26 – Request For Help
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Anyway, now that I have found out that I'm special I should probably do what she said! But I don't actually have a cloak.


Eh, I'll just buy one later, now onto adventuring, I haven't done this in a while. Well like a week. Anyway, let's have a look at the card. My gaze wandered down onto the silver card, it resembled a credit card, if you ignore everything other than the general shape.

Zaleria | Rank G | Quest Completed 0 | Quests Failed 0 | 10 More Quests To Rank Up


Now what can I'd do at Rank G. My eyes wandered across the room, that is until I saw the small wooden board with different assignments scattered across it.

I began walking towards it while gaining a few peoples attention. Massive wolves don't seem to be normal.


Rank G

Gather Medicinal Herbs - Repeatable

Reward - 20+ Bronze Per Herb


That's pretty good, and before you say it, no I'm not doing subjigations until I know my combat capabilities, I'm not a fool, like you for even thinking that, you fool!

Now, I will ask what medicinal herbs look like!

Walking back towards the reception desk I had just left.I immediately ask,"What do medicinal herbs look like?"

She sighed reaching down underneath the desk to pull out a small notebook, letting her brunette hair fall down across the desk ."Just remember to return it," She spoke handing it to me.

With a smile I turned away and walked out of the guild. Time to buy a cloak. I hate shopping, too much effort, but hey I'll just buy a cool looking cloak.

I started walking through the streets looking for a clothing shop while reaching my hands into my pockets. Hmm I swear this is the pocket where I put my money?


I actually got pickpocketed! Welp, no cloak for today. Damn you! Two silvers have been stolen from my grasp!

I'll just have to earn my money back then. Turning around I began walking towards where I remember the gate to be please say this is the right way...

I'm also guessing the adventures card counts as verification, well I'm counting on it unless I want to break in. Could be fun...

Anyway! That is in fact the gate, I was correct! I'm truly amazing at this guessing thing.

Time to gather some herbs!


This notebook is really useful damn! So far I've gathered around sixteen herbs, none that rare but it's enough for me to get an inn and some food, finally I can taste again! Well, I haven't really missed it but it'll be nice to welcome it back.

Uriushi has also been an amazing help, he's actually pretty good at taking plants out of the ground, just nothing too delicate, I learnt my lesson. Damn you wolf!

Time to head back! I'm suprised I didn't even see one monster but hey, not complaining! It's probably because of my oversized dog...

"Arhhhhhhhhhhee," I heard an ear shattering scream coming from what sounded like a women in need. Well, I can't help so I'll be heading out, not my problem!


I swiftly walked away, well started too before this short, shrek wannabe stepped in my way. You little brat.

Uriushi lunged forwards, instantly killing the poor goblin, but not before another shreek left its mouth.

"Eekyki!" Suddenly I heard a large amount of rustling leaves before tens of goblins appeared from the surrounding shrubbery, I was surrounded. Uriushi could easily kill all of them, but while protecting me? Probably not. It's fine, leave me and save yourself!

Just kidding I'm not that selfless.

Well, I can probably hold off one or two goblins. Just smack them and hope they at least get knocked out.

I nodded to Uruishi who began circling around me. I prepared my fists to punch some little green shrimps. Almost all of the goblins began rushing forwards. Uriushi immediately growled, sending shivers through the still marching goblins as if they were cold. What's wrong with them? They should at least be a bit more scared then that!

The goblins continued to March forwards even as their bodies and instincts tried to make them run away. How unusual.

Suddenly one goblin began running towards Uriushi, who then turned and cut his body in half with his claws.

Another group readied their weapons and began charging at him. He then slammed his front paw against the ground, sending small shockwaves through it. Before I knew three goblins had what looked to be dirt spikes in their bodies coming out of their heads or backs.

But more kept running. I quickly looked around, counting how many of them there were. And if I counted correctly around 41 were still alive. This isn't going to end well...

Suddenly a stream of arrows come from the trees and they landed onto Uriushi's back who then howled in pain. Don't tell me...

Now, as in many of novels and books summoning magic works by the user giving magic power to their summon in exchange for them protecting and obeying their summoned. If their summoner is strong then so is their summon...

Uriushi has gotten much weaker with me! He's essentially a slightly above average wolf in physical stats and has some mediocre magic, essentially were screwed.


Well isn't this supposed to be the part where I get saved? Right, right!?

Uruishi stood up as he was shivering and blood flowed down from his back.

One of the arrows seems to have just barely missed going right through his neck.

I reached out my hand to Uriushi and seconds later he dissapeared, just to be replaced by a thick fog, seemingly filled with mana. I recalled him into my soul. I won't let him die. I am the God and only true creator of this world. I'm sure I can smack a couple of goblins!

The goblins instantly became relived before rushing me and pinning me to the ground.

Well crap.

Well hey at least the goblins will not force themselves on me, in fact they are actually quite nice creatures to women. Instead of forcing themselves upon people, they give them their best food, jewellery and are just really loving creatures, they just need a female from another race, it's not their fault their race doesn't breed any females. Well its mine but...

Now back to the subject at hand, please say these are the right type!

Now here's my master plan!

I go with them and hope someone saves me, because I'm not giving up on my plan to grow stronger and take off the ribbon yet!

Let's just hope this works! Because if it doesn't their may be a large explosion.

I flipped over my adventures card and clicked on the 'Request For Help' button.

<Zac's POV>

"I need you guys to scout out this area, we got a request for help before the tracker began moving in this direction, if possible extract Zaleria,"

"Yes sir!" We turned around and opened the door, letting the normal chatter of the adventures guild fill our ears again.

"Jeez, that guy's always so serious!" My mage friend sighed, as he always does whenever we exit Guild Masters room.

"Oh shut up already! Let's just get this done already, I was planning on relaxing today until this happened!" My friend who had a bow on her back replied.

The most handsome of the three stood silently listening to their arguing, he has to deal with this alot. You should feel sorry for him.

"Oh, is he being a weirdo again? I'm not just 'My mage friend'you know!" Kirian said.


"Wow, she's quite deep into the forest isn't she?" I asked while looking towards Kirian.

"Yeah, pretty sure she's in a goblin village, apparently people have seen them in that area, hopefully she still has her dignity," He replied while closing a small paper map that had costed us a pretty penny.

Currently we were looking for someone who had requested for help. Unsurprisingly this doesn't happen much, mainly because if you do a fake request you could get fined 75 silvers or sometimes even arrested. Apparently she was a beginner adventurer who was just fetching some herbs.

We're all D class adventures meaning that combined we equal a C class party, we normally get sent out on these quests.

Although today we were planning on celebrating the First Princes Birthday (Which is celebrated very similarly like Christmas other than with a rather large Bush.)

But hey, works work.