Chapter 7 – The Demon Lord
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<Zia's POV> 

We finally arrived at the village , it was several long days with many treacherous tasks , such as the questions about why a blinding bright light appeared in my tent , a question I couldn't answer so instead I said I didn't remember such a thing happening and completely ignored the fact that my brothers eyesight partially lost the sense of colour for a few hours...

It wasn't my fault...

When the village came into sight it was surrounded by a large stone wall and a sturdy wooden gate , they emitted the slight aura of magic energy , probably an enchantment to make them stronger and more durable , it looked very much like a fortress , probably due to the close proximity to the Demon Realm or Kingdom , I can't remember.

When we entered I saw most of the peoples eyes light up , we were told that at first light the melee fighters were going to head out before returning at midday.

In my opinion it was rather flawed , without the help of ranged support , we probably won't be able to spot flanks and reinforcements before too late , and it could be hard to defeat demons monsters with a high resistance to physical damage but we were getting paid a generous amount so...

Waking up too the light slowly seeping into your room is a relaxing experience , something that I didn't get too have when I heard the screams too wake up , I instantly put on all my armour with my illusion magic and stepped out yawning.

We had rented a room in an inn , I also realised how  big the ' village ' was , compared to the capital it was tiny but it was around 1/4 km in all directions , so quite large for a village,  probably due to it's close proximity to the demon realm meaning it was used as a military stronghold , at least what I thought.

Stepping outside I instinctively covered my eyes , but ig actually wasn't all bright , looked around seeing all of the adventures gathering near the centre of the village,  I walked closer seeing brother I walked behind him.

"You have to go to the south gate to prepare an attack plan and formation or something," he whispered looking forward at the Duke.

"All close range fighters form up behind me!" He screamed turning away and walking towards the gate that my brother had talked about , almost all of the gathering began to walk behind him.


We slowly wandered on the road weapon ready and eyes wandering , I stood near the back when suddenly.

Winged human like creatures covered the sky , succubuses , in their hands they held an assortment of weapons and spells , as soon as we saw them spells began to rain down blocking out the sun , knocking over many and killing more , they rushed towards the us before we  had a chance to get ready , they began piercing armour and spreading blood.

In mere seconds half of us were slaughtered and the remaining stood covered in blood and cowering except from me.

Damn they look so cool!

I looked at them some of them held spears axes or not anything , they had large red wings around 3 metres long with large spikes , they wore dark armour covering barely any of them , on their head was black , silver and red long locks with horns sprouting out of them.

One of them lunged at me , breaking out of my trance I jumped up , dodging the attack and swung down , missing barely by millimetres , my sword cut through air , around me the rest of the adventures were being slain as the woman turned around , she charged at me , for a human it would have looked like she simply teleported right next to me , but I quickly dodged too the right , Blood Javelin,  the crimson Javelin floated above me,  with the signal it charged towards her , her eyes widened as it skewered her chest , she crumpled to the ground as the Javelin slowly dissapeared.

She spoke , "Pure blooded Vampire?" Her eyes pierced me as her wound slowly healed itself , the rest of the succubuses had finished murdering the rest of the adventures , including of course the Duke , as their attention turned to me.

"And?" I said raising my sword , turning around I saw around twenty of them surrounding me and several more floating in the sky above me , blocking out the sun.

"How can you stay in the sun? And why were you with these filthy mongrels!"She growled the last part.

"Sun resistance," I replied ignoring the part about mongrels.

"Interesting , indeed!" A man appeared a few metres behind the blockade of succubuses.

They turned around bowing and letting him pass , atop his head lay three horns , on his back were two skeletal wings and tail.

"A Low God as well! How interesting! May I ask who your master is?" He asked placing his clawed hand on his chin with an eerie smile on his face.

Don't tell me...

Name: Frigan Iyantiu
Race: Skeletal Dragonkin / Low God
Age: ^^#;#^#^€_÷^;#%$"@^&!
Attributes: Darkness, Earth Lightning
Mana Capacity: 10,980
Titles: Demon Lord , Servant Of Demon King , Servant Of Demon God , Mass Murderer,  Slayer of Heroes , ?????
Skills: Skilled Earth Magic Lvl 6 , Enhanced Lightning Magic Lvl 3 , Darkness Magic Lvl 9 , Skilled Hand To Hand Combat Lvl 10 , Sword Techniques Lvl 2 , Mana Sucking ?????

He's one of the twelve demon lords...

Although Frigan is one of the weakest of them all so , guess I got ' Lucky ' .

"What is it too you? Your master has been sealed for over 850 years!" I screamed , knowing his master being the Demon God.

Oh who's that you say!

History Lesson Time!

Long long ago there was a demi-God named Rengid and after many hundreds of years he ascended into Low Godhood! By then the Gods did not care much for this and slowly in the demon realm he gained power and the respect of the demons , soon later he became a Mid-God his new title was , The Demon God , you see all beings fan technically become gods , but for most beings there life is far too short , but for demi Gods, it's much easier to become a God , anyway , basically whenever a new Mid or High God is born he gains a title.

And eventually he ascended into High Godhood and now he could defeat the Mid Gods , realising this he thought , if he was to kill all of them , he may ascend once again into the Supreme Godhood , one higher than High God , so he arrived at the Life tree and attacked surprisingly the High Gods tried to stop him but they could not kill him , as he retreated in his anger his fired a large spell at the life tree , as it began to crumble and break , the Gods used an artifact filled with mana to keep it alive , but as punishment they cut of the mana supply to the demon continent.

The demons began to die off , The Demon God quickly made his own Low Gods to protect him while he made his own Mana production Device , before he could finish it the Gods attacked him , they couldn't kill so instead they sealed him and his him deep underneath the Life Tree , he didnt manage to properly finish the Device , meaning there was a magic influx , where at certain times there was more mana in the atmosphere than others , causing there to be times where the most powerful demon could not stay conscious due to the severe lack of magic in the air , The Demon King!

This was why the demons wanted to attack through the Human Realm and towards the Life Tree to free their God.

End History Lesson!

This obviously struck a nerve of his," He's your God too! Vampire!" He screamed as his tail began spreading dust clouds with its loud crashes against the floor.

"Kill this traitor!" He screamed pointing towards me , the succubuses readied their weapons and all of them lunged at me , looking around myself , I used something I hadn't ever used before.

"STAND DOWN!" I screamed

All of them suddenly stopped.

" BOW DOWN!" I commanded , as they all crumbled down to the ground bowing their head.

"What is this magic?" Questioned the Demon lord as he struggled to talk.

"Its not magic , a simple little trick I have,"  I answered half truthfully , it was my skill Command from Administrator,  its description was,  Allows You Too Command Any Being Of Lower Rank Then You , Current Rank : Supreme God+  Currently No Rank Can Command You Or Not Be Commanded By You.

What do you mean , it's not OP!

"Release me at once! I am a Demon Lord , Servant of Our Demon God and Demon King!" He screamed as his anger slowly increased. Let's see how long I can pretend to totally not be a child and instead be a scary vampire!

"Do you know who I am?" I asked in a demanding voice and used another little trick called , Intimidate ,  I wonder what he's going to say?

"NO YOU INSOLENT FOOL!" He screamed , attempting to seem menacing , but he was shivering , must be cold , I'm pretty sure he's not scared.

"Is that how you speak to the Goddess Of All Creation?" I asked with a smile , i wonder what would he is classed as , Mid and High Gods are kinda like my children , Low Gods are like my Grand children,  so he be my Grand Child?

I'm thinking too deep , I am mentally twenty five and already have grand children , don't think thats legal even in this world , where the FBI?

And its not even a couple , nope at least a few thousand or so , maybe a bit less... Well that's including the Low Gods...

"What? You can't just call yourself a person who doesn't even exist! No single God has ever seen her!" He screamed again , it's starting to hurt my ears.

"SILENCE"  I commanded walking toward the Demon Lord , his mouth instantly stopped moving and he couldn't make a single whisper.

I looked over at the succubuses ," You , what is your name?" I boomed gazing over at who seems to be the leader of the succubus group , in her hand she held a large flaming spear which emitted a large amount of mana and she wore a large red cape behind her.

"My name is Tyria,  leader of the second succubus battalion under command of Demon Lord Frigan!" She screamed looking down , her hands clenched

"Don't give your name to this disgusting vampire!" Frigan commanded trying to stand up , my skill forced him to stay still and as he tried to stand up before his face plummeted back into the dirt ground.

"Give me that weapon , I wish to use it," I boomed reaching out my hand , she slowly looked up , and then at the spear in her hand ," Never!" She screamed clenching harder onto it , it began to look like it would snap in half , which would really be a waste.

I wonder how long I'll have to put up with my little , I am scary do as I say,  ploy , hopefully not long!

As I looked closer at her I saw a small little rune on her neck , a magic slave collar? Wait , did Frigan enslave her? What? Ooh I know let's try this! Hey Great Sage! " Oh finally you call for me again! I was beginning to get bored in there!" She squealed exited , guess i have ignored her for a while... Well anyway , is their anyway to remove the slave collar? Maybe then she could work for me , I could have my own little succubus army!

"Of course! To remove the slave collar you will have to kill the person who enslaved her!" She answered while a small screen popped up.

Name: Tryia
Race: Succubus
Attributes:Darkness, Air
Mana Capacity: 1129
Titles: Servant of Demon Lord Frigan , Enslaved , Spear Dancer , Commander
Skills: Enchanced Spear Arts Lvl 2 , Enhanced Spear Techniques Lvl 3 , Short Sword Techniques Lvl 1 , Commanding , Leadership Lvl 7
State: Enslaved By : Frigan Iyantiu
Stats :

So he did enslave her , interesting...

Suddenly my ears were flooded with the large growl of an explosion , coming from behind me , as I turned around a saw large billows of smoke risking from the distant village as an explosion shook the Earth , well Cedos , which,  yes is what this planet is called.

I heard a light snicker from behind me.