21 – How Cliche Of You – Part 1
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Damn, how cliche of you.

*Title card and credits*

<Rose's POV>

Me and Emily sat at the computer, both centimetres away from the sweet release of sleep, we're both in university together, we had to study tonight and stayed up rather late...

I looked at the time in the bottom right of the computer screen, 01:59, with a sigh I looked at Emily who sat next to me, her  eyes also turned towards mine.

"We should probably go to sleep.." she whispered before leaning on me and closing her eyes, she always falls asleep on me...

Looking up at the roof I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


My eyes were covered with a bright light... Why can't I sleep a bit longer, and since when does Emily wake up earlier than me?

I opened my eyes, rubbing them and standing up.

That is until I realised I was already standing up, readjusting my eyes to the light, I looked around the large ro-... Since when was our dorm so big?

I looked around the new room I was in and firstly saw ten other people near me, one being Emily with four other girls and five boys, where am I?

"Welcome to our world! We have summoned you as we require help, any questions?" A man with a white robe said gazing at all of us.


Information overload... Can I got to sleep again? I.. I still feel really sleepy...


Flicking my finger at my forehead I woke myself up a big more, shaking my head I returned to my thoughts.


How can he say all that without a single stop? Maybe this is a weird dream? No, its way too realistic, and these people, I've never seen any of them before...

Emily used to always talk about books and animes where the character gets reincarnated, maybe this is like that? I wouldn't know, I was never really into that...

Hopefully I can go back, I don't think I would fit well in a world like what I'm imagining this to be,  its probably a magical medieval like time, some people would find it exiting, I personally would prefer staying with my family and especially little brother...

I also studied science, which wouldn't be of much use in this world...

I looked towards Emily, I instantly noticed a sparkel in her eyes as she looked around the room until she saw me, which is when it turned into that of a predator seeing its prey...

Oh God, please save me...

"Isn't this just amazing! Look around, it's a fantasy world! Isn't that insane! That guy over there must be the Pope, but he looks a bit too young...

Ahhh, but it's just a complication, other than that, this is perfect, we will conquer this world together, slaying dragons and finding cat girls!"

She has finally gone insane, what are cat girls? I think she told me something about them ages ago, ' They are like humans but with a cat tail and ears! It's so cute!'

And what about my family? Maybe once this is all over I can go back...

This world is going to be truly insane if it's as I believe it will be...

She's going to force me too stay here isn't she..

"Hey, can I just go home, I have a kid!" A young woman said obviously very scared.

Hopefully she can...

"If that's what you want then sure! Please go through this door, any others may follow!" The man in the white robe that Emily has called the "Pope" explained pointing towards a large door behind us, almost all of the people in the room left to join the lady, that is other than five people, me, Emily, another woman and two men.

The Pope heavily exhaled as he looked towards the us and he began to explain our situation. During this the some of us  noticed the several people watching near from near the back of the room.

Two of them on large thrones, and we had a small guess of who they were.

<King Drydian's POV>

As I looked across the report I sighed, that fool of a Duke decided to lead an adventurer group as an offense into the Bargosas Mountains which ended up with them all dying and his town near the border fully destroyed leaving the Duchess, his wife, to look after all his land until a replacement is ready.

Now I have to start worrying about the Demons, at first I thought it was just a small migration of animals when the Duke reported it too me, but an animal couldn't create a crater that large, and that's ignoring the dead lich, skeletal dragonkin and the several succubus's.

It's obvious that the Demon King has managed to awaken early, or the demons are getting bored and want to trick us, either way we must proceed with caution, just in case I should summon help, we used to call them heroes, but they are mostly just cowards, hopefully some of them stay, otherwise it would just be a waste, we could force them to stay but that would anger the Gods and disrupt the flow of nature.

"Summon the Royal Elder Mage," I asked the servant standing at the door, she bowed opening the door and walking towards The Royal Elder Mage's most likely location.

Looking back down at the paperwork I began to skim through some of it, most of it was just from the Duchess and the Dukes army, hopefully this won't take too long to sort out before Vivian arrives.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door, already?

"Come in!" I replied as the door immediately opened and someone stepped through leaving the servant outside.

"What do you want, Dry?" Vivian asked sitting down in the chair infront of my desk with a smile on her face.

I told her to stop calling me that now that I'm King, but there's no point even really trying...

"I was wondering if we could do a hero summoning, there have been reports of the demons on the border, they have already destroyed a village,"

"Sure can, but it'll take a couple days to set up and I'll need the Pope to greet them, and before you ask, yes I know the old Pope just died and there's a new one, but I still need him,"

Why does she need the Pope? Well I'll never understand her anyway all I can do is hope the Pope is old enough to do his job correct and maybe he can earn a bit of reputation with the nobles while he's at it.

"I can arrange that, where do you want the summoning circle then?"

She'll probably want it in the church, but with her you never really know.

"The throne room please, I would say church but if the Gods are real then I don't want to give them that pleasure!"

I forgot she despised the Gods, all because she made fun of them and then got exiled, well guess it'll be in the throne room then...

"Okay you can go now," I waved her off and went back to the paperwork on my desk.

"Oh, don't you wanna play with your friend? My heart is truly shattered!" She wined with fake tears in her eyes.

Oh God, please save me, I though she was supposed to be older than me...


Vivian sat kneeled down at the entrance to my throne room, she was silently chanting as shining purple lines appeared on the floor.

Beside me was My Wife, The Royal Knights Captain, The Pope and some of my advisers.

The Pope began stepping forwards as Vivian's chanting stopped and she swiftly walked towards us, a shining light emitted from the centre of the summoning circle and ten people stood there all looking around confused, and finally the Pope began speaking.

"Welcome to our world! We have summoned you as we require help, any questions?"He said spreading his arms out in a welcoming manner with a warm smile on his face.

Wow that was rather direct, you would think he would ease them into it, but if it gets the work done then so be it.

I heard some whispering between the people before one of them finally spoke up.

"Hey, can I just  go home! I have a kid!" One of the woman requested, of course we were prepared, just outside the throne room another circle was created which would erase their memories of this place and send them back home, wherever that exactly is.

"If that's what you want then sure! Please step this way, any others may follow!" He said pointing towards the throne room door, six others left leaving five remaining in the room.

Wait five? Weren't there only supposed to be ten summoned? Glancing over at Vivian I saw her eyes slightly scrunched up as well.

I heard the Pope exhale as he began explaining everything to the remaining five, quite a few of them seemed to have glistening eyes, rather weird but they are from another world so I didn't know what to expect...

Relaxing my head on my hand I glanced over the summoned, none particularly stood out, looking over towards my wife, Lihya she returned a bright smile before lightly patting my head, she seemed to like to pat my head even now that I was a king, if it wasn't for the large chairs she probably would've rested her head on my shoulder.

Exhaling, my eyes wandered across the room I had grown oh so accustomed too, my eyes glided over the tens of paintings and portraits lining the walls and instead stopped on the large mural sitting just above the door, on it was a woman with bat like wings sprouting from her back, behind her was a man and several figures, in the background appeared to be a large tree, possibly the rumoured Tree Of Life in the Elven continent.

I had tried to find the designer of the mural many times but to no avail, I wonder if it means anything...