Chapter 3.5 – The Gods
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When Zia created this world, she had created more Gods than just herself. Each God would be placed in different tiers based off their fame, amount of worshipers, and their overall power. Below her, the Goddess of Creation, stood four mighty Gods. They were the God of Death, The God Light, the Goddess of Life and finally, the Goddess of Darkness.

Below those powerful Gods once  stood 15 mid level Gods who presented the 10 natural elements of the world. Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Illusion, Summoning, Spirit, Nature, Necromancy, Beast, Space and finally, Time itself.

There are other elements, yes, but those are only available to specific races.

Sadly five of those Gods died in, unfavourable circumstances.

Below the mid-Gods are Servant Gods. As the name suggest, they serve the Gods above them. They govern over small things such as Records or Rain seasons.

Three years prior, The Four Gods only outclassed by the Creation God sat together at a round table. Nobody said a word in the heavy atmosphere present. Everybody was thinking deeply about what has happened to the Life Tree.

In that pressure, one Goddess gathered the courage to speak up. With a cough, everyone's attention was gathered onto the Goddess of Light. She was a woman with green shimmering hair to match her element and two placid yellow eyes.

"Everyone, I know what we're all here for. The deterioration of the Life Tree has been getting worse, but I can assure you-"

"It hasn't been getting just "worse", Goddess of Life." Said Pilon, the God of Death. He was a man with steel grey eyes and hair to match the decay of life. He wore a royalty purple robe with black furs outlining the cuffs and inside. "There have been a continuous string of earthquakes the likes of which we have never seen for close to nine months! This mortal ascending to Godhood has a high chance of being more powerful than all of the Mid-Gods combined! Don't you realize how dangerous this is?"Groaning as he put his elbows against the table, he eyed the God and Goddesses in the room aside from himself before continuing, "Whatever this being is, they have to die. Disaster will only await and the rehabilitation of the world will be a huge burden, a hassle if the Life Tree's life is ceased." 

Pilon looked at the Goddess of Darkness, Lizzie. Lizzie had Purple hair that rivaled the darkness of the expanding universe and her vantablack eyes that seemed to be the very abyss itself. She wore black tights adorned with daggers and a katana that outlined every curve of her body.

A smirk grew on Pilon's face. "That being said, I believe that it is only right that the Goddess of Darkness removes this growing evil before it's too late."

Lizzie gazed back at Pilon. When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. "Why should I be the one to do as you asked when you can't even bother to speak the syllables of our names?" Folding her arms, her deep gaze threatened to tear a hole in Pilon.With that same smirk that never relented on his face, "Oh, I'm so sorry Lizzie!" Pilon theatrically apologized, his sarcasm obvious to all who heard it.

Like as fast as the darkness that consumes the Light once it fades, she disappeared from her seat and reappeared behind Pilon. One of her daggers was against his throat as if begging him to say another word.

Pilon didn't look worried in the least. He kept his stoic smirk on his face until Lizzie finally relented after feeling the stares of the other Gods in the room.

With a dissatisfied click of her tongue, she put her dagger back into the belt where they were stored and walked over to her designated seat. The soft tapping of her foot showed off her annoyance and her desperate attempts and remaining calm.

The Goddess of life fiddled with her mana and an image of the Life Tree appeared in the center of the table. It is small in the image, but in the physical world, it spans several miles in height and a mile or so in diameter. 

The Gods lived above the clouds that surrounded the tree and in the land nearby, but even then, they had never had the pleasure of being at the top. The purpose of the Life Tree was to supply the natural enviroment of the world with mana, except for the Demon Realm of course.

Right when the Goddess of Life was about to continue before she was so rudely interrupted, she was interrupted again by a Servant God, playing the role as a guard, that came busting in the room panting and out of breath.

"My deepest apologies, Your Holynesses and Depravities, but I must inform you that the Life Tree is experiencing yet another earthquake! Different from before, this time, something odd has appeared at the summit of the tree!"

The Gods looked at each other, confusion spread along their faces. What did he mean by that?

"You must hurry!" Minutes passed and the Gods and Goddesses made it to the Tree of Life. Not only them, but all of the Mid-Gods and Goddesses were there as well with their Servant Gods.

Everyone couldn't help but look at the crumbling tree in disbelief. The Tree was cracking, breaking apart. The Gods noticed that something was making it's way through the inside of the tree making it's way to the top. The gods with Healing related specialties attempted to heal the Tree, but to no avail.

Whilst healing it, a branched snapped off of the Life Tree. The long and heavy branch of the Tree threatened to squash all who were below it into unrecognizable paste of blood.

The Gods moved quickly out of the way and barely got out of it's way in time. The Branch fell through the clouds and hit the ground below, sending a shockwave across the land at the sheer weight of the impact.

It would have been a shame if a God, a person who reached the pinnacle when they were mortals, was squashed by a mere branch.

The Gods were relieved that no one had died. Then, out of nowhere, a large shadow was cast over the Gods who were above even the clouds. What could have been large enough to block out the sun from this high up?

The Four Gods looked up and saw what that Servant God had mentioned earlier. A huge rock was floating above the tree, growing ever so bigger.Some Gods who were adventurous enough flew up high to investigate the rock that was growing ever so larger and closer. That is, until they were impeded by the appearances of mysterious, Vampiric creatures that came from within the floating rock.

With the body of a horse, a snake-like tail, and large dragon wings, they flew through the sky with powerful beats of force. They opened their maws, attacking and consuming any God that got too close.

After the death and consumption of many gods, they returned to where came from as if they never appeared in the first place with an intense speed that the eyes of the lower class Gods could barely follow.

Once things settled down, It was finally noted that a castle as red as blood was built on upon the peak of the floating rock. A humanoid statue was also present, but its finer details were unavailable due to the sheer distance it was away.

Surprisingly enough, the Life Tree slowly healed from the wounds it suffered creating the new God that the God of Death wants dead. The former glory of the Life Tree would soon return.

And then, three years later, the Four Gods had grown accustomed to the sight of that mysterious castle, but that didn't mean that they would accept what it symbolized.

Several times they attempted to shoot down the Castle and the foundation it stood upon, only for their attacks to be blocked by an invincible barrier of light. As if that wasn't enough, the new of the unexpected revival of the Demon Lord was announced. The Four Gods once again grew weary, thinking the castle that arrogantly flied higher than even the gods was only a harbinger of bad news and events. To the Gods, only the God of Creation is allowed to be at the peak of the tree, but even the Gods themelves had started to lose faith in the belief of Zia, the God of Creation.

It occurred to the Gods that still believed in her that her temple of worship, a now long forgotten temple resting below the Life Tree, held her sacred texts. They wished to scour the temple for the pages of those books to see if they would give any hint at all about what has been happening in the world.

The texts themselves were not created by Zia, but by the world itself, ironically, like the terrain and the people that inhabited it. After a while, the texts were found.

"When the time comes, there will be a castle floating above even the Gods, signalling the return of something even greater than them. The return of the Creation God herself as it waits patiently for its master's return" The text read.

Next to that passage, there was a mural of a woman floating into the sky with a man and several figures behind her. The man was someone even the Gods recognized, the Demon King himself, or possibly someone with extremely similar features as him.

The Gods peered at the mural with mixed feelings. There was no way that the Demon King was the servant to anyone. That stubborn and prideful demon would never allow himself to trail behind anyone, much less a woman. Not in the history of his existence had he ever bowed before anyone.

The Gods shook their heads to clear such straining trains of thought from their heads to instead focus on sending their findings telepathically to the other Gods. After accomplishing that, they left.Now, sitting at the table just as they had done three years prior, the Four Gods bickered just like they had before.

"Please be quiet and stop acting like children! We need to focus on the reason we have gathered, not pick fights!" Eia, the Goddess of Life, called out to silence the other Gods.

In her chair, the green dress she was wearing fanned out as if to match her anger as she looked at Pilon. He sighed, as an image was once again formed on the center of the table, gaining everyone's attention.

Absentmindedly, the God of Light spoke out, "Oh by the way, has anyone heard from the God of Time? I was wondering if he had seen any of this stuff coming or not..."

Pilon shook his head at his words, "No. According to him, he never saw any of this coming, nor of anything big happening in the future as well. It's rather unusual, my spies also came up empty-handed too."

At Pilon's words, all the gods could only vent their frustrations through sighs as they realized that they were about to fly headfirst into the unknown, something they hadn't needed to worry about for eons.