Chapter 27
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"Where are we going to go?" Asked Omis, as he steadily flew by Addi's side. The duo of Immortals made their way across the mortal realm leaving behind two streaks of light as proof of their passage. 

"I have been thinking that we should lay low for a while." Solemnly replied Addi in a serious voice.

Hearing Addi being so serious made Omis wary, he abstained from asking any more questions and just nodded in response. If there was anything Omis never questioned, that would be Addi when he is serious, if he said they should lay low for a while then they should lay low!

"So we go down to the underworld?" Asked Omis, his eyes a bit excited at the aspect of seeing the underworld in person, not as a game but in real life! From his previous conversation with Addi, he had come to find out that the underworld had remained relatively unaffected by the collapse of the heavenly realm, and the Hive has no power their whatsoever. 

To his surprise, however, Addi shook his head in rejection.

"No, not the underworld." He simply said. 

"What do you mean? I thought they had no control over the underworld? As weren't you hiding in hell all this time?" asked Omis puzzled, as he did not understand.

"They know we survived the attack, and this isn't the first time I clashed against them so I know them but they also know me..." somberly replied Addi.

"And the underworld?" Still unable to connect the dots, Omis asked once more.

"They know I have been hiding there before, and they know that I will try to get back to hell to escape, so I am almost one hundred percent sure that they are already waiting for us by the entrance to the underworld to stop us from going." 

Nodding in understanding, Omis continued. "So they should be waiting for us in an ambush by the entrance." 

"Indeed, so it would be better if we lay low for a while before we try and break through it."

"But we didn't have any problems with their previous attack. With my God realm cultivation and you're Immortal Venerable one, don't you think we are more than able to win?" Asked Omis in curiosity, his hand rubbing his chin in thought. 

"Normally, you'd be correct. We are indeed considered to be at the peak of the world, but that does not mean there is no one other than us with similar prowess." 

"I do remember you mentioning something about how they had ten God realm cultivators?" Nodding Omis replied, his eyes sharpened as he thought of such a sight. Ten God cultivators, if one is already enough to destroy the mortal realm what can ten do!?

"Yes, but that was during the war. I do not know exactly how many of them survived, but I do remember that the boss had slain two by himself!" Proudly said Addi, his eyes turning foggy as he seemed to relieve some distant memory.

"Addi..." Omis called out to his friend in a stern voice.

Not pausing Addi continued. "I know what you want to ask me brother, but I don't know. I don't know if any of ours had survived, the boss was fighting in an entirely different battlefield and I didn't see him ever since, as for us...we lost people..." 

"I understand...did anyone besides you survive?" Asked Omis, his mood sour as he thought of his past companions.

"Besides me? Celestial of course, from our clan? No, If they did I have never met any..." 

"How many other Immortals had survived?"

Before Omis could get his answer the duo came across a large mortal capital. The city was surrounded by a twelve meter (39 feet) tall brick wall that enclosed the entire city. 

Right in the middle was what looked like the emperor's palace, taking the entire middle area. Surrounding it were various luxurious homes and establishments, the further one went from the palace the poorer the conditions became. 

"Let's get down." said Addi. 

"Here? But this is a mortal capital? The strongest person I can sense is hidden under the palace and is barely at the Gold core stage."

"That's what makes it an even better hiding place." Replied Addi as the duo slowly descended a distance away from the capital as to not alert the populace. 

"Cut out your aura, and from now on we are NOT going to use any cultivation, understand?" He added as he looked at Omis. 

"Okay, but uhh Addi...?" Called Omis, his face strange as he looked back at him.


"I don't think just hiding our aura would be enough." 


"Your face is enough to scare a mortal to death, we need to change that as well." Laughed Omis, as he looked at Addi's dumbfounded face.

"You little bastard! Not everyone is as lucky as you to have chosen such a damn good looking avatar!" Replied Addi in a fake angry voice. Making a few hand signals, Addi's hollow white eyes slowly changed turning back to a more normal black one. His straight back slowly hunched as the entire aura surrounding him seemed to change back to that of a harmless old mortal.


Letting out a whistle, Omis examined Addi's disguise as he poked his face.


That had earned him a slap on the back of his head from Addi. 

"OUCH! I was just checking!" 

"Sure, it's your turn now." replied Addi with a roll of his eyes.

"My turn?" Asked Omis confused.

"Well of course. You do not seriously think you are going to go to a mortal capital with THAT face." grinned Addi.

"W-What's wrong with my face?" Asked Omis as his right-hand touched his face in confusion.

"No mortal is that perfect, tone it down a little."

"Oh, but I like my face." Replied Omis, in a faked sad voice.

"Tone it down or I'll tone it for you." Flatly replied Addi. 



Soon, two travelers, one that looked like a harmless old mortal grandpa with white hair and an equally white beard, alongside a handsome jet black-haired youth were making their way towards the mortal capital.

"That face is still too good looking!" Grumbled Addi as he looked back at his companion.

"Oh please, you are just jealous 'grandpa'." sarcastically replied Omis with a grin.