Chapter 5 – The Guild
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The two of us stood up when we heard a gruff voice ,"Look at those two, look like they have some good money , well surround em , rob em maybe even beat em up a bit!" His friends laughed while the two of us looked at each other.

"You two , give us all your cash right now or do you wanna die!" He readied an old beaten sword, he was a short man with a rough beard and dark green eyes , probably some sort of dwarf , behind us we heard footsteps, they had surrounded us.

I sighed ," Look , we don't have any money at all so go away!" I said with annoyed expression all over my face.

"Keep telling yourself that when you're dead with your head on the floor , so I recommend you pass it over now , we outnumber you so give up!" He grinned he expected me to instantly pull out my money, which i wasn't going to because I don't have money.

I pouted before pulling out my sword , my brother instinctively pulled out his daggers , he coated them with a poison potent enough to knocks a man unconscious the second it cut through their flesh and touched their blood , I struggled a bit , the sword was quite heavy and I haven't actually used it , so with a sigh a dropped it , there was no point using it so I'll just use magic as I readied a spell the man instantly suggested," Given up already?"

I rolled my eyes before I gathered dark magic in my palm , prepared to fire it i quickly whispered 'Dark Dream' a dark mist crept forward as the man convulsed and fell to the floor shaking violently. The other three of the men looked fearful , suddenly my brother lept behind them hitting them on their necks with the hilt of his daggers leaving one more , who I decided I would drink from , I immediately lept on him drinking him as the surge of power ran through my veins once again I felt refreshed.

I looked over to the sleeping man laying on the ground , soon later I was filled once again with that familiar jolt and another cold body lay on the ground , I turned to my brother who had disposed of the bodies with magic , I quickly did the same.

《Several Minutes Later》

We finally arrived at the guild , it was surprisingly still open and quite lively. We stood outside leaning against the stone wall ," Should we wear masks? " I asked, I didn't know , maybe looking like we did will draw attention, and it could be pretty cool if no one knew what we looked like!

Wow, I really think like a kid sometimes I guess I am physically quite young, maybe that's why? Well whatever, not the time! Looking towards my brother who quickly shook his head, I breathed in and pushed the door, as if a bell rung out several faces turned towards the two of us , inside their were many men and few women , most of them wore leather armour with a sword or spear and a few wore robes and staffs , as I looked around the building I noticed the bar in the corner with two lady's manning it serving out alcohol and a few meals , we walked up to the counter I asked the man "Can we get registered in the guild please?"

He looked up from a piece of paper and scanned us before ," Give me your IDs ," He reached out his hand waiting , good thing we had stolen them from the orphanage , I had to change then to increase the mana and age but that much was expected.

I reached into into my pocket and pulled it out , my brother did the same , he quickly scanned through them before handing them back ,"Give me your hand , and take of your gauntlets please," He said in a monotonous tone while pulling out a dagger.

I struggled to take of my gauntlet before just deleting it for the time being , I reached forward as he cut mine then my brothers fingers , it seemed how most verification-like items worked , he pulled out a small platinum card with a magic circle on , we bother placed our fingers on them as they lit up with our names. "Your now registered as G , the lowest , it goes G , F , E , D , C , D , B , A , S , we hope you have fun or whatever ," He mumbled chucking the platinium cards at us and turning to look at the paper that sat on his desk.

《Several Confusing Minutes of Adam being Illiterate》

I feel bad for Adam he can't make sense of literally anything , what people are saying and what the jobs say , most of them were ranks higher than ours , but eventually I found the one.

Type: Subjugation

Location: Sanct Forest

Beast/Item: Horned Rabbit x5

Payment: 80 Bronze


I could finally escape this hellhole. We stepped outside as I breathed a momentary sigh of relief , my brother looked confused.

"What were they saying?" He asked, only now did I realise how deep his voice was , it startled me for a second and also apparently him he covered his mouth before he tested his voice , he then looked up.

" Nothing," I replied with , he looked down , he knew how annoying I was when it came to things like this , I was like an unmovable mountain , once I said no I would not change my mind. As he gazed back up he instantly put on a puzzled face,"What quest did you pick up?"

" Ohh , just a s-" Suddenly a man cut in ," My my , what do we have here , a beautiful woman speaking to someone who speaks in the demons language , what a weird thing to find!" The man stood tall at almost 6'7 he held a pair of short blades with patterns spread out across the two of them , next to him stood a large wolf , its fur pitch black with glowing yellow eyes and large fangs that looked strong enough to snap bones in half.

"You demons?" He asked tightening his grip on his blades , they began to coat themselves with mana making them glow a low hue of red , the wolf next to him rumbled a low growl , it readied its fangs ,"Not answering? Doesn't matter, prepare to die!!" He lunged forwards his feet kicking of the ground , behind him the wolf followed him before turning towards my brother.

The mans attention turned towards me I quickly dodged to the side as he came crashing down , he quickly stood back up readying his blades, I didn't want to mess with him too much so I quickly cast 'Blood Javelin' , a large crimson pair of Javelins sat floating above me , the mans eye widened before I signalled my hand forward , the javelin ard pieced his body sending his limp body back flying as it landed against the cold stone floor with a loud thump , I quickly turned my attention to my brother who had a whining wolf sat at his feet.

<Adam's POV>

We both stepped out of the guild building my sister had picked up a quest for us as I couldn't read the human language as well as her , I had learnt some of the words at the orphanage but not enough for a proper sentence , when we were inside I realised that the men in their were talking alot and sometimes glancing towards us so when we left I quickly asked.

"What were they saying?" As soon as the sentence left my mouth I covered it , my voice had grown much deeper , it must be due to my sisters illusion magic , I am amazed at how effective it was , I realised something in those moments , why only now was it deep?

Nevermind , after a few tests I confirmed that it was my voice , it was incredible , before I heard my sister smooth calm voice reply.

" Nothing," her voice compared to mine pleased the ears , it was like a violin , that's when I wondered ," What quest did you pick up?" I questioned still not used to this voice.

"Ohh , just a q-" Suddenly a large man intruded , cutting off her sentence , " Mea mihi: quid habemus hic pulchra mulier est aliquis qui loquebatur in malis Angelis loquitur lingua, quod fatum aliquid est invenire?"

I couldn't understand a word he said , I looked over and saw him with a large black wolf standing next to him , they looked very menacing , but with my sister next to me I shouldn't cower , instead I readied my blades coating them with poison and preparing for them to attack ,"Tu daemones?"

I could see his large hands tighten on his blades , as I looked closer at them I could tell they had magic circles on them , they also looked rather expensive, suddenly they began to glow yellow , he was feeding them mana.

"Uare huji nachtl? Parare mori dæmoniorum!" He screamed before him and his dog lunged forwards , he charged my sister as he little dog pounced at me , it was slow , I quickly dashed my blade clean across its neck , it quickly fell to the ground dead , as I looked over to my sister I heard ' Blood Javelin ' her blood magic, under her breath as two large crimson javelins floated above her , they quickly charged towards the man , hitting him with enough force to send him flying as he hit the ground with a loud thud sending dirt flying.

Soon later the javelins seemed to melt into nothing, I looked over to my sister who soon turned her gaze from me towards the dead man lying on the ground , she pounced towards him , I saw her drink him until his skin was as white as snow before she turned towards the dog , for some reason she required blood instead of normal food so I was used to this as I closed the gap between the pale man , reaching down I took his blades , exchanging them for mine I rejoined with my sister as we walked off.

<One Month Later>

<Zia's POV>

It's been one month already? Well I guess time really does fly by when you having fun! So far we had only advanced one rank , were now in F , we would have advanced more , but most of the quest are so annoying! Like , 'gather medicinal herbs' and this may suprise you , but I'm not a pharmacist I don't know the difference between herbs! So instead we stuck with the subjugation quests , through that we gained the reputation of being strong-ish in a battle , and also advancing fast , then it happened , our chance to shine!

And earn loads of cash! Oh yeah we have been barely living , the amount of money barely sufficed for the rent of the inn we lived in and on top of that , my brother still needs to eat , so all spare money went into food... It wasn't going well. But our saviour was none other than ' Join a team and help subjugate a large team of demon beast attacking a village on the borders , all who participate will be payed 3 gold pieces and the highest number of kills will award you with an extra 5 gold pieces' now as you imagine gold is a lot of money for example , like literally any fantasy world there's bronze, silver, gold and Platinum, silver was 100 bronze , gold was 100 silver and platinum was 1000 gold , most inns were 50 bronze per night , most low level quest gave around one silver and meals normally cost 25 bronze , so with 3 or even 8 gold we could accomplish a lot , such as having good meals and beds! Now after explaining the economy , back to the grand adventure!

Now you may have realised something it said , ' Demon Beasts' That's bad , it means the demon lords ( cliche ) are preparing to start war , probably because they sensed that the demon king will be awakening soon , or maybe he's already awakened , the reason I say this is because , I'm guessing when you wake up , do you wake up instantly , like coming to your senses? No not me either , so after around a one thousand year sleep , it might take five or so years to properly be able to fight , so around now seems like it might be that time anyway , I need to stop explaining things to nobody , what wrong with me? Maybe Adam really did hit me too hard?