Chapter 1 – The Awakening Of A New Child
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As I was dragged out of the darkness I called home a light flashed across and blinded me, I closed my eyes as faint screams escaped my lips, but instead of my voice, I heard a baby's whine, as my eyelids raised. I realised, why are they heavy? It feels hard to open them, as if they are glued down.

When I finally managed to open them, I moved my hand up to check my face, but it also was heavy, I looked down and saw a small chubby baby hand.

I looked at myself seeing a baby's body instead of myself, maybe my wish came true?

Could I have a normal life?

I looked around seeing the woman who was holding me up, she had long silver hair and soothing crimson eyes, how weird.

Suddenly I hear a door slowly creak open, I take my eyes off who I assume to be my mother and finally see the room I'm in, it's rather small, with cobwebs sitting idle in the corners.

I look over at the door and see a a teenage looking boy with with some what seems to be a shirt a bit too large and filled with holes, with trousers and shoes following the same style. If you could even call it that.

Suddenly while scanning across him a screen popped up.

Name: Daedric Zanglief
Race: Half Blood Vampire
Age: 72
Attributes: Darkness, Water
Mana Capacity: 7100
Titles: Best Farmer, Hunter, Monster Killer
Skills: ??????

Don't tell me...

I looked over at my mother, scanning across her as I realise she also looks like a teenager

Name: Emilia Zanglief
Race: Half Blood Vampire
Age: 67
Attributes: Darkness, Poison
Mana Capacity: 7300
Titles: Mother, Ex-Asssasin , Murderer????
Skills: Poison Sense , ????????

Ok, so firstly she was an assasin, secondly, the Appraisal as I'm going to call it seems to not show all the skills and titles, I might be able to level it up..

I wonder...

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race: Pure Blood Vampire
Age: 0
Attributes: Blood, Darkness, Illusion, Poison, Lightning, Ice, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Summoning
Mana Capacity: 12,530,870,972,900
Titles: The Reincarnated, Goddess of All Creation, Overpowered, Magic Lover,Pure Ancestor?????
Skills: Administrator Lv1

What the hell is that,

I didn't know I would be quite this powerful, and also now im starting to guess that this is Cedos and that we are also vampires, that's rather interesting...

If my memory serves me right I swear there was a purge of all vampires...

<Two Years Later>

Hello, welcome back to the I'm a baby that can murder you, show!

Damn sounded better in my head...

Well so far has been a fun little adventure, I have learnt quite a lot about the situation, we are currently in a little village near the Demon Realm called Nygrat, everyone here is a vampire, and by the way in my world all vampires don't need blood and aren't damaged by the sun, that's unless you a pure blooded vampire...

It hurts, now so far my parents haven't figured out that I'm pure, this is because some half's do get damaged by the sun, but in the village there are amulets which lower the effects of the sun, which I have, it still hurts but I don't get blisters anymore, the same is about the blood, but most vampires drink blood anyway, like instead of water they drink blood, quite easy to understand.

I have also grown on my family I found out that my father used to be a hunter but now he is the head farmer, and my mother works to knit some clothes, it's not a proper buisness, more of a side business, there are also around two hundred of us living here, and apparently I will, also be getting a sibling soon, improved hearing is a bit, too much...

Anyway lets ignore that, I have discovered a few things, appraisal can be used on items, it works so well...

Name: Wall

Amazing isn't it!

It's a wall!

Who would have thought!

I can also proudly walk now! And apparently completely understand and speak the Vampiric or Demonic language, I don't know which it is, when making the world I didn't do languages, it's not my forte.

I have also gone on several grand adventures to ' The Outside ' it's pretty nice!

When you think of vampires it's all 'we are scary evil monsters who are going to eat you and drink ya blood!'

But its more ' Hey, you want to help me farm, Oh hi there you're quiet the cute little girl, want a little snack?'

It's amazing, being an apparently cute child has its perks, soo much free blood...

Again, they will be getting a bit longer, just hold in there!