18 – No Longer a Cute Puppy
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Suddenly a small image flashed infront of my eyes.

Requesting Familial Connection...

Pending Answer...


Sharing Power...


Applying Divine Power...

Successful Connection.

Well, that was rather unexpected, mainly because I didn't... Expect it...

Cute Puppy Is Evolving...

Cute Puppy Has Evolved Into A Normal Dire Wolf!

Look how they massacred my boy! I think, let me check...

Yep it's a boy... We don't ever talk about this...

And also divine power is that like my Jesus levels or something?

Also do dire wolves normally be dark red? Because mine is.. That's not normal is it..

Inhaling I reopened my eyes to the sight of a dark red wolf standing as tall as me.


So cute!

Wrapping my hands around the wolf's soft fur I heard it let out a small Yelp.

I can die happy now...

'Stop being a weirdo and actually talk!'

Oh yeah, uhm


"Anyway, I'm back awake yay!"

"Did you like our gift Master?" Jia asked with hopeful eyes.

Yes, yes I really did, you are so getting the nicest blood I can find! Wait does blood have a taste? Now that I think about it humans taste like if water was filled with sugar, the succubus tasted like cotton candy...

What flavour would a God be? Milkshake? Could be nice...

I unconsciously licked my lips before getting back to whatever I was doing.

"Oh, uhm yes! I loved it and will treasure him for life by using him to hunt," I patted her head.

Hey eyes now filled with confidence and joy she closed them before inhaling and walking behind a wall.

Suddenly a large earthquake like shake shook the whole room as I heard a small scream of joy before Jia turned around the corner dusting of her now bleeding fist, vampire blood...

Flicking my head I returned to normal thinking, wait what the hell did she do!

Anyway, guess she like getting patted on the head alot? Guess I shouldn't do that unless I want to have the entire cave collapse.


"Good job boy!" I patted Uriushi's head, he just finished hunting down an entire pack of  charge boars! Killing all of them singlehandedly! I'm so proud!

We have been levelling him up, it doesn't show levels, I don't know of they are a thing but, he is getting stronger!

"Master, we need to move the gods are moving in too attack, well to be more precise an angel was spotted," She said slightly bored.

Well, guess our time is cut short, I turned around running after Ari back towards the cave.

I heard the heavy paws of Uriushi run after me with a small side of panting as he tried to keep up with us.

As we got back Jia and Zlyia were ready while the God of Time was hidden deep inside the cave waiting for his rescuers.

By now Zlyia had learned to contain her immense love for children, what a bloody weirdo.

And with the mental age of 25 it was just even worse, wait am I going to be a child forever! I swear to God author if your doing that trope as well I will bloody come back to Earth and rip out you kneecaps!


Sorry, just don't like the idea very much, hopefully you readers are better than that!.... Right?

I mean who would want to forever be the size of a child when you have a dumb succubus who loves children? I mean I guess if your into that then, you?

"Ok, now that we're all together, Let's a go!"

While Zylia looked a bit weird at my amazing quote at the end both Ari and Jia seemed to find it funny with Jia whispering a small Mario at the end, are they fellow Earthlings?

Probably not, they might have just seem my life, wait since when am I smart! And do they think I'm weird now?

Shaking my head we all began running, me carrying Uruishi while Jia carries the screaming succubus.

I wonder where we'll end up?

Oh and before you start a whole rant, I don't know if I can use teleportation on all of us, and I need to exercise more anyway.

Hey, stop looking at me like that! It wasn't because I wanted to carry the fluffy murder machine...

Anyway, how are you guys doing? Enjoying sitting down and reading this? Well I'm running away from Gods! Isn't that fun!

I wonder how Corona's doing? I died when it was like May something, wouldn't it be fun if everyone died! Now I wish I got to see the rise of Cthulu...

Now I want to see the totally originally named Nessy! I'm pretty sure I wrote that she was my pet, please say she doesn't kill me! Oh, you can't remember her? She's the monster in the cursed sea.

What else can I talk about...

I wonder if the coffin dance meme thing is still alive...

Wait how long have I been here... Eight years! Yeah, it's definitely died!

Damn, time sure does fly by when your always running away from death! Although I technically am...

I'm sure I'll be fine! I only kidnapped a Mid-God! I don't go to hell right?

Oh crap- nearly ran into a tree there, anyway back to the insanity talk.


Hey wasn't there like a border conflict between China and Korea or some other country? I wonder who got nuked first... Maybe both?

Oh is that a town? We all slowed down to a halt as we looked towards the town, other than Zlyia, she was still screaming.

Hmmm... Why do I remember that village?

Oh, it's the first village me and Adam found! You know, the one where we got chased out off! Good old days!

Should we go in there? Maybe I could use illus-

I don't have illusion magic anymore...

Could I use creation? But wouldn't that mean I permanently change it? Well why not try it! The worst that could happen is that I have to change it back! Or I'm forever stuck without my beatiful fangs...

Concentrate... Concentr-

Oh crap! That hurts! Oh God, Stop, stop it please!

Maybe I shouldn't do that.. I guess forcefully changing my looks hurts... Well I guess it would hurt to you know, erase parts of your teeth and change the colour of your eyes...

Hey, Magic Div- tell you what, that's too long, your now Mia, and also is there anyway to get rid of the pain?

'Sure, either make painkillers or you could just you know, rip out your nerves!'

What the hell happened to you?

'Sorry, I was just playing a game, I keep dying, guess i shouldnt play it at the hardes- Oh come on! I was behind the wall!'

You can play games! That's so unfair! But painkillers does sound good... Wait no, how do I play games as well!

'I don't know! There's just a computer up here!"

Maybe if I sleep, could be relaxing... Please say people don't have hacks!

Anyway, painkillers, wait now are they even made? You have a computer search it up!

'Sure.. Let me have a look... Oh right here! Let me copy this into your mind!'

Wait do what? Oh, that's how you do it...

*Insert List of Painkiller Ingredients*

And mix them together! And bam! I have a drug! Hopefully I can't get high!

'Oh you probably could have just went into Bloodlust mode, that gives you pain negation'

You useless couch potato!

Well I'll use my pain killer anyway!

Chucking the small pilling the air I ate it and began changing my features once again.

Aaaaaaaaaaghhghg, it's still hurts! Now even more! Crap!

"Master are you trying to change how you look?" Ari asked probably quite scared at my screaming.

I slightly nodded a tiny bit embarrassed at my failure, she then pulled out the cutest little ribbon ever,

"This will seal your power and also change your race to the closest related race, which in our case is an Elf for some reason," She said passing it over towards me with a small grin, "You do want to seal your power correct?"

I took the ribbon nodding to her question, I wonder how she knew? Probably some stupid power. Or maybe a plot device?

Putting the ribbon in my long hair, I should probably cut my hair, but it does look pretty cool..

Stopping just before I make a ponytail, let's just wear it as like a bandana or something, it'll be easier to take off and looks way cooler.

Suddenly I felt my fangs recede back into my gum, my ears grow out longer than they already were, also yeah I only realised a while ago, vampires have ears like a Half Elf don't know how I didn't realise before.

My hair seemed to stay the same.

Suddenly I felt a great amount of power being drawn away from me and going into the ribbon now bandanna, wow I feel...