Chapter 4 – More Introductions
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Adam and I took the empty velvet couch across from the lady and her daughter. There was an awkward silence as we looked at her and she in turn looked at us. "Hello, I am Lady Mintaff and this is my daughter, Leia." She motioned toward the girl who had previously been sleeping, she looked to be about seven years old if I had to guess.

Giving a small grin Leia turned away bashfully and stared out the window. "Hi I'm Zia and this is my brother Adam! He doesn't like speaking though..." I lied, covering up the fact that he knew nothing of their language. I touched his shoulder eliciting a startled gasp out of him before he too turned to look out the window.

If Lady Mintiff was suspicious she didn't show it. "Yes, I already knew that, but I must ask... Do you truly not remember how you came to be in the forest?" She started deeply into my eyes as she sunk further into her seat. I felt as if she were examining my very soul. I gulped, but forced an answer out quickly. "I truly do not remember, my lady." I bowed my head peeking up to see a small smirk twitch at the edge of her lips before she resumed her nonchalant expression. "I see you are speaking the truth. By the way, why do you act so mature for your age?"

It was as I thought, she was testing me. I internally groaned when she mentioned me being mature but answered nonetheless. "I just feel like I must act this way." I looked away from her instead choosing to focus on the lush carpet below my dangling feet. Several moments passed before I risked a glance back up at her to see her still studying me. She gave a slight nod and closed her eyes leaning back into the couch as if signifying the end of the conversation. I gave a weak smile as I looked around before I too closed my eyes, my tired body and mind are at their limit.

<Several Hours Later>

The sun shining in my eyes, i opened them to an almost empty carriage save for myself and my brother Adam.

Outside I could hear voices, the first belonging to a young sounding man. "Hello my sister, it has been a while since I last saw you. However I must ask why you have two random children in your carriage?"

It did not take much effort to know that he was talking about us.

"Oh, those are just some children we found in the forest on our way here. I was planning to put them into the care of an orphanage. They are rather unusual, but it does not really bother me." Lady Mintaff said with a sigh as she glanced at the carriage behind her.

"I shall go retrieve them now and have a servant take them to the orphanage near the south gate. She turned on her heel, her heels clacking against the ground as she strode towards the door when her brothers voice called her back.

"Would it be alright if I speak to the children before you send them off? I wish to see something." With a pout she turned back to face him and gave her approval of his request all while muttering under her breath wondering about what that 'something' could be. He reached for the door handle and turned it slowly before he stepped inside. The moment I saw him i could see the similarities between him and lady Mintaff starting with their large brunette eyes and black hair.

They even seemed to be similar in age, could they be twins perhaps? "Your names are Zia and Adam, correct?"

His eyes were filled with curiosity as he scanned our small frames before allowing his eyes to settle on our faces. I gave a small nod in answer just before his eyes lit up in a golden hue. Heaving a sigh when they returned to normal, he looked disappointed.

"He scanned you for magical potential but I blocked most of your power only allowing him to see you with normal human child abilities. As in showing one weak aptitude." The robotic voice sounded in my head before I ever even asked the question.

I nodded my thanks before realizing a maid had walked in.

<Now Arriving at the Orphanage>

When we arrived we were met with the sight of a large wooden building standing at least three stories high and looked quite wealthy to be an orphanage.

The maid strode up to the door, pulling its large ornate handle and motioning for us to enter. The interior was posh looking with a desk and several seats that seemed to be arranged like a reception area. On the walls were various things ranging from painted portraits or vast landscapes. The woman behind the desk lifted her head at our entrance.

She scanned my brother and I before looking at the maid who had brought us in silent a question. "Their names are Zia and Adam. My lady found them on our trip and wishes for them to be taken in and found a proper home."

The maid said and she lowered her head. "Of course. I shall not bother you with the paperwork and will take them into the back for now." The lady rose from her seat and walked towards a door behind her.

My brother and I shared a look, mentally preparing ourselves before we too followed behind her. Through the door we were met with a dimly lit room. The lady pointed her hand towards the ceiling activating a magical light, that lit the entire room.

It was a small space, with scarcely anything within. Only a small table with an equally small chest beside it sitting at the center. Upon the table sat a knife and a magical circle etched into the surface of the tables top. The lady walked forward opening the chest and pulling out a small think blank crad.

Like the table there was a magic circle on it placed on the top left corner colored in platinum. She plastered on a fake sincere smile. "We are just going to make ID's for you and get your birthdays, age, names, and affinities for example!"

Her overly friendly demeanor was uncomfortable. She beckoned us closer and I hesitantly walked ahead of Adam. As I drew closer I could now see that the blade, like everything else also had a magic circle on it.While I was focused on memorizing every detail of the blade I did not notice her cutting the tip of my finger until a tingling sensation brought it to my attention. As a bead of blood welled up on the tip of my finger she took it and pressed it firmly against the card in her hand.

Almost instantly white text engraved itself into its surface. It looked similar to my status window, well except for a few alterations.

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race: Human
Age: 3
Attributes: Beasts
Mana Capacity: 2500

It classified me as a human and drastically reduced my abilities and mana. Though that was a good thing as it would not bode well for us if it showed us as vampire. That would be like asking to get hunted down and killed.

I was taken from my train of thoughts as the woman who had been testing me exclaimed in surprise. "Wow beasts is quite a rare skill for humans!" She looked questioningly at me before continuing on to my brothers test.

Name: Adam Zanglief
Race: Human
Age: 2
Attributes: Poison
Mana Capacity: 2345

<Five Years later>

By now Adam and I had grown used to and bored of the orphan life so we decided that tonight would be the night that we escape. It would be easy with both of us just teleporting away.

Over the years we had practiced, until we could do it with ease. At first we could only move a few centimetres, then a few meters, and now we were able to travel a full mile! Though we could only Teleport into dark places, what did you expect it's Darkness Magic. Our plan was to teleport out and then change our appearance to that of a full grown adult. We could imitate adults quite well, after all mentally I was already 25 and even though Adam was only 7 he was very mature for his age.

You may be wondering how I survived this long without blood, and to tell you the truth it was difficult. In the beginning I had no choice but to feed off of bird when we went outside. Though after a while I stopped requiring food or sleep. I still needed blood for blood magic, though that is a bit of a no brainer. Also my status has changed once again!

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race: Pure Blood Vampire/Low God
Attributes: Blood, Darkness, Illusion, and Beasts
Mana Capacity: 16,700,000,000,000
Titles: The Reincarnated, Goddess of All Creation, Overpowered, Magic Lover, Pure Ancestor????
Skills: Administrator Lv2, Mana Sucking

I have the 'Average' amount of mana and I am now a low god! Being a low God allowed me to gain the skill 'mana sucking' which allows me to take in mana from the atmosphere around me. This is the skill that made it to where I did not need to eat or sleep effectively saving me from having to live off of birds while in this orphanage and grow stronger.

However, now it was time to move on from this place. I had not heard anything else about the Demon King so I can slack off some, but that is still an issue that I will eventually have to take care of.

I shook my brother awake, praying that none of the others would wake with him. He sat up his once sleepy face awake and alert as he nodded his head. Activating my illusion magic, I watched at Adam changed right before my eyes growing into a normal young man, probably closer to the age of 15. I had given him light leather armor, but it looked so real as if it were not an illusion at all. To finish his disguise there were two daggers strapped at his waist which from past experiences we knew he was very proficient in using.

He could cover them in poison and almost instantly drop most monsters we had came across. Finally I focused on myself feeling the change take over me as I grew taller. I outfitted myself in small light iron armor. Gauntlets on my wrist, combat boots, and a small chest plate that did not even cover my full torso were the only additives that I put on my body for extra protection. As long as my heart and most vital organs were covered then I should be fine

We had planned to teleport directly into the middle of the city under the cover of night. Just to be safe hiding our magical presence from anyone who may be near. Adam and I looked at each other, nodding that we were ready we allowed ourselves to sink into the darkness.

When my eyes finally adjusted I looked around seeing that we were close to the center of town. Adam who was a few feet behind me looked worried. Originally we had planned to rest for a night in a nearby inn before continuing on our journey, but due to our poor planning we did not think to bring money, not that we personally had any to begin with.

"We can't really do much else can we?" Adam shuffled his shoe as he seemed deep in thought. Out of nowhere he jerked his upwards to face me and had an eager look on his face.

"We could work at a guild until we get the money!" Almost as soon as he finished speaking he looked worried again, glancing around at our surrounding it was not hard to guess why. We had no idea where said guild would be or if it was even open at this hour.

Hating seeing my little brother looking so worried I put on my brightest smile. "Well we can still try!" I tried to heroically pull my sword and point it towards the sky to make him smile. Key word being try as it slipped from my fingers clattering against the stone streets sending the echoing clash of steel reverberating through the once quiet night. Looking at each other in a panic I quickly retrieved my sword before we both took off at a run before dashing into a random alley.

"Wait, why did we run?" I looked at my brothers annoyed face in puzzlement before we both erupted into laughter at how ridiculous we had just acted. When we finally calmed down I remembered a special ability that I had.


The holographic image of the city appeared in front of me and I quickly pinpointed our location. Looking for the Adventurers Guild I breathed a sigh of relief seeing that it was nearby. Adam who could not see the map stared at me as if I had gone crazy.

"Umm sis, did I hit you too hard?" I growled violently turning my eyes away from the map to look at him.

"I know where the guild is. Let's go check it out you little de- lovely brother!" Over the past five years he had grown quite comfortable in making fun of me, it was rather rude. I liked it, but sometimes I miss my cute little brother that was so nice to me.

Unfortunately those days are over and our new adult bodies did not help the matter. And yes I do mean adult because in this world when you are 15, you are legally considered an adult. As it is in most fantasy books.