Chapter 6 – The Quest
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I and my brother stood in the guild building , today was the day we were being sent off to some village near the border, it did say its name , I didn't really pay attention , we were being taken there with around twenty or so other adventures as well as the noble who put up the job , apparently he was a Duke and was the one who owned the land , we were just waiting for him now.

The door opened swiftly almost slamming against the wall as conversations turned to whispers when they saw him , yep that was the Duke he wore stupidly fancy armour , it seemed to have jewels implanted on its chest plate, they were a light blue , as I looked him all other, I realised something , he was that women's brother! Her name was... Min... "---Mintaff , if you are the adventures assigned to my quest please follow me outside !" He said in a dignified manner before stepping out. Almost all of the adventures scoffed and the others sighed , following him outside , he was probably one of those cliche stuck up nobles.

When we got outside and saw him with two guards wearing equally fancy armour as the one the Duke was wearing , the other adventures were already waiting , the rest of us stood at the back listening ," As you may already know , I am the great Duke Mintaff owner of the region bordering the demon realm , we have been under attack from demons and require assistance, we will be splitting you in two groups , one to defend the town , while others push forwards to do a preemptive strike stopping any further attacks until my personal army can arrive to my assistance!" He said in a manner that made it seem like he wanted applause , he was instead replied with a great silence , as he coughed awkwardly before continuing.

" I want all swordsman , spearmen or whatever of the such to be on the offensive while magic users stay back to protect the village , if you are of the scout like class I wish for you to stay near the village , checking for ambushes , all magicians or others head to my left while everyone else to my right!"

Everyone nodded except from two people situated near the back of the crowd , we glanced at each other before slowly walking towards our designated sides , the money better be worth it.

《Several Hours Later》

I sat in the carriage, altogether there was four carriages, in my carriage there was around nine others , sadly only one other woman.

" Hi I'm Jack! You?" A voice interrupted my thoughts , it was the young boy sitting next to me , I looked at him , in his hand he held a spear , and wore light leather armour and a small belt with two potions a blue and red , probably mana and healing.

" Zia!" I smiled while replying , I looked closer at his spear , it looked rather expensive , it had a long blade on the end , around the size of a short sword and in the centre there was a hole with two golden rings hanging , weirdly most of his other gear looked shabby next to it , maybe he found it somewhere? Or is it a heirloom?

As I continued to ponder the voice of the woman caught my attention ," Stop trying to hit on other women when your fiance is sat right next to you!" An angry whisper screamed down the poor boys ears as he shivered.

"Don't worry about the potential perv next to me , he does this too everyone , and Jack move over  unless you want to see the Gods! ," She said crackling her knuckles , I'm pretty sure she's the real demon here , Jack stood up allowing the woman to shuffle over , she pushed him out of the way sitting next to me , as I turned around a saw a large grin plastered on her face.

"Sup , names Isabelle,  swordsman!" She grinned placing her hand on her sheathed blade , now that I could properly look at her , I realised she was wearing full metal armour , covering her entire body it was covered in many scratches and dents , underneath it I saw light chainmail which looked rather new compared to the dented armour she was wearing , she surprisingly wasn't wearing gauntlets , allowing me to see the small ring in her finger , compared to the ones from Earth it looked rather bland , but it probably cost just as much.

<Adam's POV>

I reluctantly climbed into the small wooden carriage,  on the front there were two rather large stallions both brown , inside of the carriage stood around seven or so others , all of us being magicians or scouts , due to the Duke , I hated being separated from my sister and the thing I hated most was how tactically incorrect his actions were , I mag just be a child but for a fact I know that to protect somewhere you can't only use magicians , you'll just get overrun,  it's simple knowledge but apparently this disgusting human thinks he can split me and my sister up just because of a horrible tactic,  then he better pay for a weeks worth of desserts , hopefully coffee cake , I ranted to myself slowly drooling over the mere thought.

I quickly wiped it away and began leaning back , it was probably going to take several days to reach the town , I began immersing myself in my thoughts when the sound of a woman broke my train of thought , looking next to me to I saw a woman with a large robe covering her, on her shoulders lay its hood , the entire robe emitted a the faint trail of magic energy , it was coloured a faint purple with blue streaks near its edges , it fell all the way down to her thighs,  she wore boots which stopped just above her ankles.

I looked at her face , she had large green eyes  with locks of ginger hair just above her shoulders , " Pardon what did you say?" I asked trying to put on a smile while wishing for her to just stop talking and leave me alone , I really didn't care for small talk.

"Oh, yes my names Amanda!" She replied pumping herself up with a fire burning brightly in her eyes , I looked 9ver her again because I didn't quite know how to reply , I realised that underneath her robe lay many potions and even a short sword.

While still thinking of how to reply she quickly blurted out , " What's Your name?" On her face lay great determination,  but I didn't quite understand why , well at least I had something I could reply too.

" My names Adam ," I said trying to force a smile , she seemed quite annoying , I internally sighed this was going to be a long trip. All I can do is pray to the God of Time to make this feel short , wait what am I saying , he's probably useless anyway.

《Off Far Away In The Gods Conference》

< Third Person >

"So as you can see I have seen absolutely n- n- *Sneeze* , uhh , I didn't even know I could catch a cold," The God sniffled holding his face , the other Gods looked impatient , bored and also slightly confused.

《 Somewhere In A Carriage 》

《Even More Hours Later》

<Zia's POV>

We finally arrived,  I had to endure the pain of a thousand suns , well that's a bit much , but I couldn't sleep or relax all I heard was Isabelle complaining about Jack , if she hated him so much I don't get why she decided to accept his proposal,  but anyway back to us arriving , well ' We stopped driving and set up camp ' but eh  details , and I could see the devil who some call my brother!

As soon as I stepped out of the carriage I ran away from Isabelle I didn't want to have to bear with her rantings again , it was bad enough already , I probably look really pitiful , The Goddess Of All Creation the Supreme Being and Ruler over All Gods , running from someone ranting...

I wonder if I'm ever going to meet any of them , could be fun , I hope I don't have to meet the Goddess of Love though , she a bit weird... And she's also if I remember right an Elf? Which means she's probably going to go on rants about how important trees are while trying to flirt with you.

I can imagine it now, " Oh wow your as tall as a tree nourishing our planet with precious mana to sustain us all , although if you dare touch one I'll rip your spine out and whip you to death with it before using you as fertiliser!"

If you didn't know Elves are like nature's protectors , if you touch a forest they'll destroy your entire city with magic.

Now back to the task at hand , ah yes there's the devil.

"Hey Adam , wanna help me set up a tent?" I asked waving at him , as soon as he saw me it's like he got excited and happy , I must be seeing something,  he hates me , right

He walked over quickly shaking off his exited face as the corners of his mouth flattened, " Sure I guess I will because you can't do it yourself ," He moaned with a monotonous voice , soon later when no one was looking I pulled a tent and sleeping bags out of my dimensional storage , one of my administrator skillz If you cant remember a few chapter back , you better be happy for this , I broke the fourth wall , hopefully the consequence isn't too bad...

Oh by the way do you want to know what skills I got from Administrator Lvl 2 , dont think I ever told you!

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race: Pure Blood Vampire/Low God
Attributes: Blood, Darkness, Illusion, and Beasts
Mana Capacity: 17,560,980,230,000
Titles: The Reincarnated, Goddess of All Creation, Overpowered, Magic Lover, Adventurer , Rabbit Slayer , Hungerless????
Skills: Administrator Lv2, ( Dimensional Storage , Map Lvl 2 , Commands , Appraisal Lvl 2 , Small Teleport Lvl1) Mana Sucking , Sword Arts Lvl , Sword Technique Lvl 3 , Dark Magic Lvl 2 , Blood Magic Lvl 3 , Illusion Magic Lvl Max+ , Beasts Magic , Sun Reisistance Lvl 4
Stats :

So uhh yeah , Status Lvl 2 isn't high enough to show the magic stat , well let me explain some of them if you have some problem understanding them!

Firstly sword art means special skill you have to activate to use , like the Lvl one Sword Art , Heavy Strike , as you can guess it's a massive strike that deals immense damage , Sword Technique is talking about how good you can use a sword , such as swinging blocking ect.

The strength star is well , strength,  this also included endurance or as some people call it health , the average is around 100 among humans and 500 among vampires , Agility is how fast you are average are 50 or so among humans 400 among vampires , dexterity is about how well you can move your arms head legs in combat , magic is how much you can channel and control...

You might also be confused when it just says ' Beasts , that's because if you have beast magic there's no improvement it's just,  there.

Anyway back to the new episode of Setting Up A Tent. The most fun show out there!

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts of breaking the fourth wall and saw my borther finishing up the tent , I quickly unwrapped the sleeping bags placing them in the tent , I took out a magic crystal placing it in the corner and channeling a bit of mana as it flickered to life with a light powerful enough to blind me... Guess it was a bit too much...

I heard my brother outside groaning , I quickly toned down the magic and when outside , I saw him rolling around on the floor covering his eyes , many of the adventures were looking at him weirdly , including me , was it really that bright?

<Amanda's POV>

Wow that Zia was really something! I can see why Jack was interested in her , guess he was useful for something after all!

I had heard about her apparently she ascended up the ranks pretty fast , not that impressive but , in this citys guild there wasn't many rumours anyway so her joining was pretty big , I looked over at Jack , he had finally finished setting up the tent!

As I channelled my mana into my purse ring , a device that can store a certain amount of objects in a different dimension,  mine was around the size of an average room,  I quickly pulled out some sleeping bags,  as I lay down on one suddenly a blinding light shine throughout the whole camp.

As fast as it started it ended , rubbing my eyes I saw a young man with black hair wearing light leather armour,  rolling around on the floor holding his hand on his eyes , I saw that Zia girl get out and look at him confused, before picking him up slapping him on his face , he opened up his eyes , they instantly widened realising how close they were , does this woman not know personal space!

I was going to post this on the 15th but I decided to post it today instead, also I'll be posting chapters every five day!