Chapter 10 – The Broken Doll
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Authors Note: By the way I'm going to use Earth instead of Cedos in sentences where it's like, the Earth beneath her feet shook with a great tremor, because its easier!  

<God of Time's / Temporis POV>

"Hello High Gods, why have you called upon me?" I questioned while I bowed, I was just about to get to sleep when an angel knocked on my door, apparently these High Gods don't sleep even for relaxation!

"We require you to do some light scouting for whatever or whoever caused the tree to act as it has recently," The Goddess replied as she leaned back on her great blue throne.

Next to her were the three other High Gods, Light with a Bright Yellow, Darkness with an Empty Black and death with the mixture of Red, Black and Flames.

I nodded by head before turning around to the massive door of around twenty foot high and ten wide, I pushed it open easily before heading back to my room.

Breathe in breathe out...

Why do I have to go out to find out who made the massive disturbance twice! Shouldnt it be the Goddess of Darkness, but noooo she's busy doing Supreme God knows what!

Well if I'm out I'm going to go sightseeing, last time I went was at least a couple thousand years back...

Well first I need to head around the human territories, apparently from something has also happened near the demons borders, should probably head over there as well...

Should I take any Low Gods...

Naa they'll just be annoying.

When was the last time I had some combat... Well that is not against the High Gods, still have nightmares, I can see why he's the God of Death...

Well time to spread my wings!


Slowly my body condensed into a ball of fire before a bright light shot out from the centre and I felt myself expanding, I felt wings sprout from my back and a beak from my mouth.

My wings slowly flapped, raising me higher into the air, and let's go!

As I flew a light trail of flame was left behind me.

My wings ripped through the air like daggers as I accelerated, now let's see what going to happen ' Clairvoyance ' my mind was filled with the images of the near future.

Oh hell yeah! I manage to get a massive private suite at the Kingdom of Qaser's capital!

Oh, why did it stop... maybe somethings blocking it...

Well I'll enjoy my vacation until I have to deal with my mission!

Where should I go first...

I'll start going to the demon border first and then slowly come back, let's go!

I turned to the border and sped up, I should be there in a few days!

<Zia's POV>

I lunged forward grasping his neck and crushing it, blood spilled out through his mouth falling to the ground he grasped my hands trying to push them off but instead I head the breaking of bones as his body slowly fell lifeless on the ground as I dropped him.

Now I see the Succubuses with their weapons ready, let's try a new skill ' Blood Sisters' I felt mana leaking out as I saw the blood of Frigan bubble into smoke.

I saw a shadow form in the smoke and as it blew away in the middle stood two women, each of them vampires, they both wore dresses one black the other white, each with streaks of red running down them, they both had black hair, they looked to me bowing.

Kill them, kill all of them, except their leader, what was her name? Tryia that was it right?

Both of them began running towards them at speeds much faster than the average human, they leaped at the Succubuses who had turned stone when they saw them. ( Not Literally)

They had began moving again once the first two of them had fallen, it seems the one with a white dress focused on magic while the black dress focuses on melee.

I rushed towards Tryia who's flaming spear moved too intercept me, I leaped above and behind her imprepared a magic 'Dark Dream' a black mist crept towards her engulfing her whole body as she fell to the ground.

I moved and held her in my arms before laying her on the ground grasping her spear in my other hand.

I looked over towards the sisters and saw them slaughtering the rest with a swing of their hands which worked like blades against their opponents.

I wonder...

Name: ( Requires Name )
Race: Blessed Half Vampire / Low God
Attributes: Blood, Darkness
Mana Capacity: 72381
Titles: Servant To The Goddess of All Creation, Holy Vampire
Skills: Enhanced Darkness Magic Lvl 7, Blood Magic Lvl 2, , Dagger Technique Lvl 4, Master Return

Name: ( Requires Name )
Race: Blessed Half Vampire / Low God
Attributes: Blood, Darkness
Mana Capacity: 723
Titles: Servant To The Goddess of All Creation, Holy Vampire
Skills: Darkness Magic Lvl 2, Blood Magic Lvl 1, , Hand to Hand Lvl 8, Enchanced Spear Technique Lvl 3,Master Return


'Low God'

That's... 'Fair'

"Good Job" I replied to their stares with, I immediately saw their crimson eyes light up, their just like kids, very dangerous kids.

I also need to name them...

How about...

Ari and Jia, Ari for the one with the white dress and Jia for the black dress

Pretty random but hey should be good enough.

Now let's check them!

Name: Ari
Race: Blessed Half Vampire / Low God
Attributes: Blood, Darkness
Mana Capacity: 72789
Titles: Servant To The Goddess of All Creation, Holy Vampire
Skills: Darkness Magic Lvl 8, Blood Magic Lvl 3, , Dagger Technique Lvl 5, Master Return

Name: Jia
Race: Blessed Half Vampire / Low God
Attributes: Blood, Darkness
Mana Capacity: 982
Titles: Servant To The Goddess of All Creation, Holy Vampire
Skills: Darkness Magic Lvl 3, Blood Magic Lvl 2, Hand to Hand Lvl 9, Enchanced Spear Technique Lvl 4,Master Return

They got more powerful...

What the actual hell!

Well back to the task at hand, we need to interrogate the leader.

"Can you two interrogate the leader, find out any information you can!" I commanded them as they both turned into black mist and reappeared "Of course my Lady!" I heard them say synchronized next to the sleeping woman.

I need to test some abilities.

I walked away from the three of them after I disabled the spell.

Let's have a look at the skills first.

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race: Divine Ancesteral Vampire/Mid God/Goddess of All Creation
Attributes: Blood, Darkness, Creation, Destruction and Summoning
Mana Capacity: ;&€$&$(&#$;;&&#$€;£;$&#(;$&;#_;
Titles: The Reincarnated, Goddess of All Creation, Overpowered, Magic Lover, Adventurer , Rabbit Slayer , Hungerless , Evolved , Unstoppable Catastrophe
Skills: Command, Mana Sucking , Sword Arts Lvl 3, Sword Technique Lvl 5 , Dark Magic Lvl 7 , Blood Magic Lvl 8, Summoning Magic ( Once an animal has been tamed this allows you to summon it, improved version of Beasts magic), Ancesteral Vampire ( Blood Mist ( Summons a mist made of blood that follows the controllers every command can change air flow, temperature and can debuff and buff targets) , Summon Household ( Summons large amounts of shadow bats and a pack of shadow wolves ), Blood Boost ( Buffs users strength and agility),Vampire Morphing ( Allows user to transform into Bat, Bloodlust and True Ancestral Form), Vampire Sisters ( Summons a pair of vampire sister Low Gods, one focused on magic, the other Melee Combat) ) Divine Power Lvl1 (%#/#&#£#((), Creation Magic Lvl1, Destruction Magic Lvl1, Clairvoyance, ( Allows user to see the near future and improves eyesight) Dimensional Rift, Appraisal Lvl5, Divine communication
Stats :

Well that seems fine...

First let's test an I interesting one ' Bloodlust Morph '

I felt by whole body changing as my mouth grew larger and teeth filled the inside of it I moved my tongue against them, they could cut through wood like paper now, in fact my whole body felt stronger, my eyesight changed, I could see as if i was wearing thermal goggles and my hearing and smell greatly improved, my body, as if by instinct crawled down onto all fours.

My tongue grew longer as my fingers grew to a sharped point that could cut through flesh like water.

I smelt the air for water, I rushed towards its direction to see my reflection, while running my legs felt weird as if bent in the wrong way, then I saw it.

Authors Note: This is a character from an anime/ manga series Overlord, the character is Shaltiar, I am just using the image as it fits well for my description.

I was now, scary but...

What the hell am I saying this is sick!

《Beware Staying in this form for any longer may result in Momentary Insanity and loss of Consciousness》

Oh well now I understand, this form is more a last result that makes my bloodlust larger making my wish to kill take over my Consciousness, should probably change back.

Don't quite want to destroy the world yet.

True Ancestral Morph

Let's see what this form is.

I felt my body revert back to normal, when I felt something grow out my back and my eyes and ears improved once again, I also felt great strength and something growing from my head.

I looked back into the lake.

I saw a little girl with large wings the size of her body with horns protruding from her head and deep red eyes.

My wings were like a bats mixing with that of a dragon in shape.

My eyes were like red empty holes or small puddles of glistening blood...

They were mesmerising, as if they were hypnotic.

《Warning it is not advised to stare into a Ancestral Vampires Eyes》

Wow it even works on me, I turned away from the lake, let's test something, I flicked a tree with my finger, before it would make a small dent, what would happen now?

Suddenly the whole tree uprooted flinging itself from the Earth as it rose into the sky leaving a small hole in the dirt, I heard it crash and come to a halt after breaking several trees.

Wow, I'm way more powerful.

My sword probably wouldn't survive me swinging it anymore...

Well let's try the Bat form.

Bat Morph

I felt my body shrink until I was, well a bat.

I don't know what i was expecting.

Well hopefully someone won't eat me...

Revert Morph

A black mist surrounded me as I felt my body return to normal.

I should head back.

Wait let me test something, Blood Mist.

A mist of blood exited my body and surrounded the area I could control it like breathing, driving oxygen away, freezing water and boiling, it was amazing but I should really head back now.

I opened my mouth as it entered my body once more.

Time to head back

<Tryia's POV>

All my life I had been a slave.

There why when I saw that monster fall to the ground dead, i felt as if I was going to cry tears of joy, but when I saw the girls hate and pain, I knew I was dead.

I knew those feelings, so I didn't hate her for it, I accepted my fate that's why when I saw her running towards me, I barely readied my spear.

When I slowly fell unconscious, i felt her place me onto the ground.


Why didn't she end me?

I'm useless.

I'm just a broken doll that was forced to act normal.

When I screamed at her before, I didn't want to, but the collar made me.

So why?

When I woke up i saw two women both pinning me to the ground.

One grabbed my face forcing me too look into her eyes, it was a passive vampire ability when someone looks into the vampires eyes for an extended amount of time they are hypnotised to answer or follow any command.

What did they want from me?

"What happened to you?" The one in a black dress questioned, what an odd question, not about the war, but my life, the story of a Doll.