25 – How Cliche Of You – Part 2
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<Rose's POV>

I opened my eyes and looked at the unfamiliar ceiling. Wait where am I?

Oh yeah... I got taken to another world... Or as Emily would say, isekaid, isekaied? What a mess I got myself into hey..

I closed my eyes again and sank into the silk smooth sheets beneath me.


"This is so cool!" Her eyes glistened as she looked out of the large glass window.

Through the window lay a beautiful sunset shining upon the Capitol of Kengaisi, one of the superpowers of this world. It's also right now probably one of the safest. The country right next door is getting invaded by demons and just recently had a vampire problem...

At least we're not there...

"Yeah, I guess so..." I sighed, I know I should care about my family more but... I want to keep Emily happy, even if it's just for a bit.

Her life has been so horrible..

I shook my head, no I shouldn't think about that now, I should just be happy, I put a smile on my face " Yep, it is pretty cool, I wonder what we'll do tomorrow!"

Hey eyes somehow shone brighter as turned around and hugged me.

Maybe this isn't that bad?

I wonder where the other people went, I think one other girl stayed, I wonder what she's like?

"Let's go see what the other people are like," I pushed her away.

"Oh yeah, they seem like pretty nice people, but the other girl gave me annoying vibes, let's hope I was just imagining it!" She smiled before walking towards the door.

"Yeah, let's hope..." I whispered to myself before following after her.

When we opened the large door of Emily's room we saw a guard standing outside. He was wearing a set of iron armour with gold surrounding its rims, his sword had a small jewel encrusted in it.

Apparently their some sort of royal guard? I don't know exactly.

With a quick breath Emily asked," Do you know where the other people summoned with me are?"

The guard turned towards her and me before he began speaking, " Of course, would you like me to escort you to them?" He spoke in a calm, yet slightly bored voice.

"If that wouldn't bother you," Emily replied before she began tugging on my sleeve, dragging me after the guard and herself.

After walking down the corridor for a few seconds we stopped, "This corridor is where all the other summoned are, I will be heading back now," He informed us before turning around and standing guard at the door of Emily's room.

Guess we didn't have to ask, all the rooms were just down the corridor like mine..

"Oh, well anyway, let's knock on one of the doors see what their like!" She walked over to one of the doors, also guarded by a guard.

The guards gazed at us, but stayed unmoving. We walked towards the closest door and knocked.

"Hello?" A short boy, with brown hair, blue eyes and glasses opened the door, how old was he?

"Oh hi there, were just meeting all the other summon-"

"How old are you?" I cut Emily off.

"That's the question of the century, twelve," The young boy shrugged glancing over the two of us.

He's twelve? I know he's short but I though that was just because he's well, short! Why is he still here?

"Anyway I have to go contemplate life and explore the wardrobe," He slammed the door on us.

What. The. Actual. Hell.

Who decided to summon a child! And why is he already contemplating life! I mean I get it, he got summoned to another world and decided to stay, I wonder what his life was like, maybe that's why? Well I shouldnt force myself into other people's business...

Breath in. Breath out.

"You know, that was very rude cutting me off!" Emily pointed at me, "And look you even annoyed him!"


And that's how I got here, barely awake after my mere one hour of sleeping from the constant screaming of Emily, mostly directed at me, that is before she fell silent for some reason, at that point I ran for my room, making sure the door was locked.

Hopefully the food can make up for it though, I mean it's the royal castle it has to! Right?

<Random Boys POV>

Who would need all this bloody space! The hell am I going to put in here, an elephant! He gazed around the room. Well 'wardrobe.'

I wonder if any of this clothes look any good. Nope all tuxedos and absolute rubbish. Wore a tuxedo once. Or was it a waistcoat? It was a waistcoat..

Well the wardrobes boring...

Do they have an ensuite, probably, let's find it!

I entered back into the main room in which my double bed and living room-like area was, I scoured the walls for another door.

Ah there! I rushed over to it through the door open. In which was a bathroom of equal size to the wardrobe. Does it have a bath? I looked around. Thank God! I have had a bath in what, years?

The last time I had a bath was when I went to cornwall, unless you count a pool that is.

Other than the godly sized bath, there was a shower and obviously a toilet.

Alright nice. Let's check out the bedroom then

I exited and instantly rushed over to the bed. What size is it? Think it's just a normal double bed.

"Heh, my house has a bigger bed than they do at a royal palace.." I whispered under my breath.

I jumped onto it. But this is way smoother, I could sleep on this for years....

Wonder what the view is? I leaped from the bed and lunged towards the closed blinds. Ripping them open I saw a large shining city. This is the capital of.... I can't remember what the country was called.

Realizing something I gazed up, oh they use mana to make light bulbs light up.


Well I'm going to sleep now..