Arc 1 Chapter 7: Meeting (2)
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"Green hair?! So the statue man has green hair?!"

"Sir, did you ask his name?!"

"Sir, what's his name!!"

"Black lightning?! This must be the power of darkness! But why a bag?"

"Sir, who did you send out specifically from Tornado to pursue the investigation? Can we rely on this person's account of the events?"

Many agents of other investigative bureau offices were curious about the contents.

"First off, yes we can rely on Aaron. He was sent shortly after he returned to Harlequin to supervise the man. He was also briefed that the man was tied to the rumor. He didn't know, bully that."

"What about his name? Did you get it?"

"No. He said his memories were distorted and had no recollection. Penelope confirmed that he was not lying about this fact."

"'Truth Seeker' Penelope confirmed it?! Then it must be true! How does a man not know his own name?! Shameful!"

The higher up official went on.

"You are fortunate. During the interview, one member of Tornado kept silent pretty much the whole time and observed while recording the conversation in her magic journal."

"'Magic Log' Erin was there? What a relief. That means our report should be exactly accurate."

"What is up with his totally incorrect view of our government? Did he seriously not know the name of Fabrications? Why is the crisis level only B for this kind of open-ended situation?!"

"This is the last part of my report. Apparently the mysterious green-haired man not only didn't sleep the whole night, but didn't eat or drink either. He spent his whole night stuffing rocks and grass into his bag, which appears to be able to hold many things. It's surprising considering the bag is only the size of a Battle Ball."

"Aaron immediately left after an hour of observing that, saying he was muttering that he couldn't do anything until later this afternoon. We will have to wait and see." Kalin concluded.

"That's right. I've made my verdict and have decided that the man is directly welcome into this city. He can decide his name later." said Philip in a slightly less confident tone.

"What?!?! You let him in?!?! What if the man is related to the events of the swirling "Death Plateau"?! Why have you decided that way?!"

People were panicking.

"Calm down. I've made this judgement after Aaron told me the man was not hostile to the city's inhabitants. Did you not read the part of the report where Penelope asked if the man had hostile intentions. This way, we can also observe his actions better as well as potentially get a great fighting force."

"What a ridiculous excuse!!" said a lower man of the board.

"Calm down. He's right. It would be better if he was not ominously wandering the mountains, causing problems like expanding its influence. I'll wait and see what he does to Harlequin City's over 300 thousand inhabitants. The government of the Republic is bound to act if a situation occurs. Then this city can get the support it needs." Concluded Kalin.

"What a nice conjecture." said the rest.