20 – Back To The Future, Of Another World – Part 1
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<Narrator's  POV>

The story begins with a child being born, she looked not so vampire like but more.. Human? How weird, is this the right child? Let me just skip forwards just to check...

Oh God! That's the part where the truck runs her over, my eyes need to be bleached, the amount of blood! Let's go back the hell in time before more blood, I thought this was just a narrator job not some horror scene inspector...


The small ch-


The baby lay asleep in the nurses arms as she was slowly rocked back and forth, away from her mother who held only hatred in her now empty heart for the child she was forced to have.

She was soon sent to an orphanage away from everyone who cared for her.

As such a small child she did nothing more than cry, eat and sleep, no one came to her other than for feeding, instead she was left alone, years passed by and soon she was a young girl who could even walk!

Truly amazing I know, but even better she began to learn how to speak, but sadly she gained no friends as most people in the adoption centre were babys or children way older then the small four year old, one day she was exploring the building while off on a highway there was an old couple stuck in traffic after they decided to adopt a child.

And eventually after 30 extremely tiresome minutes they managed to park outside of the large building with a small childs gaze locked on them who unbeknownst to her was seeing her future family, and later the face she saw before her death.

They walked through the large open door, standing in front of the reception desk they waited for a guide.

<Gerald's POV>

After the man at the desk called out for someone to take us to the main office we sat down waiting as we both fiddled with both phones watches and of course with our gaze, looking over the several paintings scattered throughout the room.

Suddenely a young lady walked through the open door behind the desk.

Standing up me and my wife greeted her before she led us towards further into the building while dodging the several children filled rooms, today we were planning on adopting a child, most likely a baby, over the years our lives have grown dull, and our neighbours already have grandchildren, unfair, hopefully we can get a bright young girl to bring a new spark to our house! Although it matters what my wife wants...

A door with the words Mrs Vraine's office on it came into view, slowing down the lady knocked on the door, getting permission to enter she opened the door.

As we took a seat in the chairs our gazes fell on a slightly plump lady sitting in the chair across from us, on her face was a smile and in her eyes was a gentleness that even I had not seen before, she must really like children.

She shifted in her seat before coughing and finally, talking, "My name, as you may already know, is Mrs Vraine, thank you for coming to our orphanage and finally Mr's and Mr Feils, how may I help you today?" Hey smile didn't falter as she finished her sentence.

Me and my wife had already decided that she was going to be the one who would decide who to adopt as she always knew best because I apparently didn't have good taste in anything according to her...

"Gerald, can you live us while we sort things out, I want it to be a suprise," My wife said smiling and pushing me away, with a sigh I sat up walking out the door, closing it behind me.

I leaned against the wall as uncomprhensible murmurs came from the room behind me, I pulled out my wallet, taking out some photos from within.

On the picture was a much younger me in a police uniform with my old captain smiling, I left the police a few years ago and retired when I was around 54.

The next was me and Barbara, we met in a pub my friend had recommended to me.

I closed the wallet putting it back into my back-pocket when I heard light footsteps next to me, as I look up there's a small girl who had attempted to sneak up on me.

"Who are you?" She said in a child like voice filled with small stutters.

I wonder why she would walk up to me? I'm not amazing with children I should just asked her to leave.

"I'm just a visitor, now shouldn't you go back and play with your friends, you wouldn't want to play with old me would ya?" I replied with a gentle smile.

"What's your name? Is it Bob?" She said putting a finger under her chin and pretending to think, unless maybe she is?

Bob? What a random guess, well it is a kid...

I wonder what her name is? Well I'll probably never see her again, my wife wanted to adopt a boy...

"No, its Gerald, what's yours?" I asked crouching down to the same height at her.

"I don't think you look like a Gerald, you look like a Grandpa! Oh and me! I'm Leia!" She said with a large smile on her face.

Getting called Grandpa feel quite weird when you have no kids and definitely not Grandkids, but it would be bad to hurt her feelings, especially with that smile, I'll go along with it.

"Ok, I'll be Grandpa then, but you really should go back to the other kids, wouldn't want to miss dinner would you?" I said hoping that they would have dinner around now, most people do, but it is an orphanage.

"Dinner!" She said running off back towards a door me and my wife had walked past.

Behind me I heard the door opening, I stood back up and saw the lady who most likely owned the orphanage from before.

"Oh, hi! Already done I'm guessing," I asked as she closed the door behind her.

"Yes, I believe I have the perfect child for the two of you, I'm going to get them now, you can go back into the office now!" She said, awkwardly reopening the door as she walked towards the door the small girl ran into.

I walked in sitting next to my wife, "You exited!" She almost squealed, she always wanted a child but I.. I just wasn't ready until it was too late..

"Of course I am, I've been wanting a child as well!" I replied.

We both smiled before she returned to the tea on the small table in front of us.


A small while later I heard footsteps in the hallway outside the door.

I looked up as the door opened and I saw the owner with a small girl standing behind her, she had brown hair, blue e- isn't she that girl from before, Leia wasn't it?

"Grandpa!" She said running towards me, this looks rather strange.

I reached out my hand patting her head as the other two looked curiously at me, "I met her while I was waiting, I thought you wanted a boy though?"