27 – A Mysterious Man
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<Zac's POV>

How odd, the signal seems to be avoiding where the goblin village is estimated to be. Somethings wrong...

"Hey Kirian did you notice it as well?" I turned around to Kirian who was looking at the map from over my shoulder, behind him was Mira who was currently sharpening her dagger.

His pupils shrunk as he turned to me. "I think she's been kidnapped," He stated without hesitation in his voice.

I was about to protest but just as the words were about to leave my mouth I realised. It did say she was an Elf. My mouth stayed open like a fish before I hastily closed it.

"What do you mean kidnapped w-" Hey eyes widened as it dawned on Mira as well. This was no monster subjugation.We were dealing with someone skilled enough to take down quite the large wolf without sacrificing their numbers. And they must know what their doing avoiding the goblin village and following her into the forest.

This could overturn a large black market supplier of slaves. We'll have go call reinforcements while we go in and scout. Hopefully we're just being overly cautious though. Although we will gain recognition and prestige this could get us targeted by a large organisation and get involved in business we don't want to or even get blackmailed.

"Is it worth it?" I asked to my two companions.

"I can distort our faces using high level wind magic. It will only last a few minutes if it's only our faces but that's it." Kirian replied slightly grimacing.

True. He can distort images with air if there's no sunlight only magical lights or candles he can even make people invisible for a short amount of time, sadly it blinds them if done on their eyes.

"I'll call in for reinforcements and let you two decide," Mira sat up leaving the two of us to ponder the question.

If it is some sort of large organisation it could be the end of our career and at most lives. Though they won't be able to kill us that easily, we ourselves are quite powerful and have the backing of the guild. Well, I don't know what else it could be other than a large underground organisation. Possibly a small time group who managed to get the jump on her wolf?

Either way it would be quite disappointing if we return empty handed. "Let's go in for some scouting," I declared sitting up. Kirian gave a small nod.


We all treaded lightly, avoiding the leaves and twigs scattered across the ground as we neared the signal. So far we hadn't seen any signs of a large group of people or carriage. Sadly we don't have a rogue and can only spot the obvious tracks.

We have seen some small footprints scattered around. Probably goblins. That's is to be expected though, this is the goblin infested part of the forest.

"The signal is coming from just beyond this bush," Mira whispered into my ear, slightly startling me but I managed to stay still, refraining from jumping.

Time to see what our fate is.

Raising my head I looked over the small shrub and saw a small band of goblins walking through the forest with a female elf in the centre being held on both sides by goblins. As if by instinct I could tell, these aren't normal goblins. Instead of walking its more of a march and I can tell that they are at least trying to hide their tracks.

I looked back other to the elf woman. She was gazing around the wildlife as if bored. I guess fear only lasts for a while until you get bored of showing your emotions. Either way it shouldn't  be too hard to overpower the goblins and rescue the elf woman. Ahh what was her name again?

Zaleria right?

Either way I might just follow them. My curiosity has gotten the better of me but. Its not as if curiosity would kill a cat. And if it did, it always had nine lives spare.

Let's see just what's happening.

I turned around placing finger over my mouth before continuing to follow after the marching band of goblins.

I heard a sigh of annoyance behind me, "Look, I want to at least know what's going on, and also how are going to find them again. The guild will just be able to track us to find them." I whispered continuing to crouch along the floor following after the silent goblins.

I wonder, who is their Master?


I raised my hand and signaled our halt. The goblins have all stopped in a clearing, something's happening.

Mira gazed over my shoulder before moving to my right, she began readying her bow, to my left Kirian kept gazing at Zaleria, who was now asleep peacefully sleeping on the grassy floor.

Suddenly rustling came from the right of the clearing, as I turned I saw around fifteen knights emerge from the tree line. Are these the guilds reinforcements? No they can't be.

Several of the knights scowled at the goblins but continued to holster their weapons. The goblins instead stood still gazing forwards barely blinking. From behind the newly emerged knights a cloaked man appeared, he made no sound. He's skilled.

I looked closer at the knights. They wore unmarked armour.

This isn't good. The only knights that wore unmarked armour were either deserters or the knights of a noble sent out on dirty work. This is far more serious than I would've expected, even if we wanted to our guild branch can't fight a noble rich enough to,what seems to be, brainwash goblins just to steal an elf. Although I do agree she is quite a beauty but not one spend at least 1000 Gold coins just to hire someone capable of controlling twenty goblins and that's not counting how much more to keep them shut.

This must be an influential or just dirty rich noble. We'll have to retreat and warn the guild.

As I was about to signal our return as shout echoed towards our area.

"Reveal yourselves at once!" Like a knife through butter those words cut through my plan and straight into my confidence." H-how?" A small noise escaped my lips.

Very well. Instead of retreating we shall fight, though they will expect that the, only reason they haven't cut us down yet is to see if we are adventures.

I grimaced strengthening my unconscious grip on the blade at my waist.

I heard the rustling of grass near the goblins direction. They think so little of us? Even one of us could take down fifty goblins! I turned to prepare for battle only to fine Zaleria sitting up and yawning.

"That was a n-" She began before opening her eyes.

Everyone's gaze was on her as she became a statue.

Well, at least she's a good distraction. I tapped my two friends on their shoulders. It's time for the fun to begin.

I launched myself from the shrubbery towards the cloaked man at the centre, instantly two knights gasped, turning towards me and readying their blades. I reached for mine, diving under their feet and slashing upwards, and with a bit of trouble, splitting one in half and leaving the other as easy picking for any good mage or archer, thankfully I had both.

Their armour was quite good, it seems my suspicions were correct.

Instantly and arrow pierced the others heart as his body fell limp, although his armour was strong, not strong enough for an enchanted arrow.

"Flaming slash!" I swung my sword at the enemy as lit itself leaving a flaming trail behind it. Suddenly the flame rushed of the blade gliding towards the crowded group of enemies like a hungry wolf.

A gust of wind came from behind me, fueling the flying flames, turning it into a raging wall of heat. As soon as it reached the knights it scorched them in their nearly melting armour.

They died before they could even scream.

That was one of my only magical attacks, the rest are buffs for myself or my weapon.

Anyway that one attack managed to clear at least another five knights leaving five more and the mysterious cloaked man.

This isn't that hard.