17 – A Pet
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<Narrator's POV>

The Angel's feathered wings flew high above the ground, covering the human realm with their eyes, searching for the enemies of the their Gods.

She spied down on the battle between a little girl and the large dire wolf, the small girl suddenly turned into a form seen only in the far past before using an extremely powerful magic, she soon later fell to the floor.

Flying away in shock she told other of what she saw.

The room fell silent.

"Can she be trusted?"

"If the Angel's have failed us as well then all we would have left is the elves, and I do not believe that they are as reliable and some are much to greedy so we will have to hope not, we will trust as she says and send a scouting division in,"

<Zia's POV>

Sounds peppered my ears only leaving uncomprhensible sounds in my sleep.

Light covered my heavy eyelids as I slowly opened them, I looked around, seeing rock everywhere,  I must be back in the cave, I attempt to stand up I hear the cackles of a fire, my gaze wanders towards it seeing its dim glow illuminating four figures.

One of them looked towards me making noises  before my vision went blurry and I felt my head fall downwards.

<Narrator's POV>

The frail girls body fell back down to the ground as the sound echoes through the six pairs of ears listening.

The new wife rushed to her unconscious body  while the the Low God behind her pressed her finger to the childs forehead as a gasp escaped her lips.

Mana Capacity: (13649) :#**#;#*(#^;*@€*#

The abnormal amount of mana did not suprise her, but instead the amount of recovery, already her body had recovered 103000 mana.

"Now Master's insane, but not quite that... ," The whisper escaped her lips as she took her fingers away.


The full grown woman screamed into a dark cave to her sister about their child Master being unconscious because of mana loss.


Jia carried her unconscious Master back into the cave as the rain began falling onto them, she screamed for her sister as she should probably know about their Master,  Jia continued walking into the cave for an estimated 0.3 seconds before her sister appeared.

Her eyes instantly warmed at the sight of her Master before returning to her cold mask and looking towards her soaked sister.

Her mind was buzzing with questions.

The two sisters began taking her back towards they camp they set up which seemed miles away from the entrance.

When they came back the succubus was complaining to the God, that is before she saw the unconscious child and then-

The succubuses eyes buldged as she looked at her 'Wife'. (Why did I do this again?)

"How? She beat the crap out of a Low God! Oh but she look so cute as well!" She whisper the last part.

Authors Note: Quick word, the two sisters don't love Zia, they admire her, I'm not doing a bloody harem of women and a girl.

<Zia's POV>

As soon as my eyes began adjusting  I fell back into my deep sleep leaving my accidental wife-

Never though I would say those words, accidental wife, hah, get accidentzoned!

Anyway let's back off from the crappy puns, I hope I wake up soon, being in a dark void that we totally all have in our dreams, is rather boring.

Again, my eyes open this time with the smell of food lingering in my nose, I look up seeing wolf meat over the fire.

I sit up, this time feeling much stronger and more awake.

"Guess who's back, back again!" I screamed, stretching my arms.

They then looked at me like I had grown two heads before there eyes sparkled and one ran at me.

I jumped above her, leaving only a stone wall in her path.

With a bang the succubus stops.

I look behind myself seeing a small trickle of crimson blood fall from her head as she fell to the ground, guess succubus plus stone wall equals knocked out succubus.

I unconsciously licked my lips, I hadn't tasted blood in a while, I felt my canines urging me to drink.

Ignoring all my urges all my stop I walked up to her now unconscious body, licking the small trickle from her forehead.

It tasted delicious, demon bloods amazing, I began looking towards her neck.

Losing control I lunged at it, sinking my teeth in and sucking blood out. Startled she awoke but i pressed her head down making sure she couldn't stop my feeding.

As I continued drinking I finally regained control and pulled back my fangs.

Why didn't I do this before? It tasted delicious, imagine how good the Gods would be...

Slapping my face and wiping away my drool I let out a deep breath before looking at the sisters who still looked to me with sparkling eyes.

What would a vampire taste like?


What was that?

I turned around and what I saw was a...

Bloody puppy! Oh my God! He's so cute! And probably tasty!

Wait what? No bad Zia! Don't kill the puppy! Hey where's Magic Division? That is such a dumn name..

I'll change it later!

'You thinking the same thing me?'

Yes, we must.


I look back towards the puppy, it must be a baby dire wolf, probably attracted by it's dead brothers, how, unlucky?

Ari stood up raising her hand towards the puppy, oh no!

My heart skipped a beat like it always does, I wouldn't be suprised if I could stop my heart from beating...

She then pets its head and picks it up before carrying it to me.

Damn thought Ari was a goner then!

Oh my God! It has emerald eyes! That is so cool! Wait doesn't that means he like royalty? I can't remember if I actually put that into the world? Probably not, sounds dumb anyway!

*Squeak Squeak, Squeak*

So cute!

Do you know how to do it?

'Probably some fantasy trope, maybe put your blood into it and say some magic words? What about Hokka Pokka Dibi do do?'

Imagine if this works!

'Wait, don't actually use that!'

Summoning the crimson trident I make a small cut into the puppy paw, I'm so sorry!

It whines and screams, I quickly cut myself as well after deactivating my healing, letting a droplet of my blood touch the wolfs flesh I start chanting some stuff.

Dropping my trident I prepare to make stuff up on the spot.

Oh great and powerful dire wolf, become my servant and gain power! I will lend you mana as you will lend your support! Oh great dire wolf Urushi please lend me your power!

I chanted making a name up on the spot, well I stole it from a novel but you saw nothing! I am creative!

I sensed the mana change and shift in Urushi's body, uh what?