The Bathhouse Repaired
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The bathhouse is a large building wooden building sitting behind the training yard. The inside is modeled after an Ikkunese hot spring, also known as an onsen. Unlike the onsens of that foreign Realm, though, the water isn't from a natural source. Instead, the building was created by creative use of arcane tech. The bathing area summons water from the elemental plane of water, and the tech treats it until it has all the natural mineral properties that an onsen would.

It's a great resource to have when housing adventurers since natural hot springs do wonders for a person's health. It was costly, but my grandfather invested in getting one when he bought all the rest of our arcane tech. The only problem was that keeping the baths clean proved impossible for a single person. As I lost more and more staff, the bathhouse was the first of the Guild's amenities to go.

The first chamber used to be a reception desk of sorts. Back in my grandfather's day, we had someone stationed here who would oversee the bathhouse. Like the rest of the interior, the reception room is Ikkunese-styled, and it features tatami mats instead of traditional Karnallian wood or stone flooring. Something has changed since the last time I've been in here, though...

There used to be two doors on both sides of the desk. One had a red cloth barrier that led to the women's changing room and the women's bath, and the other was a blue cloth for the men's side. Now, there's only one door. The fabric has been changed to white with a stylized red heart emblem painted in the middle. Across the bottom, red cat paws trail along the length to add a bit more flair.

"So when you said Gwin helped with the 'structural' side of things..."

'I mean that she tore down the wall separating the men and women's side. We all agreed that it was unnecessary after taking into consideration the type of lifestyle you lead, Sir.'

"This is so against the Association's regulations that it's not even funny..." I sigh and close my eyes, my temples pounding out of stress.

'So is sleeping with all of your adventurers and your staff.'

After searching for the right words to say back in response, I conclude that nothing my witty mind could come up with can deflect me from such criticism. During my brief moment of shame, Zutiria hops out of my arms and grabs my hand. 'You're overthinking again. Just follow me into the nice hot springs and enjoy all the literal steamy harem sex you have coming your way, Sir.'

"Yes, yes..." Sighing facetiously, I let the little lady lead me into the newly 'renovated' changing room. The drawers for adventurers to store their clothes were moved out of the main path, making it more expansive than I’m used to. The room past this one is the onsen itself, which has always been very wide open and echoey. I can hear the girls chattering from here before I even get changed.

"She's... um... she's not going pee, is she...?" Meri asks innocently.

"Naw. Zuzu prolly went and ruined the surprise. You know how she is..." Sam sighs. "Still, going a few days without Boss has been hard on the poor little nerd. Can't be mad at her over that."

"That's very mature of you, Sam..." Snow giggles.

Her Highness fires back. "W-What's that supposed to mean? I'm always mature!" She insists.

The kitties both laugh at her. "I know how Mistress Zuzu feels... I'd kill to get a whiff of myaster right about now. Especially with all the stinky sulfur in the air, nyaa..." Peri whines.

Cherry is quick to comfort her partner, "Almost, Peri... he should be here any minute..."

Zutiria becomes aware of everyone's affection and starts staring at her feet. Being put on the spot makes the Mage feel embarrassed and perhaps a little guilty, but I can tell she's also grateful for having such sympathetic sisters.

I strip myself down to nothing, storing my clothes and glasses away in one of the many wooden drawers. As I do so, Zutiria doesn't even stare at my naked body. Concerning- that’s very much unlike her. "Don't feel bad," I move in closer, stroking her short but soft as silk lavender hair. "They understand."

Frowning, she looks away even as she leans into my touch. 'Do you think I should I go in ahead of you, or...'

"Now who's the one thinking too hard, hm?" I ask with a teasing grin. Zutiria tries to make a grumpy expression, but it doesn't go so well, and for the most part, she stares back at me blankly. "Let's just go in at the same time, you silly girl."

'Kay...' This makes her happy, and she squeezes my hand tight as we enter the next room together.

The overpowering warmth of steam hits my face, and the smell of sulfur invades my nose the moment we enter the chamber. The tatami mats stop abruptly beneath our feet as they give way to rocky terrain built to simulate the natural outdoor landscape of an authentic onsen. In the distance beyond all the haze is the vast but shallow pool of crystal clear, sulfur-enriched water.

The pool stretches out twenty feet wide and fifty feet long. It was built so that the pool would have enough room to be segmented easily into two smaller pools for both genders, but seeing it all laid out before my eyes without a wall in the way makes the onsen look absolutely massive. There are large boulders on the back wall where three small waterfalls trail down, pouring down into the onsen and creating a lovely aesthetic touch. On every other side of the pool, smaller rocks are placed artfully around the border. Four bamboo benches also sit on the edge of the pool for anyone who just wishes to soak their feet and enjoy the steam.

There are four washing stations on each side of the room, which are meant for adventurers to wash their bodies before entering the bath. It takes some getting used to for people who have never done it that way, but that's just how they do it in the strange Realm of Ikkuni. Soap and shampoo are stocked at each station, and wooden stools are situated around an arcane tech spigot. After you're all washed, you take one of the nearby bamboo buckets, fill it up with hot water from the tap, and rinse yourself off. Only then are you allowed to head into the onsen proper.

At the nearest one of these, Sam, Meri, Cherry, Peri, and Snow are all seated on stools arranged in a circle focused around one other stool presumably reserved for me. Each girl is wearing an identical fuzzy bathrobe to the one Zutiria is wearing, only their robes are all different colors than hers. Red for Sam, yellow for Meri, periwinkle for, well... Periwinkle, pink for Cherry, and white for Snow.

My Guild-slash-harem all become downright hysterical as soon as they see me enter with the Mage at my side. The way they rush towards me makes me instantly feel appreciated, loved, and treasured before even a single word is spoken.

"Welcome home, Boss! Took you long enough..." Sam says in her best lewd voice as she runs up and hugs me, everyone else close behind.

"Couldn't go a few days without me, Princess?"

"W-What's it to you, jerk?" She blushes and punches me in the shoulder but then laughs at her own embarrassed tendencies and continues her hug.

Peri scampers around so she can climb on my back like a raccoon, then presses her wet cat nose onto my neck. The desperate kitten starts sniffing my skin and then my hair all over. "Gods, Myaster, I missed you so much, nyaa... this smell... mmmm... the titty witch kept you busy, didn't she?"

"No comment," I reply to her accusations.

"I wanna smell, too!" Cherry growls with jealousy in on my blind side. Soon enough, she's sniffing away at my arm and making sounds, not unlike addicts relishing their first hit in days. "You even kept all our play marks like you promised..." She says, delighted but a bit surprised that I took her selfish little request seriously. Most of them are fully healed by now, but a few marks remain across my body.

"Of course I did. What makes you think I’d break my promise, Cherry?”

She looks away and shrugs her shoulder, not wanting to ruin the moment with her self-doubt.

"Master! We were all waiting for you...!" Meri awkwardly orbits around the three other girls hugging me, trying to look for some way to show me affection but growing more desperate by the second as she can't find a way forward.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Meri.”

“I-It’s ok... I’m patient.” She smiles genuinely in that charming, down-to-earth way of hers.

"My, my, my... perhaps we should form a line next time, don't you think?" Snow shows more restraint than anyone, but even she can't hide her long, bushy tail from sticking straight out and quivering with excitement.

"Yes, that might be for the best," I laugh while giving Sam a kiss on the lips and then turning my neck to do the same for Cherry and Peri. Eventually, Meri struggles her way close enough for a kiss, too.

Sam pulls away, and then, with playful sass, she turns to Zutiria. The Princess puts her hands on her hip and narrows her emerald eyes. "Lines wouldn't work since a certain someone would cut in front every single time!"

'I would,' The emotionless girl admits with a shrug. 'I'd feel bad about it, but I still would.'

Her Highness doesn't stay mad for long. She bends over and picks her surrogate older sister up, nuzzling the smaller girl into her cleavage and smiling. "There, there. I get it, Zu. I mean, I don't get your mental crap, but I get it's rough and that you had to see him right away."

Meri squishes her body against Zutiria, too, joining them in a three-way hug. "It's ok," She giggles dreamily. "No one here is petty enough to actually care about something like that... we all care about you, Zuzu..."

Amidst the heartwarming display of affection, something is amiss. 'Sir, I require assistance. I am being suffocated in fluffy bathrobe boob hell.' The mage exclaims as she grows ever more motionless between the two stacked beauties.

"Sorry, but you have to pay the price somehow!" Sam smirks wickedly and shoves her breasts into Zutiria even harder.

I'm finally able to shake the horny kittens off of me long enough to go and give the patient Snow the hug and a kiss she deserves. "Someone's been busy," I smirk, looking around at the place.

"I told you how important it is to me that I get a good bath, didn't I?" She purrs, delighted with herself in a stuck-up way. "I deserve only the best, and so do all your weary adventurers and the rest of your staff. Gwin was a great help, too. I've met many Dwarves in my life, but she's just about the sweetest. Very nice girl; I hope we'll be seeing her around more."

"Let's just say that Gwin is one of the first things on my agenda, now that I'm back."

Peri whines and tugs at my arm. "Forget about Gwin, Snow worked us so hard, Myaster... please, please make her stop, nyaa..."

"So many labor violations...!" Cherry's eyes tremble as she looks off into the distance.

With a wicked grin and a seemingly kind but actually threatening glare, the Boss Bitch leans over, wrapping her paws around each kitten's shoulder. "Now, now, girls. I only ask of you what I know you're capable of pulling off... am we understood?"

Cherry and Peri respond in unison without delay, "Yes, Mistress Snow!"

The Mistress rewards them with ear scritches and a catty smile. "Good girls," She says in a comforting voice, which is drowned out by both of the maids purring. Whatever labor violations allegedly took place during my brief absence, all it takes to get them past it is a skilled paw.

Now that she's free of her air-deprived punishment, Zutiria wanders closer and blankly states, 'Just so you know, Snow dommed everyone with a magic strap-on and trained us to call her Mistress while you were gone. It was fun.'

I look around the room to see Sam twiddling with her hair as a blush covers her face. The lewd Princess looks conflicted about what happened, with furrowed brows at odds and a pervy smile. Meanwhile, Meri sweats like crazy, staring off into the distance floor below upon remembering her Mistress's thorough training.

It must have been pretty easy for the head maid to break them in, given how Sam's a sub and Meri's an outright masochist. Not to mention that Zutiria was already wrapped around Snow's furry little finger by the time I left.

Snow's tail droops, and she cracks a nervous smile, averting my gaze. "...Welcome back?" She mews.

I cross my arms mockingly, shaking my head with heavy, sarcastic disdain side to side. "I'm not mad, only disappointed..."

'Disappointed that you didn't get to watch, more like.' Zutiria snidely remarks.

Turning to my adorable little Mage, I press my hand on my heart. "I'm wounded that you that you would think such hurtful things about me,"

The brunette masochist grabs me by the wrist, leading me toward my seat. "I- um... luckily, I think I know how we can make it up to you, Master..."

"Is that so? I'm listening..."

"Why don't you have yourself a seat, Myaster? We have a surprise for you..." Snow purrs in a tone that implies she's commanding rather than suggesting and then pushes me onto the wooden stool with her tail. I don't resist her, and soon six girls surround me as from above. They each put their hands on the straps of their bathrobes, ready to unveil whatever amazing and sexual wonders lie beneath to my awaiting eyes. It takes all of my restraint not to grab my hardening cock, but when the robes fly off, I'm glad I waited.

Doing my best to keep up what I said with more recurring chapters again, so here's a new one! Changing my mindset about RotGM has helped like I thought it would, much less stressful now.

I have some new art for Corruption of Coye!


The cover for volume 2 has changed, because writing things went differently than expected. I thought I could get the entire outline I wrote finished in one volume, but it is now going to be three books.  So now there needs to be two other covers before the other one I showed can be used. Yes, those are trading cards. It'll make more sense once you read the book lol.


New character! This is Coco, one of Coye's four bullies turned future love interests. If you want to read her backstory and learn my plans for her character, you can do so here.