12 – The Adventures To The Border
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<God Of Time's / Temporis' POV>

Now all I have to do is cross the Cursed Ocean, and I'm on the human continent!

And then I just have to go to the border and can finally relax!

Sadly the Ocean is.... Difficult

Why does it have to have those weird tentacles underground!

Hopefully it doesn't take more than two days... But who knows...

Well I'll start flying then!

I jumped spreading my wings into the sky with the red trail following closely behind.

As I flew trees and mountains passed by instantaneously, until I saw water begin to appear in the horizon due to my improved eyesight, deep within lay creatures laying dormant until even a small ripple of water occurs, sending them flying towards it grasping crushing and eating it, there are some rumours that it is actually just one large creature laying deep within the planet.

At least that's what they say.

I can be considered dangerous to even Low Gods due to the pressure of the deep water, sometimes instantly crushing them into a small pocket of blood.

It's also a large reason why their is not much contact between the Eleven continent and the Human, it is simply impossible unless you want to completely avoid the Cursed Ocean, making the journey just a little under three months long.

Compared to the normal week journey, it's quite considerable.

And even then the Elves hate humans, so it's not really worth it if you don't want to be executed and sacrificed to a tree.

The small trail of my flames slowly danced down disappearing when it slowly fell too the calm waters.


Suddenly several tentacles rush out at the spot where there once was a small flame before spreading out through the sky.

The waters stirred as fish swam far away from them attempting to escape their wrath.

Oh no..

They grasped me pulling me down.

Before I could move.

Happens every time! It shouldnt take too long to escape them, I'll just start preparing a teleportation skill, get out of the water and disappear.

But for the time being I want yo try this.

Time Distortion

Now when they get close it should accelerate time for them, turning them to dust!

The water around me evaporated causing hundreds of bubbles to surface.

I saw several tentacles reaching towards me, hopefully it works.

As it was about to touch me, I felt its firm grasp as it pulled me down, well I now know this beast doesn't age.

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Reality Slash

Finally out...

Now let's go fast...


Gravity dissapeared and the water faded leaving me in an empty void with no air or wind, touch, smell or taste, for just milliseconds.

Land appeared beneath my feet and the familiar feeling of gravity and air returned to me.

Let's turn back to a human now.

Damn, that's why I hate the Cursed Ocean..

Wait what's that.

Suddenly a tentacle grasped my chest pulling me back.

No! What the hell! Why is there a tentacle in that pond!

Reality Slash

Please no more tentacles.

For I must go Onwards! For the vacation!

<Zia's POV>

I came back to the sisters who had now finished interrogating the poor woman.

Wow, that's some speedy interrogation.

Well now that's done we should probably go hide somewhere before both demons and humans start pointing fingers at each other.

I also need to test out the creation and destruction magic, creation is rather self explanatory, while destruction is rather unique.

The average destruction magic is just a, suprisingly, very powerful magic that destroys everything, the only person to have it is The God Of Death, but his is limited to living things, such as plants and people.

That means he can't destroy the ground or a building with it, the same goes for The Goddess Of Life, she can only create organic things.

Another way destruction magic works is by infusing a sword or weapon with it, making it far more powerful but if the sword cannot contain the power it will sometimes blow up, suck the users life force to sustain itself or, curse you.

There are some cursed weapons which don't have destruction magic in them, but one does, it has a strong curse so that whoever is hit by it or wielded it will fall insane forever and their souls never rest, this is because the weapon eats both the soul and sanity to sustain its power.

So, generic, whoever made it must not have a good imagination.

It's called ' The Dragon Spear Of Tyithunuc ' infused within it is the crystalised eye of an Elder Dragon named Tyithunuc, there are some rumours he was so powerful that he still lives within that eye and if lucky you can see him move, staring at you with his purple pupils.

At least that how I wrote it...

Sisters take the woman with us, we shall hide in the nearby forest.

I commanded the two of them who grasped the woman by her ankles dragging her off.

I looked at the ground and saw her flaming spear.

Name: Flaming Spear Of Iricantio
Materials: %^#^&×€*;#%^#;×:^#

Wow, that sounds pretty cool, I can sense in pretty large amount of mana coming from it, but I do wonder, who is Iricantio?

Is he some great warrior, or the little dwarf who made this thing, probably a warrior or beast, well anyway its mine, A Fine Addition To My Collection.
(I'm sorry I just had to)

I picked it up, sending it into my storage to be investigated later, time to make my escape! Before I'm in the middle of a war!

I ran into the forest with the two sisters following closely with a woman on her little ride, she looked like she's having fun, except from the whole, dragging on the floor part.

Soon after venturing into the forest we found a small cave, rather convenient, we moved in and murdered the pack of Dire Wolves living there, quite tasty.

And after that I had a private chat with Tyria while the sisters hunted, I think.

"Hello there!" I said waving my hand and walking over, sitting in front of her.

"What do you want?" She asked rather politely, looking up at me.

"Wow you didn't say it..." I whispered to myself

"Pardon?" She asked rather confused.



"I want to know, would you consider joining me?" I asked, over the small distance we had travelled together, I thought we were great friends, me waving at smiling at her while she got covered with dirt and stabbed by twigs.

Jokes aside, she would be a very useful ally, hopefully knowing about the demons kingdom and its defenses so I can quickly kill the Demon King and get it over with, also I was kind of lonely already, the sisters were like maids not friends and my brother died, but I'll get him back soon, the only problem is making sure his soul stays there, the Goddess of Life might be able to help me with that though.

I would still like to do it on my own, I'll just have to practice creation magic.

"Why would you want me? Probably to sell me...? She whispered the last part, I don't know how to talk to people, being stuck in a hospital does take a toll on social skills...

How should I say it... I'm lonely, I have no friends, I'm a lo-

"My Lady we have returned," Ah, the sisters have returned, let's see what they have and forget about my beggi-

Why do they have a man tied up!

Ok calm, calm, we could always just kill him.

Wait! Kill him!

"Where did you find him?" I questioned ignoring the internal thunderstorm, and looking at him, he reminds me of someone...

"He was walking around humming some sort of song," Ari replied chucking the poor man on the ground.

Why did they just kidnap him because he was humming a song? And why was she so calm? What have I made...

I reached down taking out the piece of cloth in his mouth. Hopefully I can figure this out peacefully.

"Are you her?" Wait no... That's why I recognized him.

<Temporis POV>

Finally back on track!

Now I just have to pass through the forest, check out the area, see if there's anything unusual then its vacation time!

I'm going to walk for a bit, breath in that nature! Now I'm sounding like an elf...

Well at least I don't pray to a tree!

There nice and all, but sometimes they get angry if you touch a damn tree and don't apologise to it, it's so weird!

Whoever made them like that is a proper weirdo, that's right Goddess I called you a weirdo!

First you make a massive weird tentacle monster that could nearly kill me, and weird tree loving, long ear, strong magic weirdos.

Well I'll be fine! She can't do anything to me!

I'm so dead, knowing my luck some of her servants are going to kidnapp me...

What's that sound?

I stopped my humming.

A light rustle of leaves came from above me, I looked up to see piercing red eyes, demon?

Don't tell me...

They lunged at me!

Reality Slash

They dodged it! The demon jumped over me kicking my legs, I fell to the ground not prepared for it, as I turned around I heard another one jump from the trees and hit my head, that won't knock me out!

Reality Dagger

A small blade looking like glass appeared in my hands, I kicked the one behind me turning the blade to the other.

"Blood Buff" I heard a woman chant, that's a vampire...

Suddenly an array of punches and kicked hit the back of me knocking me unconscious, did I jinx it?

Who are these people? They aren't her servants!

When I woke up I was infront of a small girl, around ten and a succubus, but the succubus was tied up and covered in dirt, was the girl keeping her prisoner? What kind of ten year old keeps demons as prisoners!

"My Lady we have returned," One of the woman behind me said, My Lady? Shes the leader, a ten year old!

"Where did you find him?" The little girl questioned, in her voice held power and great leadership, I could see why they followed her, but what and who is this kid?

I'll try appraisal.

Name: Zia Zanglief
Race:~°$#€*£#"<æm£įřę ^&#&@^^#



She reached down to me taking out the cloth in between my mouth.

"Are you her?" The words escaped my mouth before I could stop them.