Chapter 3 – The Adventure
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The air rushed past the two of us. I signalled to stop and we both came to a halt, dirt flying through the air as we both collapsed to the ground panting. We had been running for at least ten minutes urging our legs at a full sprint. "S-sis I'm sc-scared d-did we really kill people?" His voice shook as he threw his arms around me burying his face in my chest. His expression was one of fear and sadness as tears streamed down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry Adam, I did not want to kill them either. If we hadn't they would have trapped us, so they forced our hand." To be honest I kind of enjoyed killing them, their blood was like nothing I had ever tasted. The blood magic that flowed through me was powerful and came to me as easily as breathing.


Following my command, a map of the surrounding area floated in the air. I looked around and saw that we were close to another village called Agarothol. Compared to the other village, this one was quite large and was surrounded by a tall stone wall.

My brother suddenly let go and leaned back against a nearby tree, closing his eyes tight. As he stood there I took note of how we looked. With our appearance we would be easily noticed for what we are. Our red eyes, pale skin, and fangs are dead giveaway to our vampiric nature. Luckily I had been practicing my illusion magic so that I could change our appearance enough to not stick out.

One hour later

By now the sun had set and my brother sat leaning against the tree in a fitful sleep. I had spent the past hour practicing my illusion magic allowing me to change skin color, eyes and nearly teeth! I could also change hair color, but I decided I like my silver hair so I kept it the same.

*bzzzt* *bzzzzzzt*

Suddenly what sounded like an alarm blared around me as a screen popped up in front of me. "Emergency! Emergency! An error has occurred, an unknown force has begun the event 'Demon King Awakening' early. Authorizing administrator Lv2, unlocking abilities Map Lv2, Great Sage, and a one time use skill 'Exchange Affinities'. Wait what?! What is Great Sage and Exchange Affinities? What the hell! Why does an event have to happen now of all times? I am thankful to be able to use Administrator Lv2, but why is this happening under these circumstance... Am I supposed to kill him?

"I am Great Sage, an anonymous helper for information, combat, and more." A voice sounded in my head catching me off guard. "Exchange Affinities is a one-time use skill to combine all affinities into just four of your choice. Those four will become stronger than their original setting. Also as an administrator you are responsible for fixing bugs, so in short yes you will need to kill him." Whoa, what the hell is happening, this is sick! Wait..why do I have to be the one to kill him?

I started thinking back to the event that I had created. The 'Awakening of the Demon King' was when the most powerful being in this world wakes from his slumber and wreaks havoc upon the human realm. Wow, I had a really bad imagination! What could be the unknown force that forced this event to occur before it was meant to? "Unknown." The voice echoed through my mind on repeat, but no matter how much I thought about it I did not know what the unknown was. I shook my head trying to clear it of the uncomfortable feeling this brought on.

No time like the present "Great Sage" activate Exchange Affinities.

"Activating, which affinities would you like to remain? Due to your race darkness and blood are two that have already been chosen for you." The voice was monotonous as it spoke. After thinking for a moment with much deliberation I chose illusion and beasts. "Activating." The voice had barely registered in my mind as it felt like my soul was being shredded within my body. Just as quickly as it began it ended and a huge surge of power rushed through my veins. Pulling up my status screen I checked the changes that had occurred.

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race: Pure Blood Vampire
Age: 4
Attributes: Blood, Darkness, Illusion, and Beasts
Mana Capacity: 13,900,000,000,000
Titles: The Reincarnated, Goddess of All Creation, Overpowered, Magic Lover, Pure Ancestor?????
Skills: Administrator Lv2

My mind was buzzing as I looked at my new mana capacity. It had risen to almost 14trillion! I swear each time I look at my status I keep getting more and more OP! I was pleased that the exchange had worked but now it was time to get back to the task at hand.

"Hey Great Sage, could you get rid of my vampire looks?" I did not think it could but I figured there was no harm in asking. "Done, I am the best helper there is." I could not see it but from it's tone it sounded like it was smiling. I felt my fangs shorten and become less sharp. Running my tongue over them I was amazed, already I was looking more human thanks to the great sage. "You are amazing, I can't believe you can actually do that!" I felt silly for continuing to praise the voice in my head that probably was not even listening to me.

So I decided that from that day onwards I'll never praise her again as a grin slowly spread across my face.

My outburst and excitement had woke my brother and he looked at me as if I had grown another head. I gave him a sheepish smile and proceeded to use my illusion magic to make him match my appearance. He groaned as he stretched his arms out. As he noticed his not so pale skin his now cyan eyes grew wide as saucers. He turned to me running his tongue over his dulled teeth as he scanned both of us.

He gave me a huge smile that was blindingly bright after he realized that I had been the one to change our appearance. He ran up to me practically tackling me to the ground. He hugged me tightly for several tiresom minutes but I couldn't bear to push him away. I would always have a soft spot for him. As he held me and I looked into his angelic face, I could almost forget that we were both now murderers.

Slowly standing we dusted ourselves off and set off in the direction I had seen the village. The dirt path seemed to stretch on for miles and more than once I looked up at the night sky. The stars above us twinkled like jewels sewn into neverending black silk. As I stared at the three moons hung in the sky I was amazed at their beauty. One gave off a low pink glow, that tinted the ground in places around me, one was green and the last one was blue. Out of the three the blue was the largest, it's size almost double the previous two. They had names and the blue one was named Zia after the goddess. After me, the creator of this world. I tried to rack my brain for why they had been different colors and why I had created three but before I couldn't remember.

I heard the approaching sound of a cart being pulled by a horse. It's hooves hitting the ground and the stead turn of a wheel made me grab my brother and pull him off the road into the surrounding forest. I quickly put him on my back and hastily scrambled up a nearby tree nearly falling in my haste. My muscles were aching from all the running we had to endure, but we couldn't stop yet.

As we reached the top I used my improved eyesight to spot a large carriage. On it's side was a crest showing a blue and white shield under a sword. Surrounding it's perimeter we're several armed guards, each wearing armor adorned with the same crest. I titled my head in their direction using my stint advanced hearing to listen for any clues to who they might be. "Why did my brother have to call me on today of all days!" From inside the carriage a young woman could be heard speaking to her maid. "My lady we have sensed the presence of two adults in the forest nearby. They could be assassins, retreat with some of the guards!" A guard with a deep voice bellowed causing the others to quickly move into formation. I turned to look at my brother and saw his face pinched in worry matching my own.

I grabbed his hand prepared to run when suddenly light barriers went up on all sides of our location. Breaking them or even teleporting us would have been an easy thing for me to achieve but at the age of three using that kind of magic was unheard of in this world. I also was not the best with my darkness magic yet so trying to move my brother and I could result in my death.

I quickly formulated a plan that I hoped would end with us safe and our would be captors none the wiser of who or what we are. Putting on a worried face I began hitting the light barrier with my small fists screaming for them to release us. "Halt Assassins! Wait, was that a child's voice? Why are there children out here?!" An elderly voice called out as he stepped into their line of sight. His eyes widened in a mixture of confusion and fear before rubbing them. He continued to stare at them in alarm as he began mumbling to himself about how he was so sure they had been adults. I wanted to slap my own forehead at forgetting to conceal my aura. "Great Sage please change my aura to that of a normal child, it seems I am not that good at it."

The voice chuckled in my head clearly amused. "Yes of course, you should have known better." I wanted to argue but I could not come up with any comebacks. "Shut up." I pouted hearing another chuckle. I imagined a robotic face with a grin on it as it made fun of me.

I glanced over at the man who had stepped out from behind the tree and found him to be older than I had first guessed, probably in his mid 60's. He opened and closed his mouth like a gaping fish but no words came out.

I did not know why he was so surprised at us being here, yes we are children but we aren't that scary! Finally random bits of sentences stumbled from his lips in rushed ramblings. "Are you lost? How could they get this lost? Where did they come from?" I coughed to gather his attention, put on a pitifully aggrieved face, and whined in my little toddler voice. "Why did you trap us? Are you going to hurt us...?" I let my voice trail and voice shake for extra measure.

My question obviously startled the men around us. In the background I even heard glass shatter as if dropped abruptly. The man now looked like he was about to panic. "No of course not, we aren't going to hurt you!" He was practically stumbling over his words.

"Then let us out!" To everyone else it might have seemed like I was just putting on a brave face but truly I just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. With a startled face and shuddering legs he released the magic barriers as yellow glistening shards crumbled to dust around us.

"Where are you kids from?" The man finally spoke after several moments of giving himself an internal pep talk. I don't know why but this man was seriously scared!

"I don't know how we got here, we woke up in this forest a couple hours ago and was so scared." I let fake tears fall from my eyes as I held onto my brother.

How can I  talk to them and understand them?

'Due to your beast ability you can translate all languages and even though there were a couple bits that you wouldn't understand I translated them. Saved by my awesome self once again!' The robotic voice echoed through my mind.

Suddenly the man's voice broke through my train of thought. "You kids should follow me. We are halfway through our trip to the Royal Capital of Tarknith and we should be able to find some help for you there.

" He put on a pleasant smile and offered his hand to us. "My name is Sam! What are yours?" I sighed internally, how many introductions do I have to do! Regardless of how I felt inside, on the outside I put on a shy appearance.

"Hi my name is Zia and this is my brother Adam!" I looked over at Adam knowing he was confused since he couldn't understand a single word of the human language. I felt bad but I could not explain to him until we were away from our present company.

"Oh my, that is quite a special name!" He said it in such a cheerful voice droning on about how I must be special to be named after the goddess. After several more questions he began to lead us to where the carriage still stood.

It appeared that Sam had told them about us, or maybe they had seen us speaking? Waiting outside of the carriage we're guards and as we approached one hurriedly informed the lady inside that we were here. She quickly stood to exit the carriage.

At the door the same guard that informed her of our arrival held out his hand to help her down. She was quite beautiful and walked with an aura of pride and power that did not overshadow but instead boosted her elegance. She was wearing a long red dress with two roses perched just below her shoulder.

Her long black hair flowed in the wind, only a single rose adorning it. In her ears we're two large dangling earrings that swished with each step she took brushing against the large gold choker that covered nearly her entire neck.

"Hello my lady, these are the two forces that I had felt in the nearby forest." Sam bowed deeply to the woman.

She looked over the two of us her brown eyes shimmering in the moonlight. "Quite peculiar indeed."

When she was done scanning over us she nodded toward the carriage driver before beckoning us to come closer. They were unspoken commands and when she entered the carriage once more, we followed.

Climbing up the wooden steps we were greeted with a luxurious sight. The floor of the carriage was covered in a thick red plush carpet while the walls were of a royal blue. Inside of the room were two large red couches, one already taken by the woman and a small sleeping child.

Previously I had thought the woman had been speaking to a maid, but seeing the child, whom I assume is her daughter the other small voice I had heard now made sense. Slowly Adam and I took the other couch and the carriage began to move.