Chapter 113: Meet Cherry
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~Four Hours Later~

Moranor and Enora were already gone from the room, the young elf was barely standing and looked like he could sleep standing up if given the chance. Reiki wolfed down a large monster chicken leg, in front of him were dozens of bones of whole animals that were eaten clean. With another big bite, he ate the last of the meat off the bone and threw the bone onto the large pile. Reiki let out a loud burp, which started the young elf. The young elf hastily said. "I-I wasn't sleeping!" Reiki let out a chuckle and said. "I'm done, if you can take the plates and bones out. I'll talk to her majesty to give you and your mother a day off tomorrow. So that the two of you can spend some time together."

The young elf's eyes brightened up, he said. "R-Really?" Reiki jumped off the bed doing a frontflip landing in front of the young elf, Reiki thought. To think this elf is somewhere in his fifties… Reiki placed a hand on top of the young elf with hopeful eyes and patted him, Reiki said. "Really." The young elf was dazed for a moment before giving him a deep bow, he said. "T-Thank you! Mr. Reiki!" Reiki rolled his eyes at him, he said. "I'll be training, the sooner you get started with cleaning the more time you have to rest." The young elf nodded in agreement as he hastily started picking up the plates and dishes and placing them on the trolley.

Reiki walked in a random direction of the hall and opened the first window he saw, opened it, and jumped off. His clothes fluttered in the wind when he was near the ground, he casted. Flash.

『Flash Has Been Activated. Mana Cost: 500.』

With a soft thud, Reiki landed on the ground as he started stretching to warm his body and started his grueling training.

~Seven Hours Later~

Reiki was slouched down as he placed his hand on his thighs to keep himself up, he thought. My body is starting to keep up… He tried to regulate his breathing as he tried to stand straight. His clothes were stuck to his skin as both his pants and green tunic were completely soaked in sweat. Reiki moved away from the puddle of sweat he was standing in, after making some distance he started doing a sideways split on the ground. Reiki was able to perform a little over the split, he thought. Need to work on my flexibility. As he slowly moved his upper body forward while trying to lay on the ground as flat as possible while keeping his legs spread. Reiki maintained the position for thirty seconds as he slowly stood up, he tried to wipe off some sweat from his face using his hand but only made it worse.

He looked to his right and said. "Enjoyed the show?" Enora appeared right beside him with a smile on her face, she said. "A little bit." She rummaged through her pocket and took out a canister and passed it to him. Reiki took the cap off and chugged half of it in a single go, he let out a relaxed sigh. Reiki looked up to her and said. "You're up early." As he took sips from the canister. Enora nodded as she flashed him a smile, she said. "I felt like getting up and starting the day on a high note." Reiki rolled his eyes at her and thought. I doubt that. He emptied what's left in the canister and passed it to Enora, Reiki said. "I need a bath." Before he could take a step he looked behind him and said. "This time, no peeking." Enora let out a humph, she said. "You wish."


Moranor's room

The entire room was made out of wood, it had a bed in the middle by the wall with a nightstand beside it. On top of the nightstand was a medium-sized crystal blue crystal that was radiating a cold aura keeping the entire room cold. The ice crystal was surrounded by pictures of her and Melanor with Moranor being different sizes in each of them. Near the window that had the green curtains undone was a workbench and a chair as a large closet was on the left side of the bed facing the door. Moranor was sleeping on the bed wearing the same clothes from yesterday, she was on her side hugging one of her large pillows, she heard the sound of birds chirping which made her long and pointy ears twitch. Moranor slowly opened her eyes as she stared at the wall in a daze, her eyes suddenly wide opened as she immediately got up and hurriedly put on her shoes.

She stood up from her bed and opened the door and saw that the door leading to the bathroom was slightly open. Moranor ran toward and angrily opened it but saw it was empty as a look of confusion appeared on her face. From the first floor, she heard Reiki say. "Let go!" It was followed by Enora's laughter, she said. "Just hold still!" Moranor's face contorted in anger as she sprinted down the stairs on the verge of yelling when she saw Reiki was pinned down on the floor by Enora who had her large chest pressed against his back while holding a white towel trying to dry his hair. Moranor was stunned for a moment but snapped back when Reiki said. "I can dry my hair myself!" He casted. Flash. Flash. Flash!

[System: Spell has been interrupted.]

[System: Spell has been interrupted.]

[System: Spell has been interrupted.]

Reiki thought. I can't believe she has a spell that can prevent someone from using teleportation magic. Enora let out a mesmerizing giggle as she tried to put him in a stranglehold, she said. "Be a good boy, and listen to me." Moranor walked toward them with a visible frown on her lips as her pupils faintly glowed. Moranor tried to grab Enora's collar to get her off of him, Enora vanished and appeared standing beside Reiki who was still on the floor. Enora flashed Moranor a sweet smile and said. "Good morning." The glow in Moranor's pupils slowly faded, she coldly said. "What do you think you're doing?" Enora showed the towel she was holding and said. "Helping him dry his hair." Reiki stood up from the floor and patted off some dust on his clothes, he thought. If I didn't lock the door you would've dried more than my hair.

Moranor kept glaring at Enora who maintained her sweet smile as the atmosphere in the room turned tense. Reiki coughed and said. "Shouldn't we be preparing for the restaurant?" Moranor snatched the towel from Enora's hands and passed it to Reiki. Moranor's gaze turned gentle, she said. "Mom announced that yesterday she wanted to test if the food would sell. The grand reopening will be tomorrow at lunch." Reiki nodded and said. "With that, I have some free time. Got an idea of anything entertaining?" Enora's eyes brightened up, she excitedly said. "We should check on what you called!" Reiki scratched the back of his head as he moved his gaze onto Enora who walked next to Moranor. He said. "Already? I thought it would take more time?" Enora was about to say something but stopped when Moranor abruptly said. "It depends on the species of what you called. Eagle, panther, and sprites are some of the many examples. I once heard someone call a Komodo dragon, which took seven days."

Reiki raised a brow in surprise, he said. "Lead the way then." Moranor raised a finger when Enora suddenly placed a hand in front of Moranor's face. Enora said. "But! Before that, you need to bring something." Reiki felt some water touch his neck as he started to dry his hair with the towel Moranor passed him, he said. "What thing?" Moranor moved Enora's hand away and said. "A peace offering, it's just some food, nothing extraordinary." Reiki nodded as he finished drying his hair and combed it back using his hand, he said. "I'll go to the good kitchen then." As he passed the towel back to Moranor, Reiki headed toward the kitchen with the two elves behind him. Enora followed him with a spring in her step while Moranor walked beside Enora placing the towel in her pouch which she pocketed.

Reiki opened the door and started raiding the fridge, Enora walked beside him and looked inside while Moranor stood beside Enora. While looking through the contents of the fridge he thought. Raw meat… Vegetables… Fruits… He turned his head to look behind him and said. "What should I bring?" Moranor shook her head, she said. "We can't help you with that." Enora nodded in agreement, she said. "Exercise maniac is right, calling a familiar is different for every person. Just because I called a sprite doesn't mean my mother had the same result." Reiki crossed his arms while staring at the contents of the fridge he thought. So it's completely random, not hereditary… He said. "What did you bring?" Enora thought for a moment, she said. "After I called one, the next day I brought along a maid who was carrying a basket of fruits. I offered the little sprite some blueberries." Moranor scratched the side of her head, she said. "Mom just decided to help me call one day, the next morning I covered for a friend of mine who was tasked with checking in on the animals. A few rabbits died of old age."

Reiki thought. The two of them went about their day… Reiki closed the fridge and shook his head, he looked up to Moranor and said. "Do you have a handkerchief I could borrow?" Enora quickly rummaged through her pocket but Moranor was faster than her as she lent Reiki a white silk one. Reiki nodded and said. "Let's go then." Moranor grabbed his left hand while Enora grabbed his right, the two elves glared at each other at the corner of their eye. Reiki thought. It's going to be a long day. His vision suddenly blurred for a split second before returning to normal. Reiki looked around and saw a familiar never-ending hallway. Reiki looked up to Enora and said. "Where to?" Enora flashed him a gentle smile, she said. "Stay close." As she grabbed his right hand and started dragging him around.

Moranor's pupils glowed as she appeared on Reiki's left and grabbed his left hand. Reiki thought. Oh yeah… I need to check on Q's hunger. Queen's stats. Information was sent to his brain.

NAME : Queen

LEVEL : ???

RACE : ???

CODENAME : Faceless

CLASS : ???

TITLE : Glutton

HEALTH : ???

HUNGER :  30/200

AGILITY : 288 『???』

STRENGTH : 288 『???』

STAMINA : 288 『???』

INTELLIGENCE : 576『???』                』

Reiki's eyes narrowed, he thought. I ate for four hours straight in return for a twelve hunger increase… Enora had a spring in her step while enjoying dragging Reiki by the arm, she said. "Reiki, what do you expect it's going to be?" Moranor noticed his eyes, with a hint of worry in her voice she said. "What's wrong?" Reiki shook his head, he looked up and flashed her a smile. Reiki said. "Nothing-." From the corner of his eye, he saw something which made him stop walking completely. On top of a wooden pedestal about the same height as him, Reiki saw a mini cherry tree that bore some fruits. The two elves looked at him oddly due to his sudden stop, Enora said. "What's wrong?" Reiki tried to free both of his arms from the elves and failed, he let out a chuckle and pointed at the mini cherry tree using his chin. He said. "I've never noticed that before."

Enora and Moranor moved their gaze on the mini cherry tree, Moranor raised a brow in confusion. Moranor said. "They're cherries." Enora nodded, she said. "One of the maids must have planted it in their spare time, most of the plants here and there are some of theirs." Reiki casted. Flash.

『Flash Has Been Activated. Mana Cost: 500.』

He escaped from the two elves' grip and took out the silk handkerchief Moranor lent him, he turned his head to look at Enora and said. "Would they mind if I took a few?" Enora shook her head, she said. "Nope, I doubt they'll notice." Reiki nodded as he carefully picked up some cherries from the mini cherry tree, he placed them on top of the handkerchief. He folded the handkerchief over itself preventing them from bruising, he started walking down the hallway and said. "How far are we?" Enora flashed him a smile as she pointed at a right turn with her thumb, she said. "Third door on the right." Enora let out a laugh while Reiki led the way, Moranor tried to elbow Enora's stomach. Enora effortlessly blocked the attack with the palm of her hand as the two elves glared at each other on the verge of jumping at each other's throats.

The two elves stopped when they heard the door open, Reiki looked inside the room with a look of surprise. He said. "What the?" Enora's eye sparkled as she quickly ran to his side to see what was called, she said. "Is that a-?" Moranor ran toward Reiki as she looked inside the room, she said. "That's a crow." Reiki scratched the back of his head and said. "It's an albino crow…" He slowly made his way near the crow who was in the center of the circle, Reiki said. "How did your trip go?" He admired the albino crow's feathers that looked almost snow-white. The crow's sclera was black with its iris being blood red, combined with the crow's pupils being black. The crow looked at the three of them with one side of its head as if it was judging them. Enora walked behind Reiki as she patted the top of his head, she said. "No need to get wary, the crow won't suddenly fly away. On another note, I'm pretty sure it can't understand us."

The crow aggressively flapped its wings as the white feathers stood up and let out a loud kaw. Enora was surprised as she took a step back in reflex, Moranor let out a chuckle filled with mockery. Moranor said. "Crow's are one of the smartest birds." Reiki slowly handed out his right hand that was holding the handkerchief, he said. "Easy now, just ignore the spoiled elf for a moment." The crow's feathers slowly went back to normal as it pecked something in its wing. Reiki revealed the cherries inside the silk handkerchief, he said. "Cherry?" Enora raised a brow from what he said while Moranor was suppressing her laughter. The crow looked at the cherries in his hand with its head sideways, a few seconds passed before it flapped its wings and landed on his right forearm. Reiki picked up a pair of cherries, took out the stem, and moved one of the cherries closer to the crow.

The crow stared at the cherry in his hand by turning its head sideways to look, after a moment the crow slightly opened its white beak and pecked the cherry in Reiki's hand. While the crow continued eating, Reiki took a closer look and noticed that even its feet were snow-white along with its talons, the only different color was its blood-red eyes. The white crow quickly ate the cherry in his hands as it let out a soft kaw, Reiki said. "Another one?" Enora rolled her eyes at him while Moranor was watching with interest. The two elves were surprised to see the white crow nod to his question, Reiki fed the crow another cherry. While the two elves were stunned, he said. "What should I name you?..." As he started to think, the crow already finished the cherry in his hands as it used its talons to carefully poke his forearm.

Reiki moved his gaze onto the crow, he said. "Sorry about that." He picked up another cherry from the handkerchief, took the stem out, and moved it closer to the crow. The crow went back to eating while Reiki watched it, he said. "Since you love cherries so much. How about I call you, Cherry? Would you like that girl?" The crow took the small amount of cherry in his hands and swallowed it in one go. The white crow let out a loud kaw followed by softly flapping its wings. Reiki picked up another cherry and took out the stem, he said. "Cherry it is then." He moved the cherry closer to Cherry so she could eat. Enora had a look of disbelief all over her face as if she couldn't comprehend what was happening. Moranor on the other hand was staring at Cherry as if she was trying to determine something.

Enora quickly put on a serious look as her pupils faintly glowed, her eyes widened as she pointed at Cherry who was still eating cherries on Reiki's forearm. Enora said. "C-Class! That crow has a class!" Moranor looked at Enora in astonishment, her pupils glowed as she looked at the crow. Moranor crossed her arms as she placed a hand on her chin, she said. "This can't be real…" Reiki took the last cherry in the handkerchief as he took the stem out, he said. "This is all I have for now." He moved the cherry closer to Cherry while moving his gaze onto the two elves whose pupils were turning back to normal. Reiki said. "What's so special about a familiar having a class?" Enora took a deep breath to calm herself, she said. "One in seven million. That's how special it-. I mean, Cherry is." As she looked at Cherry with a hint of envy in her eyes.

Cherry made her way onto Reiki's right shoulder and stood there, he passed the handkerchief to Moranor and said. "Thanks for lending this to me." Moranor nodded without thinking as she took the handkerchief back, Reiki looked at his right to stare at Cherry who was on his right shoulder. He said. "Hear that Cherry? You're special." As he rubbed the top of Cherry's head using his index finger as Cherry shook her feathers to show her enjoyment. He thought. Cherry's stats… A moment passed as nothing happened, he looked up to the two elves who were staring at Cherry with fascination. Reiki said. "Why can't I see Cherry's class?" Enora flashed him a smile and said. "If you want to see her class then you need to form a contract. Side note, how did you know Cherry's a girl?"

Moranor tapped Reiki's left cheek which made him look at her. Moranor said. "For all, we know Cherry could be a boy." Cherry flapped her wings as it let out an intimidating kaw, Reiki said. "When discerning a crow's genders, the only way to determine if it's female is if the said crow is smaller." Reiki looked to his right and saw that Cherry was looking at Moranor and Enora with her head sideways staring at them with one of her blood-red eyes. Reiki said. "And besides, Cherry is a smart girl. We can also do it this way. Cherry kaw one if you're a boy, twice if you're a girl." Cherry let out two kaws in quick succession, He looked up to the two elves and said. "Told ya." As he rubbed Cherry's belly as she rubbed her head on his cheek. Reiki thought. Then how about this then. He casted. God's Eye. Information was sent into his brain.

『God's Eye Has Been Activated.』

NAME : Cherry

LEVEL : 19

RACE : ???


CLASS : Thief

TITLE : Forgotten

HEALTH : 578/578

Mana :  244/244




INTELLIGENCE : 50                 』

Reiki thought. Fallen… Enora poked Reiki's forehead, she said. "Quick question." He looked up to Enora and said. "Shoot." Enora crossed her arms which made her large breasts pressed against each other, she said. "You are ten years old, right?" Reiki nodded his head, Moranor pointed a finger at him and said. "Then how are you level 19 already?" Reiki's pupils dilated slightly, he said. "How did the two of you find out?" Moranor moved the hand she used pointing at Reiki to Cherry while Enora glanced at Cherry from the corner of her eye and gave him a meaningful look. Enora let out a chuckle as she tried to suppress the sparkle in her eyes, she said. "You don't need to tell us, we're just caught off guard since we expected your level to be a lot lower." Moranor was thinking of something as she moved her hand away from Cherry. Moranor said. "You remember Aranel who was serving you food? His only level four."

Enora waved her hand, she said. "We can talk about this at a different time, right now I want mom to see Cherry with her own eyes."