16 – A Broken Doll – Part 2
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<Zylia's POV>

Over the years of training and eventually combat I had been broken or maybe even shattered, firstly it had been the torture, then the loss of will and finally the things done to not just me but all of us, forced to follow their command with no other will. They did as they wished with no barriers stopping them. And it was all my fault as their leader.

But while fighting wild animals I heard the General accompanying us have a report read to her, it was about the awakening of the Demon King, soon Later I saw the General rush towards the tents that her training division was using, I walked back to mine to train and also prepare for the news, at the time I didn't think much of it other than a chance to leave this horrifying world.

I walked towards the training dummies my spear in hand, it was 'gifted' to me by that so called Demon Lord and our General, apparently he couldn't join us on our training expedition due to 'recruiting' I didn't care, I knew if he was to come he would simply argue with the other General who was also a Demon Lord apparently she is one of the original Demon Lords and a vampire at that, she would have been killed but due to her being made by our God she was excused, compared to Frigan she was a sheep and he was a wolf.

Authors Note: As a little joke sheeps are basically the wolves of the Demon Realm, they look the same but instead they hunt wolves who are now grass eating herbivores, sheep are also carnivores of course.

Swinging the spear sideways at the dummy I ripped a hole straight through the fabric and wood lighting it ablaze to just be doused in water and rebuilt using highly advanced magic circuits and other magic stones.

I leapt up pointing the spear downwards and pushing some of my mana into it.

"Blazing Lava Ball"

A lump of boiling hot lava burned through the dummy leaving a gaping aflame hole in its wake as it sunk into a tree.

I dont originally have the ability to use fire magic but using the spear I can channel it, but only a single spell that has been imbued in it, and also just lighting the spear on fire.

Using the end of the spear I fell down slowly, time to practice air magic.

"Wind Scythe"

The newly repaired dummy fell in two .

"Wind Control"

I controlled the wind, lifting the one half and placing it onto the ofher , letting them repair.

I heard a small knock on the door behind me, I turned around to see Qrsty, my second in command and magic caster with a small child stood next to her.

"Look at the new recruit they sent us, she's yours to train," She said turning around and shoving the small girl closer to me before walking off towards her tent, she always despised me, probably due to the massive metal collar around my neck.

And that's when I gained a new little addiction kinda.

She's so cute! Her wings are tiny! So frail!

Contain. Contain...

"Hello, my name is Lryiana, second in command of the 1st Succubus Division at your service!" She screamed saluting and puffing her chest up.

Ohhhhh, she's so adult like! Even more cute!

"So, cute!" I squealed under my breath, as if hearing me the little girl begins slowly walking backward...

Did I screw it up?

"Hey, Leader, stop being weird!" I heard someone call out, how dare they interrupt me!I turn towards the voice seeing Qrsty again.

"New orders for you!" She beckons.

I sadly am forced to walk away from the child, following my Second In Command into a tent.

Inside was a small messenger wyvern in a cage and parchment at the centre of the table, its my orders, yay... Better be bloody worth it...

I walked out of the tent and into my own, I sat on the small bed in the corner and looked at the roof, why do I have to be with that man again, why?

I looked throughout the room, I thought maybe although a slave I could start to live a semi-decent life, maybe I should go back into my semi-conscious mode.

Would you call it that? We'll go with it. My arms took control packing the small amount of my personal belongings into my purse ring as I prepared mentally by going into a small sleep as the slave collar took over.

And just as a cute little girl joins...

I closed my eyes.

I came back to my senses with the image of a division of succubuses flying with Frigan at the front, beneath us was a massive group of rabid demon animals and minotaurs, quite amazing, the air was filled with the thunder of their footsteps as my hearing came back.

Why is a division of succubuses in a frontal assault? We focus on charming and manipulating enemies, well, we can do frontal assaults it's just not every day that we do.

I recognised none of the others near me other than Frigan and his disgusting skeletal wings.

I looked around, we where traversing mountains, most likely near the border of the Human Realm, if i remember right these should be the Bargosas Mountains i think they were named after some wizard who managed to deactivate a volcano that is at the centre of this mountain range or something, my strong point wasn't geography.

In the distance I saw a small pack of wild animals running in the completely opposite direction of us, I would too, but sadly there is currently a large metal collar around my neck, they couldn't even bother to get a magical one.

My eyes continued to look around, there was nothing much to see, and I couldn't talk to the others due to a command from before, I couldn't remember it though...

I looked down towards myself, in my hand was the spear I had gotten all those years back, and on me was the average succubus armor with a cloak trailing behind, being hit by my wings.

As we continued on I started to see towers of smoke rising, most likely a human settlement, I looked below me as I saw several of the rabid animals rush ahead, probably to act as a preemptive strike, soon Later when a fork in the path appeared the rest turned and began walking that way, leaving just this Succubus division and the pile of bones in front.

Almost as soon as I said that he raised above us and slowed, falling behind us all, I only now realised that I was in fact at the rear of the formation.

My wings began slowing as wind and snow began intensifying the further we go, the others in front of me have begun falling quite far behind, but for some reason we still push on, it seems that his skeletal wing bones are useful for something as he continues flying without even a shiver.

He begins diving towards the floor as we all follow hoping for a break from the numbing cold.

As we settle down I force some of my magic into my spear, creating a faint heat, many others start campfires while I sit down spear in hand, as I look up at the glistening stars, I wish once more, my eyes slowly close.

I wake up with the sun attempting to blind my poor eyes.

I guess it's time to attack.

That's right. A chapter each day. Yay!