29 – The End
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<Zia's POV>

I just wanted to sleep for a bit longer...

Well the food did make up for it at least.

"Fine I'll go down..." I replied to the woman who just finished attempting to pull me from my bed.

Oh God this days going to be long isn't it? At least I have Uruishi to talk to...

Talking about Uriushi I should probably bring him out, hopefully his wounds have healed. I'm guessing they do, so let's see.

I gathered mana into my hand before focusing on the form of Uriushi. Suddenly I felt as if another wave of exhaustion hit me, what the hell?

A mist floated away from my hand and formed into the distinct shape of my favourite wolf without even a scar. Wait is that because I imagined him without any wounds? I don't know I'm too tired for this...

I closed my eyes to gain a little oasis from reality.

"W-what the hell?" I heard a stunned gasp from next to me. What is closing my eyes that suprising? Oh it's the magic wolf thing probably isn't it, wow now one cares about me, my feelings...

"I knew you could use summoning magic but such high level..." I heard a murmur from the general direction of where I remembered the tugging.

Ugh I should probably wake up shouldn't I? I opened my eyes to see Mira petting Uriushi who's tail was now wagging faster than it should really be possible...

"Are we going Mira?" I ask standing up and starightening my clothes. I probably should have taken these off before I passed out...

Ughhh, doesn't matter anymore I guess, people in this world probably won't care anyway.

"Oh, oh yeah!" She quickly came back to reality and regained emotion on her face as she opened the door leading into the hallway.

She then lead me into the tavern on the ground floor. Once down I recognised two people both sat at the same table. Hey it's Swordy and that magic guy. What was his name again? Zac? Eh I don't know.

Mira pushed me onwards towards the table. As I sat down Zac initiated the conversation. "Now miss, would you like to explain to us what happened?"

"I was gathering herbs and then goblins attacked and kidnapped me," I answered in a bored voice. Let me guess what he's going to say, Oh come on Miss we meant what actually happened...

"OK we were just making sure. Anyway, the main subject is how your going to repay us for the 2 Golds worth of food that you eat last night."


"The guild is refusing to pay because your just a G rank. Anyway do you have the money?"

Well I had two silvers which would mean 10% there right? But had is the key word. I got pickpocketed.

I have the clothes I'm wearing. They're pretty nice? I looked down at them. I only just realised what I was wearing. A cotton T-shirt leather jacket, I think, and some sort of trousers. My shoes are... Shoes I guess? They aren't really anything special just shoes.

I guess the clothes is a no go then. Do I have to work for them? I wanted an adventure with just me and Uriushi but hey...

Talking about Uriushi where is he? You may be asking. I put him back in the thing that he was in before. I don't know what it's called.

"Let me guess. I join your group until I can pay off the fee?"

"Clever Lady, Clever Lady. Wait how old are you?"

Did he just ask me my age. Well physically a child mentally and adult. Wait no I don't know this elfs physical age..

Ooh I know!

"Have you never learn to ask a lady her age?" I said with an angry tone. " Though not as skilled as you with the sword I am still older and much more knowledgeable then you!"

Haha! Take that! That's a pretty good song....

"And I though I told you enough times..." Mira whispered under her breath.

Ooh, maybe this'll be more interesting than I thought... 

And that's the end of this book. 

I'd you want more information on why. Check my account. Thanks for the support for this book but everything must come to an end. 

If for some reason you want to continue this book. Just ask for premission and some chapters. I'll probably let you!