Chapter 225 – The X-Files (Part 2)
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"Mr. Williams, what does 'Brett' mean?” Elisabeth, sitting at the end of the table, quickly raised her hand and interrupted Eric.

Eric glanced at her and asked, "Miss Murdoch, let me first ask you, what is Coruscant in Star Wars or Cybertron in Transformers?"

"I don't know!" Elisabeth bluntly replied.

"Then, shut up!" Eric coldly berated.

He did not intend to pamper this young lady. It's fine if she makes a few jokes in private, but work is work. Her immature behavior had already reached his bottom line. He warned, "If you interrupt me again, I will have you thrown out."

Elisabeth instinctively wanted to retort 'you dare?!' but seeing Eric's gloomy face, she remained quiet and simply lowered her head.

Eric coughed lightly, ignoring the curious gazes of the screenwriters shifting between him and Elizabeth, and said, "Okay, let's continue."

"In the vast universe, a planet named Brett gave birth to an intelligent species known as the Brett. After hundreds of millions of years of technological accumulation, the Brett mastered the technology of space travel, which made them a very powerful force in the universe. However, as time continued, not only did their planet significantly deteriorate, but the Bretts themselves have almost gone extinct due to long-term natural evolution..."

After Eric said this, he noticed that Elisabeth had once again raised her hand, but this time she didn't interrupt him. She just stared at Eric with a pair of curious eyes.

Eric felt more than a little annoyed at being interrupted again. He yelled while gritting his teeth, "What?!"

At the same time, he swore in his heart that if Elisabeth asked another stupid question, he would have her thrown out immediately.

"Mr. Williams, according to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, doesn't life continue to grow more advanced and more advanced through evolution? Why do you say that the Brett have almost gone extinct due to evolution?"

Eric thought for a few moments and replied, "Darwin's Theory of Evolution covers only a short period of the evolution of a species. What I am referring to is the development trend of species at the genetic level. Birth, growth, stagnation, and death; this is an irreversible law of the universe. It doesn't matter whether one is a huge galaxy or a tiny atom; it is impossible to circumvent this law. If you read more books, you will find that the genes of a species are not suited to evolution. After a certain amount of time, the genetic sequence will begin to decline and disintegrate. Currently, there is a saying within the scientific community that the Y-chromosome in humans has begun to degenerate, so perhaps after millions of years, there will be only women on the planet. Well, that's if there are any humans still alive on earth."

While the writers chuckled, Eric turned to Elisabeth and solemnly warned her, "Okay, Liz, that was your last question. If you have any more doubts, either remain quiet or leave this room."

Without waiting for her reply, Eric said, "Alright, like I was saying, due to their imminent extinction, the Brett have developed a grand alien colonization plan for the continuation of species. Through their technology, they have created a very advanced spacecraft, and at the same time they have compressed their vitality into an autonomous black liquid."

Eric quickly wrote the word on the whiteboard and said, "This black liquid carries the vitality of the Brett species. It is called 'black oil.'Meanwhile, the spaceship carries the remnants of the Brett and the black oil and begins its journey through the infinitely-large universe. When they encounter a planet suitable for life, they stop. Using the genetic blueprint of the Brett within black oil, they guide the planet's life to evolve until the right species appears. Then, the black oil begins its invasion of this species through infection, and after a series of genetic modification, the original species disappears and the new species, the revitalized Brett, appears. Through this process, the Brett have continued to spread their species throughout the universe."

As Eric's explanation progressed, more and more keywords appeared on the whiteboard which became the branches of a tree, and the writers in the room soon became immersed in this novel sci-fi plot conceived by Eric. Even the restless Elisabeth continued to listen with great interest.




"...then, time reached 3.7 billion years ago, and the extraterrestrial spacecraft of the Brett species finally reached the Earth. They began to guide the evolution of the species on the earth in the same way. In order to establish a new colony suitable for breeding, the Brett destroyed the new species again and again. 440 million years ago, 85% of the species went extinct; 195 million years ago, 76% of the marine life disappeared; 65 million years ago, the age of the dinosaur came to an end... With the extinction of dinosaurs, mammals began to prosper, and after 3.7 billion years of long waiting, the Brett finally found a species suitable for the black oil to colonize - Humans!"

"In fact, the original humans did not have the advantage of survival in their genome. In order to ensure that humans can prosper, the Brett began to catalyze the development of human civilization. Therefore, humans learned to use tools, created language, learned a variety of skills, and even created different  religions. Unbeknownst to them, all of this was done under the influence of the Brett. The final colonial time set by the Brett for black oil is December 21, 2012. On this day, the hidden black oil will launch an invasion, destroy mankind and replace it with the Brett - a tiny gray creature."

Eric attached a stereotypical alien image on the whiteboard with a magnet as he continued, "However, during the Second World War, because of the rise of aerial power, humans finally realized that we are not alone in this vast universe. In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, the US military discovered a sunken spaceship in the Pacific Ocean near Japan. During the secret salvage process, they discovered the black oil. Next, in 1947, the infamous Roswell incident took place. The US government not only recovered alien spacecraft but also the body of an alien. Through a series of studies on the data found within the alien spacecraft, they discovered the imminent alien colonization. In order to prevent the colonization by the Brett, the government secretly formed an organization that attempted to develop a weapon against the Brett colonization. Unfortunately, the scientists discovered that the colonization of black oil was inevitable. Therefore, in order to ensure that they and their family can survive after December 21, 2012, most of the people in the secret organization rebelled against humanity and turned to the Brett. They used the threat of nuclear destruction to force the Brett to ensure that they would be spared after the colonization. This organization is called 'Syndicate'."

After writing down the word 'Syndicate' at the end of the tree, Eric turned around and said, "Alright, from here, the story of our show officially begins. Bill Mulder, the father of our male protagonist, Fox Mulder, was originally a member of Syndicate, but he broke away from them because he resolutely opposed the aliens. However, the aliens kidnapped Bill Mulder's young daughter Samantha Mulder. Fox Mulder had accidentally witnessed the kidnapping. When he grew up, through deep hypnosis, he recalled the kidnapping and became sure that it was real. As a result, Fox Mulder began to have a strong curiosity about supernatural phenomena, and never gave up on finding his sister. After graduating from the Department of Psychology at Oxford University, Fox Mulder joined the FBI and soon joined a department which dealt with supernatural phenomena: the X-Files. He worked alone for a few years until he was partnered with Dana Scully and the two began their adventures."

Just as Eric finished the show's background, one of the screenwriters quickly asked, "Mr. Williams, you plan to have the protagonists, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, look for Mulder's sister and, in the process, discover the existence of the Syndicate and the colonization conspiracy of the Brett and then save the world, right?"

'These American screenwriters have already begun to have thoughts of saving mankind, huh,' Eric thought with interest before he asked, "You're Mr. Peter Creeks, right?"

The Caucasian man who looked to be just about 30 nodded and replied, "Yes, Mr. Williams, I have been a scriptwriter for Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Eric did not look too highly upon this writer for the famous Star Trek series. Even though it was also a sci-fi series, Star Trek and X-Files have completely different styles. He chuckled and said, "Peter, if that was all that there was to the story, I could've finished the script myself. There would've been no need for you to sit here."

Peter Creeks heard Eric's words and smiled awkwardly. However, he didn't dare retort. He was nothing compared to Eric, so he had neither the confidence nor the qualifications to argue against him.

Eric continued, "Since the name of the show is The X-Files, the plot will be based around the two protagonists' investigation of supernatural phenomena while working for the FBI. The style of the show is mainly based around thriller and suspense. So, according to my plan, the first season will have 24 episodes and 24 supernatural events."

This time, Peter Creeks asked, "Mr. Williams, in that case, this sci-fi show is actually more like a police drama. Then, what about the Brett species?"

Eric smiled and replied, "That's where you all come in. Your job is to link these 24 seemingly-isolated supernatural phenomena with the Brett colonization and the Syndicate's conspiracy to form a vague yet intrinsically connected storyline like a spider's web."

After Eric finished, he turned around and wrote another word on the whiteboard. He then turned back and said, "According to this clue, I've come up with a title for the first stage of the show: the puzzle. This stage may last for about three seasons. Through their adventures during the first three seasons, Mulder and Scully will collect a series of clues which will serve as pieces of a puzzle. When these seemingly-unrelated clues are integrated, the background of the story that I just mentioned will be revealed, and the next stage will begin."