What lies beyond
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Time takes everyone. The Overgeared queen Irene took her last breath beside her beloved husband and children.
The revered, the most kind and the most beautiful Irene. Thorough the decades she was a symbol of the Overgeared kingdom.

Loved by everyone and if you asked a million people who the most selfless person was. All million would answer following.

""The Overgeared Queen Irene""

She will be forever spoken of thorough generations to come.


"What shall i do today..."

Said Irene. Surrounded in a boundless field that stretch far beyond. Pure white and serene as if to reflect the single person's
soul in this place. Be as it may, this place had nothing except her and a tree, table and chair in middle of it. However tea and snacks
appear as she wills it however the bodily functions didn't work in this place.

"What am i saying, I'll just do the usual."

Irene had arrived to this place a time unknown ago. When she had passed on from the world, she had gone to an endless slumber. However,
one day she woke up in this place. And when she woke up, Irene expected Goddess Rebecca to guide her soul but, no Rebecca showed up.

She waited and waited, yet, nobody appeared. No Goddess Rebecca had shown up. Thinking it would take time, she decided it would be a while until she appeared. And yet after what Irene had thought would've been several days, nobody appeared.

After this she gave up hoping someone would show up and slowly, Irene grew impatient. She started walking with no aim in the boundless space, but time after time she had arrived to the same tree and same table set.
After trying so many times she had given up. She sat down beside the tree and finally succumbed to despair.
Tears fell, shouts echoed. Grown tired, she had collapsed into sleep.


However, The queen wasn't an ordinary person. If she could wait for her dearest countless days and months from his adventures, she could endure once more. Despair had yet to take a hold of her.
She had found ways to pass her time in there, ways to ward off the creeping loneliness.


She sang, she snacked, she brewed tea, she slept, she dreamt. Repeating over, and over, and over, and over.

And thus, the time flowed. Days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenia, ...


Irene had grown immune to the time. However, she had lost her sense of emotions which dulled.
The times she wanted to cry, she couldn't. The taste of the tea, disappeared. And the tree which contrasted this boundless of pure white bringed no joy.

But what she could still enjoy, was the songs

"Hm hmm hum ♫"

The songs she would sing to her children and her husband kept her afloat. The memories etched to her soul wouldn't let her sink

"Hum hum hmmmm ♪"


"Huh ?" Irene asked to herself. She thought she had heard something that wasn't her own voice. She looked around frantically. She stood up and looked to the boundless place before her. Hoping her ears didn't betray her, she hoped something would finally appear.
And she waited. But once again, no one came.

Her one hope in this untold time had betrayed her. The resistance she had. Collapsed.
Desperate to not give in, Irene had tried to frantically force herself to slumber. Hoping to mute this feeling.


The sound once again ringed. Irene clutched her ears to block off this cursed illusion forced upon her by this place.

"......am i ?"

But this time, a voice came along. A familiar voice, one she would never forget.
Irene ran towards the voice.

There he was, the splendid Hero King. Protagonist of the era. The king, the father, her husband, her dearest. Grid.

Before he had a chance to say anything. Irene had slammed full force into him. Knocking him down to the floor. She clutched onto him as if he would disappear the very next moment.

"Irene... ? Is this really you ? Hey, Irene. Ah..."

Asked Grid. But then he noticed. Irene's dam had burst open. Her tears were flowing. She didn't seem to respond no matter how much he tried. All he could do was wait.

But. How could Irene be before him ? He had reached the limit of his life and passed. He was beside his family and loved ones in the reality just as he was breathing his last before this moment. He didn't pass inside of Satisfy in the first place, so how come Irene was right now in his arms ? But no matter how much he thought, nothing really made sense. Was Satisfy truly a real place ? If so, is this place where the two of them are currently at the heaven ? He thought.

But no proper answer came to his mind. Thus he put his thoughts away and focus on the person before him, Irene.


Irene's face, whose tears didn't come out anymore since a while ago was propped up to eye level with Grid. He had caressed under those still wet and red eyes. And calmed her in what way he could, he asked.

"Are you okay ?"


"Hey, are you... truly Irene ?"


"Irene ?"

"Who else would I be if not me ?"

"But I had died yet you are in front of me. I'm positive I didn't dreamed my passing"

"I did too. Are you sure you're not just an illusion of my dear husband ?"

"Ugh, I assure you i'm the real deal ! I think..."


"Hah, this part of him can only be you."


"I'm jesting, my dear."


"Dear, I'm glad you're here."

Grid to this day in his age still didn't have a bright head and couldn't give a proper answer.

"Did you... wait a long time ?

Irene thought about telling him but, she didn't want to burden him at the moment. So for now she told a lie.


"Really ?"

"Really, i didn't. ...huh ?"

Irene blurted out. The place surrounding her had changed. The boundless place of full white changed to lush forest. Even the sky which didn't have a single cloud nor sun regained their place. The smells which weren't there before, filled her nose.

"Is something wrong, Irene ?"

Said the confused Grid

"No, it's nothing"

Irene spoke as she closed her eyes and leaned onto him once more...


In this place the two spoke of their time. Grid who was unable to tell Irene of his world outside Satisfy let his heart out and told of all his past.
The unfortunate times and the time they first met each other and how he felt back then. And then he finally told Irene his real name. Shin Youngwoo.
Irene kept muttering to herself this name over and over. Youngwoo who had grown embarassed from this asked Irene what's the deal.
She just simply responded with giggles and snuggled to him every time.

The two had exchanged various talks. And passed their time.

Although many things were unanswered for Irene as for why she came to this place, why did the empty place turn into a world of vibrant colors and how did two people of different worlds meet in one place even though they had already died.

None of that mattered to her right now. The time she spent alone would be filled with time with her dearest.

In this place beyond, she rejoiced. The being she waited for one day to appear may appear some day. But now.

She no longer had to wait.