19 – Don’t worry, I won’t Bite!
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I feel like a normal human be-
Sorry, Elf..


I'm growing taller.. Thank the Gods! I won't be a child my whole life! I thought the author was going do that crappy trope as well!

Anyway! I don't feel like an Over Powered Vampire God! Finally! I can't crush an entire house with just a punch! I think I can do that... I don't know I haven't recently crushed any houses since, let me see...

Oh never! I'm not some murderer! Well actually I have murdered some people... We don't talk abou that! We don't talk about alot of things do we? Is this called ignoring all weird and illegal things I do? Yes, got a problem with it!

Anyway back to my actual life instead of just talking to myself!

"You might want to change your name, they probably remember Zia, but fret not I have already made a name just for you! Zaleria or shortened Zal! Don't you just love it!" Jia squealed as soon as I began listening, what the hell is wrong with my servants? What did I do wrong?

"Oh yeah sure..." Is this what it feels like to be a parent questioning her children? I'm a horrible parent, I can imagine it now, instead of the dad leaving it's the Mum who didn't go get the milk but instead travelled to another world, that is before she came back and kidnapped one of her children leaving him in a cave, responsibility is my passion.

"Me and my sister can hide in your shadow with the Succubus if you want, I assume you want to keep Uruishi with you? Though he will probably have to change size," Ari followed on after her sister.

He can change size? What? That is so dumb! I feel like everyone is hiding something from me!

Uruishi then broke my mind by changing his size to that of an average wolf before both sisters dragged the Succubus into my shadow sinking into the ground.
Why did I get reincarnated into this world again?

Guess I have to go to the village now.

Dumb reincarnation, now I wish k could just chill in an empty abyss...

I slowly walked through the forest and into the opening around the village, I looked down where instead of a pale white hand I saw the normal colour of an elf, I think, I have personally never seen an elf so why would I know, I may have drawn them, but that was when I was around nine in school while bored. I also realised hoe high off the ground I now felt, it seemed like I was around 5'4 so around the average height of a woman, I think, I can't remember and it might change for elves.

Patting Uruishi's head I sped up to a gentle jog, an actual jog that doesn't go faster than an average car, what a world I live in...


Why! Past me why! And author what is wrong with you! Next thing you know it there's going to be the cliche adventurer's guild with one guy in it, you can't make any idea yourself can you! I could probably write better than you! That's why I was so good in english class...

Well hey, I got ran over by a car! You probably didn't and I got reincarnated while you sit there writing a story where half of it is bullying yourself!
Anyway where am I? Why is there a wolf next to me? Oh yeah, the story thing!

We began closing in on the village and I saw people looking out from their small windows at me.

As I got closer I saw how many people were in the village compared to before, it's more like the size of a small town, I wonder why they don't have a wall, Donald Trump would be dissapointed.

One of the two guards stationed in the street walked towards me after they emerged from the crowd, they seemed more weary Uruishi than myself, there's probably some cliche familiar mark that i'll need to get.

"Hello, Ma'am I assume that is your familiar, I can see it doesn't have a mark, you may not know it is illegal to have a monster like familiar without its mark, I would like to ask that you allow us to place the msarkon it before you enter our town," The slightly greying guard declared.

You, that's right author I'm talking to you! Get some bloody creativity! This life is going to be boring if you keep using rubbish fantasy tropes! Next thing you know it they'll be a Hero summoning or some other garbage and I bet you some knight is going to hunt me down and force me to train those idiots! And of course there's going to be that one evil guy who gets corrupted by the church and I don't know chucks poor Billy of a mountain!

My face slightly scrunched up at my thoughts confusing the now slightly weary guard.


Well look, I was angry! Leave me alone with your dumb scared face, in this sealed form I'm useless that is unless I decide to give you some divine bloody punishment from a God herself!
I just realised... Can I smite people, like someone lightning on them? Can I hear prayers? This is going to be so much fun! You get one brownie point Author! Good job!

Now back to calming down to sword wielding mania- human, close one there! Could of pissed of seven billion people, of which around 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% will ever see this, get roasted author! Oh, you don't care... Ummmmm, back to the murde-


We stepped out of the good old security shack Uruishi brandishing his new mark burned onto his fur, it looked like the sun if it was trapped in anothe- okay it was just a circle in a circle, I wanted it to sound fancy!

I patted Uruishi as he whined, he really didn't like the mark but hey, I didn't like Mark either! There wasn't any sweets in his van, bloody scam.. Sorry to all Mark's you'll get a free cookie under your bed tonight!

Why do I still keep talking to myself and pretending this is a book... What if this isn't one, I've just been talking to myself... Guess I'll stop breaking the imaginary fourth wall, nah too much effort, I want to pretend someone cares other than a wolf, a pair of vampires and a crazy succubus, oh yeah and my brother...

What! I'm not lonely!

We continued walking down the rather lively mini-village with all eyes taped to us, I feel awkward, am I that weird? I'm just an El- Human don't like Elves do they? Why did I make such a fantasy trope! God damn it past me, your useless, useless, useless, useless useless! I think that's what the quote was from the anime? Never watched it, wasn't really into anime, just saw the memes...

Well, anyway, I must venture to the guild! Hopefully there is a guild where I can begin my grand adventure! Finally I can have a normal fantasy story! Where is the guild?

I stopped in my tracks...

I remember, I have that map magic thing!


Uhmmmm, let's try again...

Alacazam I summon Map!

Nope, not working, maybe because the AI thing died? Who knows.

Guess I must first venture through the great forest of buildings, defeating the evil in my path before I find a safe haven!


There's no guild here, waste of my time, this mini-town is useless! Can't capture a vampire and doesn't have a guild! Why is everything bloody useless! That's it if I am in a damn book, go away! Annoy someone else I'm going to go find a bar, I wonder what alcohol in this world tastes like?

< ?????? ??????'? POV >

I gazed through the small mirror overlooking what looks like a small Elven girl, although I knew who she really was, our God who has came to help balance this world, if only my sister would accept this then I would be able to get the Gods to help her, I could attempt to commune with the demons, but they lost faith far before, my only choice is to help her from the background.

But first, I must see who she truly is, if I am to help her, I must see to it that she is our creator, if not she will die.

The mirror froze in time as another appeared next to it as the image of a child being born appeared on it. The history of a girl who was named Leia began.