14 – The Dire Wolf King – Part 1
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<Zia's POV>

When I was reincarnated into this world, I thought I could lead a normal life, yet I was a God and of course a vampire.

But I still held the shimmer of hope I could just ignore it, then my parents died, then we were in an adventures guild.

And finally I was married to a succubus with a God trapped in the cave just behind me, who was captured by my two Low God servants...

What is my life? A failure? Well hey, at least I'm not some great villain yet... I'm probably going to be a villain.

Why can't I just have a peaceful life, with no hardships! Just a chill life in a nice human village, with nice parents, no problems, just a small village.

Instead I was born in a vampire village as the most powerful being, my parents then killed, I was forced to live in the forest with my brother who died.


I would have preferred to still be in that hospital bed, at least then I can just sleep and not worry about some random wolf breaking my legs and running of with them, though the food tastes like a mixture of wet cardboard and sea water there...

Or was it because my taste buds were broken or something?

Maybe it would be nice to have some sort of pet...

What if there was a puppy Dire Wolf! But we killed them all, no puppy's either...

Who would have thought that a fantasy world could be boring...

I mean who would think that when I died I would get Reincarnated As My Vampire Goddess, I mean you, reader what would you do if, I don't know some guy walks in with a gun and just shoots you, then soon Later your a damn baby with vampire parents?

Become really powerful and become a hero? What a boring and generic idea, my God, look at me, I took a step further and became a God!


It's so damn boring! Maybe I should really reset the world?

Wait that's murdering like billions of people! Well I say that but I feel nothing talking about it.

Stupid vampire instincts!

But if I am being honest it's better than nothing, or I could restore balance to the world.

So its between a reset or fixing this world...

Reset would be easier, but also done in a couple months or maybe years.

While balance could take a couple centuries at most...

Easy! I'll go to sleep then make a choice!

Well, I wish I could but I should probably deal with the massive pack of Dire Wolves surrounding the cave right now, don't want to lose my legs yet.

And yes, I was daydreaming while preparing to mass murder some poor wolves, don't you?

Time to use the spear, could be fun!

As I readied the flaming spear, I walked out from the mouth of the cave after leaving poor Zlyia confused and still tied up on the floor.

As soon as the moon glistened on my eyes, a deafening eruption of howls pierced my skull and destroyed my ears, nice, the improved hearing really does wonders for my senses, guess I'm down to four.

I looked around, in front of me I spotted around five with two flanking the sides of them, behind me was a single wolf, most likely weaker than the others.

From behind the five I saw a larger wolf, most likely their alpha, but I'm not waiting for them. I have watched the movies.

I kicked the ground rushing forward spear in hand, one of the wolves attempted to jump to the side of me, but sadly it failed.

Blood Javelin

The Javelin ripped through its flesh, pinning it to the floor.

Blood Boost

Summon Household

I felt much stronger and quicker, and finally my spear pierced through the alpha, his fur  lit aflame as my household attacks the several other wolves standing around us.

I felt my households number dwindling, I summoned them back into the shadows and turned back towards the remaining seven wolves, all now lightly injured with cuts and bites spread across them.

They slowly surrounded me their teeth shimmering in the moonlight, which looked rather weird with the different coloured moons and all.

Cursed Blood Bullets

I released bullet like magic atacks with a mixture of red and black, as soon as they hit the wolves their veins turned black and they started convulsing, guess the curse is more powerful than I thought.

One of the wolves manage to escape my attack and instead pounces at me, I quickly dodge to the left and begin preparing a Blood Javelin, the wolf snarled at me before opening his mouth.

Blood Javelin

Finally killed them all...

I walk towards the now dead alpha.

I probably shouldnt have burnt his fur, it looks comfy, but this spear is better than I would have thought.

I should probably find out some more about it...

Wait, what's that?

Suddenly a wolf lunged at me, its teeth sinking into my arm.

I looked towards it, it was as tall as a human and long as a car.

It ripped me of the ground flinging me towards a tree. I heard it break and shatter, my back was filled with splinters.

Blood Javelin

The crimson javelin barely scratched the skin underneath its fur before disappearing, it must be strong.

Readying my spear I jumped above the large creature before diving down, spear pointed towards its head, I heard a small Yelp in pain as my surroundings heated up and fire clouded my vision.

Jumping backwards, I looked towards the now burning wolf.

It still stood tall, the only pain it had felt was worth just a yelp. What is this thing? And if anything my attack just made him look cool!

Name:  [Missing]
Race: Dire Wolf King
Age: 86
Attributes: Earth
Mana Capacith: 325
Skills: Earth Magic Lvl 6, Rock Hard Lvl 2, Bite Lvl 9, Tail Whip Lvl 4, Advanced Claws Lvl 3, Magic Resistance Lvl 8, Physical Resistance Lvl MAX

Oh, a dire wolf King, don't remember making them this powerful, how powerful is an Emperor then?

I wonder why I can't see its stats.. Might be because it's a monster, if level appraisal, up more it should let me.

Well, it's mostly weak to magic, but I will still have to use powerful spells, hopefully I can defeat it without trying to use destruction magic, in don't quite know how to control that yet.

Cursed Blood Arrows

Hundreds of small crimson arrows coated in a dark liquid surrounded the poor wolf, and then synchronized they all dived towards him, covering his fur with arrows as he writhes in pain.

Wow, that was more effective than I thought, it was a combination of dark magic and blood magic, it should apply a curse, to both make it fall asleep than slowly drain its power, combined with the arrows it should at least immobilize the beast.

Well, should.

Suddenly the arrows are shaken of by a now large stone wolf, that wasn't how it was supposed to go...

Blood Mist

The dark red mist crept towards the menacing wolf, surrounding and suffocating the wolf.

Hopefully this one can at least slow it down.

Blood Mist Debuff

Lord Of Blood and despair destroy the enemies in my path and grant me their power, Blood Devourer Summon

A small ball of blood floated above my head before hands reached out from within, then legs and a head, it had long crimson claws and reptilian feet, its head like my Bloodlust Morph.

The small blood beast leaped at the gigantic wolf biting and scratching into his skin, the wolf's whimpering  bites and scratches didn't even slow the blood hungry beast.

I felt small trickles of power entering me.

I felt mana being taken away from the wolf.

A large Javelin of pure stone pierced through my minion sending him tumbling down and evaporating.

Starting to run out of choices here. Think, think...

Any spells I know...

Summon Household

The shadow beasts attempted to slow down the now agitated wolf its footsteps were cracking the ground underneath it.

I have more power than it but I can't control it properly..

'Do you need some of my help? I could control the magic while you fight'

You can do that? What the hell!

'I know pretty insane right!'


Ok, you focus on buffing me, defuffing him and using teleport to confuse him.

'Right Captain!'

So what should I call you if I'm captain?

'I'll be Magic Division!'

Ok, Magic Division let's go!

First let's drop this spear, it limits me.

Get me a sword.

A crimson spear, or more trident appeared in my hand.


That looks really cool, thanks!

'Don't worry about it, it's just a mixture of blood magic and creation magic! While bored I just kept messing around and I managed to make that!'

The large wolf finally finished of my household. Time to fight.

But first.

Ancestral Vampire Morph

I felt my wings sprouting from my back and eyes intensifying, and the significant strength boost.

Let's try flying.

I attempted moving them to no avail, they would flap but not enough to fly, maybe I'll have to get the fly skill? They should help me jump at least.

I probably should have tried to practice more before, well guess we're just going to run straight at him instead.

Grasping the crimson trident in my hand, my small child legs ran as fast as they could, which is rather fast, dodging and weaving claws.

My trident stabbed into the rocky shell of the wolf, shattering it as it continued onward through its chest.

I raised the trident back next to me as I jumped on the wolf's head.

Its knee lifted going straight through where I had been standing moments before as wind brushes past my face.

That was a close one.

Getting close to Christmas! Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas.  Sadly I wont be doing a Christmas special, so instead I'l lhave a gift for you! Hope you continue to enjoy my book!