22 – Back To The Future, Of Another World – Part 2
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Happy new Years! 2020 is finally over! Hope you enjoyed 2020 because 2021 could be worse!

After several years Leia grew into a child, wait, she was already a child? The hell am I supposed to say she grew into then?


After several years Leia grew several years older, to be precise she grew to the grand old age of eight, by this time she had two friends, their names were Emily and Rose, Rose also being adopted and Emily just being some random kid, they talked for several seconds and then called themselves friends this is because children are magical beings and can break the all the Laws of Physics while completely destroying the space-time continuum.

What the hell is this script? Why couldn't I do this when I was a kid! Bloody scam...

Now if you somehow remember the beginning of this book unlike me, then you can remember that at age eight Truck-San decided that he was going to strike again, this is due to the fact at this point there is probably someone counting how many cliches I can pump into my book.


Let's get riiiiight into this!

That was probably the wrong thing to say...


As the group of five walked through the sidewalks to the cinema they were separated, at the front were two humans, an elderly man talking to a little girl about space and stars, and astronomy stuff, while at the back to young girls listened to an aging woman about her life stories, the first two crossed across the road, and one of the two girls followed after them not noticing the closing distance between her and a truck, who seemingly did not see the crossing or the child on it.

The young girl noticed too late, she turned to the loud engine and quickly jumped to the side, only for it to crush half of her chest and legs, and for the cherry on top it  ended with blood curdling scream that almost instantly ended after her eyes fluttered to a close, that is before it was replaced by the screams of horror and sadness.


She just got ran over, what do you mean cherry on the top!


But what some may call a miracle happened, she managed to survive...


As the small girl lay in the white doctors bed, her breathing grew heavy and her arms clenched tightly around her parents hands.

"Please, if there is a God out there, please let her stay with me, and if you are so greedy to take her from me, please welcome her with open arms," The old man whispered through his cry's before standing up and exuding himself, joining his wife outside the room.

Although he left to comfort her, he only got comforted himself.

"What if she doesn't wake up, it's our fault! If only we didn't adopt her, maybe she could have lived a long life..." He muttered looking up towards the ceiling letting out another small prayer.


The child woke up looking around the white covered room she was now in, looking around she saw unfamiliar machines, realising there were tubes attached to her, she pulled them out, attempting to stand up she instead screamed with pain as her legs burnt up at the small attempt to use her muscles that were barely there anymore.

The nurse behind the white curtain turned round with a worried face, she knelt down talking to her before leaving through the door and coming back in with parents in tow.

From that point on it only got worse, soon she grew up in that hospital bed until eventually she could leave in a wheelchair.

The two parents walked out of the hospital with their now eleven year old child sitting, eyes wide in her wheelchair. They pushed her out of the large front door to the hospital that she had now spent three years in.

As she was rolled around the city she now lived in, her eyes only opened more and more as she saw sights she couldn't remember anymore, during this her smile only widened, and when she saw a small book and pen, as if fate itself was drawing her to it she bought it.

After her adventure she returned to her room, bored she began thinking of something to write in the book, after a while ad a child she became bored not knowing what to write, closing the book she placed it next to her and instead falling into her dreams, where something rather unusual happened.

A gasp escaped her lips as  before her was space, the empty vast darkness of space, though, she was quit sure there the sun in space, yet where was it?

Looking down at her hands, she saw nothing, confused she felt around her hands and they were still there, she asked for light or a sun or something, suddenly behind her a large sun appeared blinding her with light and illuminating her small body.

Covering her eyes she turned away.

Yet when she reopened them, she was back in her room, sitting up and sweating heavily, her mind was racing, what just happened? I had a dream but I can't even remember it...

When she saw her book next to her, she had an idea, grabbing a pen she began writing a new world, with her new inspiration, whenever someone entered the room she would excitedly explain it to them, she would continue this for several years until she grew older, and realised that she was rather weird, at this point her old friends had moved away and all she had left were her parents, or as she called them Grandparents, apparently when she first saw her Grandpa, she called him, well Grandpa.

Well she had Grandparents until one day she only had a grandparent, soon after he stopped going to the hospital for a while causing even more sadness to the poor teenager, and when he started coming back, it was released that suddenly Leia's heart began to collapse.

It was unknown how or even why, but it seemed like her blood began blocking up her veins and her body didn't supply give energy to her heart, leaving it to struggle, it seemed like God himself had claimed her to be hell's  new guest, and when she finally passed away the final family member finally lost his tears, he had shed so many that he left the hospital, his heart empty.

This is just a little side story to add some exposition of what happened to the vampire kingdom, enjoy!

I charged into battle, sword raised high above my head, as soon as I saw someone or something cross my sight I slashed down, I didn't care anymore, they had taken it all, my kingdom, my family but I will take more, I'm just that greedy.

My sword slid through skin, flesh and bone like butter as I kept swinging, I stopped using my head and instead used instincts, like a rabid animal I sliced through thousands of enemies without having even the slightest tinge of need for sleep.

Soon I had forgotten about time, all I saw was splodges of colour and cloudy screams, but suddenly I heard metal, shatter and crack as my dark black blade in my hand fell to the floor in pieces, without giving it any memory I grabbed another sword from a dead body, slicing it through whatever was closest to me it also shattered, grinding my teeth I ripped my hand through the chest of another and once again began my onslaught, soon I became hungry so I began eating from the bodies of my enemy.

Eventually I had none of the five senses, only instincts in their place.

Soon my instincts picked up a powerful target, licking my lips I rushed towards them attempting to cleave my hand through them, suprisingly it worked and I felt them fall lifeless to the ground, weak, weak, weak...

They're all weak! How could we lose against them, so weak, weak, weak they are below me! I will destroy them all! Their entire puny race will bow before me in their graves!

Grinning I began ripping through more of there disgusting flesh, swiping and leaping around them as I left a path of carnage and destruction.

Once again I felt a great power, but this time much stronger, a fight, a fight finally I can actually fight...

I felt the air turn cold around me as shivers vibrated through the air covering my body in a relaxing coldness.

Leaping over all the enemies in my way I reached my target, digging my claws in their shoulder, I ripped straight through their armour and into their raw flesh, digging my teeth into it I heard a loud scream piece the sky, it sounded feminine, matters not, they shall die as a sacrifice for their mistakes!

I wonder, has it been years, minutes or hours, I can't remember all I remember is that I have too keep killing...

Suddenly the air was filled with an intoxicating presence, one that I could remember from anywhere, The Demon King, licking my lips and began running towards the centre of it jumping and leaping so fast that the muscles in my legs continuously tore, the only think keeping them together was my regenerative abilities.



Hahahhhhah, finally I can sense the source of the presence, its him!

Vengeance,  vengeance, vengeance...

'Semi-blood morph' My sore voice ached as I whispered those words, I felt my body begin to change as my finger were replaced with long dark claws coated in magic, it's time for him to Die!

Lunging at the prescence I reached out my claws before starting to the side and striking at it, I felt it tear through flesh and bone just before my finger were surrounded by his regenerated flesh.

Pulling my hand out I leaped backwards and prepared a spell, "Oh, Cursed Mother, let me call upon a tornado using the power of your blood!  Cursed Crimson Tornado!"


I felt gust of wind and heard screams from all around me, is he dead, already? Hah he is rubbish, garbage! He, he died! I killed him! Revenge at last I succeeded! Now, now, now, my family, I can see my family!

My lips began to quiver as I held my head.

Suddenly I felt something pierce through my back and destroy the entire centre of my chest.

Turning my head around 180° I swiped my claws at the area until my claws felt like they were about to fall off, yet the prescence still leaked out across the battlefield, he's alive?

My family, no, no!

As I died my eyes regained vision and I saw the young nonchalant face of what some people call, The Demon King.

My voice strained as I asked him my final question, "Why did you kill us?"

He looked towards me, and reached towards my mouth, trying to push him away he ripped out my fangs straight from my gums, with a small splatter of blood falling from them her replied to me with his nonchalant voice "Because of these,"

My eye closed as my heart slowly fell silent...

"Welcome, my Cursed Child, to the afterlife,"