Chapter 0 – Prologue
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I sat in my room.

As I looked around all I saw was white.

Suddenly my eyes opened, around me was a hospital room, I laid inside a hospital bed, next to me was my family. I came here all those years ago when I was struck by that truck, I managed to survive but my whole lower body was paralysed and apparently I would need a transplant for my heart which got crushed, I dont know how I survived, apparently it was a miracle, I dont think so, I have suffered so much.

I was forced to abandon my family, my life, and instead I had pain to replace them.

At the start my friends would frequently visit me, but soon they stopped, they got new friends, they moved on.

Many left.

All I had left was my family, until they left.

All I had now was my grandparents, soon it was grandparent.

I had lost everyone but my Grandpa, so instead I made a world, I wrote and sketched on thousands of pieces of paper, so much so that I had dreams of being a Goddess and making the world, the cities the animals, everything.

Until I was done, I had finished and I felt whole.

I had the feeling of an author who just finished their lifework.

When I was told I had ran out of time, my family of one came and cried, I was asleep yet I could hear and though blurry, see him, I don't know why. This always happened, while making the world I could hear everything around me, that's why already knew I was going to die.

He looked up, his mouth moved, I couldn't hear him, I didn't care any more, I stopped caring long ago, as I thought of my life a single tear fell down my cheek.

Why couldn't I be normal...


My eyes closed and it was dark, there was no God no Heaven no Hell, just darkness it was endless.

I floated and floated around it was relaxing, for the first time there was no sadness no happiness, no tears and no pain,  I want to stay here, why did I have to be cursed for pain!

I pushed my arms forward reaching out into the darkness, I felt something, yet I didn't?

It was like a breeze, suddenly it turned more into a wall and a felt something solid touch my hands.

I hope that if I do get another chance it can be better, that I can have no pain, that I can be the one to change destinies and lives.

I looked around, there I saw it Cedos the planet I had created.

I stayed in that dark abyss for what felt like a millenia until  I saw it.

This is my first chapter and yes, it is short and yes they will get longer.