Chapter 24 – That’s a City?
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Wait, that's a city? Damn, its tiny.

Oh, hi you're back, little update I'm now at a city! Which one? God knows... Oh wait I am God, well in that case anyone but God knows...

Pretty sure its something beginning with S, maybe Syria? No I swear that a country in like Africa or something...

Well, I don't know, supposedly this city is famous for its large amount of mining, probably within that large mountain right over there, you know right behind the city.

And by that I mean its within the cities walls, just to clarify. Anyway, time to head on in and... What should I do? Start a cult? That could actually be pretty fun!


I need to stop getting off track, okay, get adventures card and then do something...

With a deep breath I walked towards the large wooden gates guarded by a woman and a man, both wearing similar steel armour and spears.

I saw both theirs eyes turn and examine me, please don't judge me too badly!

"Hello!" I said with a small bow and smile.

"Identification?" The woman asked in an almost depressed voice void of any life or reason for living. What happened to her? Is the treatment to guards that bad? 

Well it matters not! For I don't give a single damn!

"No!" I smiled until I realised what I just said, do I need identification to get in?

Actually no, you'll probably be able to rent a card thing to get in and out, right?

"Ok, you'll have to buy a one way pass in, that'll be five silver please," She mumbled with a sigh at the end.

Five silver...

Do I still have that much or did I waste it all on drinking last night, let's check...

Reaching into my pocket I soon felt the touch circle of a coin, let's check, one bronze, two silver.... Oh another silver...

I'm poor! I have no cash!

"Oh sorry, I forgot because it's the Kings birthday it's only one silver for a one way pass,"

She reached out her hand.

Thank you Kings mother for birthing your son on this day, I will repay you with a whole two silver and one bronze!

Placing the coin into her hand she checked it before letting me walk through the small side entrance that people walked through, obviously the wagons went through the oversized gate.

Oh my, this is, this is just like I expected it to be. Cliche as frick, is that mansion shining though? What that supposed to do, blind the enemies?

I should stop complaining, let's go to the adventures guild, let's hope they haven't changed it since I signed up!

Damn, that's a building with the sign stating that the building its hanging off of is owned by a large worldwide organization called the Adventures Guild.


Sorry turned into school explanation mode, slapping as many words as I can into one sentence.


Anyway, it looks like a slightly modern three story house. That's it! Depressing as hell...

Guess I gotta go in, is there a no dog sign? No? My eyes scan the building searching for the sign that doesn't exist...


Ok you can come in Uriushi! I patted the good boys head.

Now all I have to do is survive the noise and smell. Breathe in, breathe out.

I walked up the few steps leading up too the door, I pushed it open to reveal a more quiet room than I expected, it was still loud, but no fights or screaming, nice. The smell was also tolerable with only a slight amount of alcohol and sweat, much better than the last one I visited.

I took my first step in, keeping my head high and ignoring onlookers, I should really get a cloak, but I do think Uriushi scared off most of the adventures, now time to have the cliche conversation.

"Hello, what would you like today Miss, do want to set up a quest or possibly become an adventurer?" A young man with glasses asked as I walked up to the counter, hah nerd! I didn't wear glasses or anything.... Still he actually looks like one, hes reading a book, a book triple the size of the bible as well, also it's rare to be able to read amazing here, you know they can understand basics but nothing too extravagant.

"I would like to become an adventurer," I replied patting Uruishi on his head.

The glasses wearing man looked down, slightly startled by the wolf sat next to me, that is before returning to his poker face.

"Ah yes, I assume you know your affinities but if you want you can always check them later, just ask an employee and they'll take you to the glass balls," He inferred before continuing, " To begin this process you will have to place your hand on this small panel," He pointed at a slightly glowing part of the desk, they changed it...

Thank God! This body probably feels much more pain than my other one! Pain is my enemy...

Placing my hand on the panel gleefully it soon began shining brighter until it suddenly dimmed.

"Here you go Ma'am, also I recommend you hide your looks and ears, people pay a lot for your kind," He said handing me the card and turning back down towards his work.

Just as I thought, I'm special!