k-killing intent is no joke"

"I know, I also felt it... I just don't know anymore... just because of what happened long ago, sigh Arthur, even the clueless one is getting involved on this unending grief of yours, maybe someday this will also be your fall"

"You said something?" Asked the clueless poor guard "nah, it was nothing"


On a huge throne made of unknown materials that glows crimson read which gives the impression of terror sits a man, the man's features was so perfect that his looks can be both man and woman, but the aura that he's radiating is so suffocating and one hundred times pressuring than the king, the man sitting there was the vampire king Agnos

"Sir we got a news regarding on the very forefront of humanity's base, the Camelot" said an ugly demon with a monocle and suit

"Speak" replied Agnos with an ambiguous tone, neither male or female

The demon didn't forgot to push his monocles up before talking "our spies on the Camelot kingdom discovered that King Arthur managed to summon the heroes, and right now they're having a feast as we speak"

"Hmm, I see so he has done it now, you can go now" 

" Yes your highness"

Hehehe, now that you have summoned your heroes. Why not also do the same? Hahahahaha!!

no chapters till I get ereshkigal(fucking eresh didn't came home)PAIN PEKO