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It will still probably be a few days before the next chapter of RotGM, I'm feeling crappy about it at the moment. But on the other hand, I have a new release over on Amazon that continues to grow and expand my world!

Corruption of Coye #2 - The Item Shop Widow is 365 pages long and features all the fun, lewd comedy you'd expect from my writing and then some!

Synopsis -


Coye's life had been turned on its head after meeting a beautiful and mischievous Pixie named Shayla. Things happened real quick, as before he even knew it, they made love and pledged to become partners. There was just one little thing neither of them planned on, and that's how much his libido has been acting up ever since.

Days later and Coye can barely bring himself to work, his mind addled and his body desperate for more relief than Shayla can apparently give him. Something needs to be done, but what else is there to do but seek out one of the many girls in the village of Cransmere who have their eyes on the cute half-elf adventurer?

After racking his brain, Coye forces himself to pursue a wild plan. He's going to try and seduce the woman he performed his first quest for, a beautiful and somewhat mysterious widow by the name of Suzette Lillis. It might be a long shot, but Coye has to get himself under control, or else he won't be able to perform his job!

This story contains; A pure, somewhat innocent femboy protagonist who is adorably dense. His 'trusty' Pixie partner who is both a blessing and a curse. An older woman with a mature body. Voyeurism. Gentle femdom. Developing polyamorous attachments to multiple women.