28 – Where Am I?
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<Zia's POV>

That was the nicest sleep I've ever had in this entire world!

Is what I was going to say that is until I remembered, well mainly saw the goblins surrounding me, and the knights, who were currently staring at a patch of shrubbery next to the clearing.

I wonder what's happening?

Just as my now feeble mind began to contemplate both life and the situation I'm now in someone screamed.

Hey I'm trying to debate life over here! Is what I was going to scream but...

Damn that attack looks powerful, will those knights be able to survive it? As the flaming wall dissipated I found out. No the knights could not survive the raging wall of flame.

As I looked towards the creator of the flame I noticed. Hey he's an adventurer does that mean my knight in shining armour is not in fact the knights in shining armour?

Eh, I don't know. Let's just watch and see how my fate is decided.

The remaining five knights and mysterious man in a black cloak readied themselves.

"How dare you oppose us adventurer! We could have you puny guild destroyed without a second thought! You should know your place, now die! Summon Flaming Boar!"

The cloaked man screamed, I could already imagine his maniacal smile underneath that hood of his.

Wait, summon magic? My mind finally caught up to his words. He can use summoning magic, he's powerful.

A flaming pillar sprouted from the ground, its height reached past my own. As it dissipated in its place stood a large flaming boar. In place of fur was creeping flames reaching around it burning the grass underneath it.

It was a good three foot tall standing at around half my height.

It rough breath left small sparks floating in the air as its orange, beady eyes darted around waiting for its first orders.

Gasps escaped from the shrubbery the knights had been staring at, it seemed our adventurer has reinforcements. I looked over the dead bodies again. A pair had lost their legs and gained an arrow for one a hole in the other. It seems he has a mage and an archer, possibly ranger.

The adventurer wielding a sword grimaced. Let's call him Swordy for now, very creative naming.

Swordy grimaced, retreating closer to his comrades who had now exited the shrubbery. It seems my guess was correct. A mage and archer.

This could be an exiting battle!

Suddenly I was picked up by a goblin, I was turned to face it, before I could even notice something fell down my throat as my head felt woozy.

A-a-h-h  sleeping poti~

My mind fell blank as I fell into a deep slumber.

What about the battle!

Was my last though before the darkness fully embraced, me leaving my mind an empty void.


A yawn escaped my lips as I woke up. Jeez my head hurt, what was I sleeping on? I raised my head and opened my eyes to a cackling campfire surrounded by three others.

Oh wait, I was kidnapped wasn't I! Oh, look it's Swordy, oh damn..... Those burns don't look fun. His body was covered in small blisters and charred skin. Next to him was another man who I assume is the mage due to the lack of bow on his back.

The mage seems to be giving a potion to Swordy.

"Hey are you okay?" A voice came from my right. Startled I jumped before turning around and seeing a young woman with a bow on her back. She had ginger hair and small freckles dotted across her face.

"Oh, yeah umm I guess so," I replied, these people must be powerful, defeating all those knights, goblins and the Flaming Boar, it wouldn't surprise me if that guy had more summons as well.

I looked away from her for a second. As my gaze wandered around it eventually fell on the two others. The mage had black hair and slightly spotty skin. He must be young.

The swordsman had brown hair and a small cut across his face that was slowly healing. Well not slowly. I can see it healing, must be that healing potion.

"Hey, you, your finally awake. You were trying to collect herbs, weren't you?" He asked.

Is this guy out of skyrim or something? Or is this just a coincidence....


Probably the author actually.

"Hey Zac, you don't have to speak in such a rude tone, she's frozen up!" The ginger woman next to me growled, "Don't worry about him, your names Zaleria right?" She spoke in a soothing tone. At least she's nice.

"Ok, I'm sorry," Swordy, no Zac said raising his hands in the air, admitting his defeat.

Well, I'm tired so I'm going to go back to sleep.

My head fell down hitting whatever I was sleeping on before. It was quite soft.


I'm awake again and this time fully energized! My head launched from the pillow. Now let's see where we are!

I gazed around and immediately saw the suprised face of that ginger lady. She appeared to be eating a small bowl of soup and bread.

Food. Actual food! The last time I ate I was drunk and didn't really notice the taste! I will devour all of it!

To the ginger lady my eyes must have shone as bright as the sun as she covered her own eyes before looking back.

"Hungry?" She asked the question of the century.

Now what's the answer?

A.) Yes

B.) No

C.) I mean I'll eat but I'm not that hungry

D.) All of the above

I wonder?


And it began, the great purge of food.


What like a food number?

Doesn't matter, the fact is I ate food, lots of food.

I am going to owe them a rather large amount of money aren't I? What was this done just to move the plo-

<Mira's POV>

Wow, this elf must be really hungry. She managed to eat quite the large amount of food and put a small, but annoying dent in my money. When was the last time she ate?

Either way, hopefully the guild can pay us back, anyway we should probably get heading down and go to the guild. We would've went straight away, but by the time we got to the city again it was night, and we were all rather tired.

The other two are probably waiting for us.

"Hey Zaleria, we need to get a move on!" I shook the sleeping elf. That's right once eating dozens of food dishes, she fell back asleep. I still haven't seen that wolf of hers, I though maybe it was just hiding around her while she was being kidnapped by the goblins, but maybe he or she died? Hopefully not, and I don't really want to have to deal with an emotional breakdown.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open revealing hey small purple eyes. Elves are so exotic, white hair, purple eyes pointy ears.

Anyway back to the main task at hand.

"Can I just go back to sleep?" She asked closing her eyes again. What is wrong with this elf? Does she not understand the concept of waking up? This is going to be a long day...