15 – The Dire Wolf King – Part 2
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Its Christmas.  Yay! Look I dont really feel like writing this right now so just go do Christmas stuff.

This is a bad idea, but I don't know any good spells to kill him. Hopefully it works.

Magic Division, try and keep my consciousness for as long as you can.

'Yes Sir! Or Ma'am?'

Bloodlust Morph

My body changed, as my senses turned to one of a feral animal and my want for blood increased, only slightly decreased by Magic Division, hopefully I can kill him quickly enough.

I felt her bloodlust boiling before taking away her magic ability.

Wait would it be mine? I shook my head, it's time to fight not ask philosophical questions.

Now, I would explain this form more, but this, I didn't create it, well kinda, I made the bloodlust form but not a full one, let's quickly do some history.

Don't you love this book! Always about history! Next thing you know there's a quiz! You better have studied!

Back when the Vampire Empire of Aeternus still stood the Emperor had ancient blood of a bloodlust vampire in his grasp, when used it would give you some power of the bloodlust vampire, but in the purge the Emperor had used it and kill several of the Demon Lords, that is how powerful it is, but at the cost of sanity many despised it.

Also if your confused, once Demon Lords die it is possible for another Demon to ascend into Godhood and become a new one.

Anyway back to the fight.

Let's see how powerful I made this.

I dug my claws into the wolf's head, ripping past its skin and feeling its flesh, soon layer I was flung of towards another small collection of trees, I quickly lunged towards the ground before I hit another tree, I don't want more splinters

My body hissed as if in instinct as I crawled down onto all fours, slowly circling the now weary wolf.

I materialized my trident balancing on the other three limbs.

I leaped at him dodging the swipes of his paws and piercing his neck as he wailed stumbling backwards.

The amount of blood leaking from his wounds was immense and the amount of willpower just to stop myself from devouring it all was enough to halt my movements for a second.

I saw the wolf recovering from his wounds as my muscles loosened.

Dark Gate

A large black gate appeared behind the large wolf stopping it as it peered behind it.

The door creaked open with dark hands grasping out from within, the wolf froze in fear until they began grasping it and pulling him in, using brute force he managed to release himself from the first few and began turning around to me.

I aimed for the wound in his neck.

Cursed Javelins

Several dark Javelins appeared around him and flew towards his wound leaving a small trail of dark mist behind them, as soon as the first one hit the open wound his flesh slowly turned black and his legs trembled until he fell to the floor, the curse began spreading through his body giving enough time for the Gate to begin taking him into their dark depths.

The wolf with his lowering strength let out a small whimper, which sounded different than other.

Soon later his body turned to stone as  he lay on the ground his breaths quick and raspy.

Soon later stone walls formed around him, cutting all of the dark hands in half.

Oh, some stone walls.

I rushed towards them dropping my trident and punched the wall, it crumbled down to the floor letting me see the now nearly unconscious wolf, he stayed asleep out of pure adrenaline alone, he released a small growl.

Let's finish this.

Bringer Of Darkness, heed my call and use my power to slay the enemies who stand in my path, bring death to their soul and destruction to their body, Black Hole.

I pulled the spear from my storage dimension sticking it into the ground.

The large dark hole opened up behind the beast, dragging in its weakening body and the crumbling the stone walls surrounding us, my feet began slipping towards its gaping mouth as I lost my grip.

Seeing the head of the wolf enter the dark abyss I cancel the spell just before I would lose my feet.

My view grew hazy and dark, the spells had taken a toll on me, they had stretched my abilities too far and even my large mana pool was all eaten up  due to my lack of control.

Hopefully I wake up soon.

In my sleep I saw it all, the horrible things I did, the murder, the loss of caring.

Of how I merely gave myself the goal of reviving my brother and gave the death of him as a reason to be mad, when I was simply bloodthirsty.

I saw how this would lead to all the gods dead, the whole world ravaged with evil by my hands.

I couldn't let that happen, I need to stop, I need to change. I am powerful but too powerful, I realize that all I have done is run of off the excitement of reincarnation and not logic.

I have been a horrible person, murdering all who stood in my way abusing the power granted to me, and not even bothering to master it.

I haven't earned the right to call myself a God, I am as evil as the Demon King in a way, just abusing power for selfish purposes, abusing the death of my own brother.

I will, restart as just an adventurer and a little girl, no longer will I hide behind a mask, I will train and learn my powers so I can name myself a God and then, I can say sorry to my brother.

The thoughts flushed through me leaving no room to deny them, I must change.

Light shined in the darkness illuminating my blood ridden hands, I have too change.

<Jia's POV>

Oh my God, she is soo cool! How she completely fooled this pile of rubbish! I can see him confused at why a small little girl was commanding us!

But he doesn't even know he was talking to his creator or mother like an idiot! What a fool! And when we set him down against a wall at the end of the small cave he tried to use some magic, what an idiot! Ari's magic is stupidly powerful! Though I feel completely useless, like a worse version of her, she doesn't fangirl over our new Master and creator, she's amazingly polite and far more powerful than me...

Even though I had only just met my master, I know all her wants desires, needs and even her life story, including her past, quite a story to be sure, but it just makes me like her even more!

The tragic story of a girl reborn into a new world alone and scared, what will she do, how will she survive? I don't know, I can't see the future like her.

Well anyway, it also seems that she accidentally married that slave girl with the stupidly cliche horrible background that I conveniently forgot to tell Master for reason that I shouldnt explain yet.

But soon after after messing around with the God Of Time the girl came running down talking something about Master randomly walking off and then she hear howling and yelps or something of the sort, probably another pack of dire wolves who heard that this dire wolf land is open to buy, well take after its previous users passed away.
She should be fine, but just in case I should go help her.

"Ari, stay with the God I will be going to check on Master,"

Ari's face paled as she looked down.

"But sis..." She whispered.

"No," Master doesn't need the both of us anyway, she should stay here, and I want to be able to see master fight!

"G-God?" Oh, the girl doesn't know, I gaze at my sister as she sighs turning towards the confused succubus, I think that's what she is atleast.

I ran of towards the entrance, time to watch some epic fighting!

The sunlight began creeping through the cave as I neared the entrance and saw a ravaged ground with cracks scattered throughout the dirt, broken trees and several blood covered wolf corpses and finally Master lying peacefully in the centre of this in ripped blood soaked clothes, her skin itself was untouched due to healing, but her clothing had not faired so well, in her back were several hundred splinters and her clothes were covered with bite Mark's and scratches.

I sensed for how much mana she had, I had weak magic compared to my sister but I specialized in more buff and support magic.

Mana Capacity: (-89351) *#^;;#€;#&&;#&#&#^#&#&#^#&


Most would have died by now but she still lives.

I don't know what she used but it must have affected her mentally and physically to only knock her unconscious even after her mana has gone below zero, I mean how is that even possible? She must have taken some sort of loan from another being so now she's in debt I guess? I don't know, but hopefully she wakes up soon, because whatever she killed was powerful and will probably bring some attention to us.

And I'm also pretty sure that the Gods will find us soon enough, we should get ready for their attack just in case. They won't like it if we beat them as well, if hurts their pride considerably, so much that next they will send several Gods and just me and my sister can't compete against that, especially High Gods, though they like to sit on their throne instead of fighting other than the Goddess Of Darkness, she's a monster.