Another dimension! – chapter 5
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* * *

Some hours had passed ever since Sora did all of those things to that innocent girl.

In the same room where he raped her, they were both laying on the same bed.

From her thighs, could be seen as cum mixed with blood was coming out from her pussy.

Sora was sleeping soundly while hugging that girl on his side.

[ Hmhn... ]

That girl was slowly gaining back her consciousness.

She opened her eyes!

The first thing that she saw, was Sora's face! The guy who raped her!

[ Huh? ]

She removed his arm which was around her body and got up with a shocked face.

She placed her hand over to her precious part and noticed white stuff mixed with blood coming out from there.

[ It was real... ]

The girl wanted to believe that everything that happened to her was a dream but reality is different!

With teary eyes, she got up from the bed and grabbed her clothes.

[ ouch! ]

She had trouble walking. After experiencing her first time, walking like usual was going to be a bit difficult.

But she didn't let that bother since all she wanted to do now was to get away.

"I need to get out of here"

The girl thought as she got out of that room.

Sora was still sleeping when she saw him for the last time before getting out of the room.

She started running on the corridors while trying to find her way out.

*tap** tap* *tap* *tap*

Through the corridors, her steps were could be heard as she was running around.

She started panting. She didn't have time to take a break and take a deep breath since she didn't know when Sora was going to wake up.

This house was really big and she was kind of surprised by that.

"Where is the exit?! "

She thought as she desperately kept looking around.

After a few seconds, she finally found the stairs to the first floor.

She rushed down and kept going straight until she found the main door.

She kept hoping that the door would be unlocked!

That girl opened the door and went outside of this house.

[ Yes! I'm safe!! ]

She said as she started running away from this house.

Surprisingly, there were no roads, no neighborhoods, or signs of any people around.

But she kept running away, trying to find someone who could help her.

It didn't matter who, she wanted to get away!.

She didn't have time to wear her shoes, so she kept running on the grass with her bare feet.

"What's wrong with the sky?!"

She wondered when she looked up while running forward.

The sky wasn't as a normal sky would look like. It was completely different. A gray sky with no clouds, sun, or moon. It was just a dead sky filled with nothingness.

She kept on running and running until.

[ WUAAAH!!! ]

She stopped at the edge of the land.

She tried looking down expecting to see that this house was on the top of a mountain or a hill...

[ What is going on? ]

She asked herself.

At the edge of the land, nothing could be seen.

It was the same as the dead sky.

She kept running in a different direction until she reached another edge of this land.

[ Huh? ]

She didn't want to believe what her eyes were seeing.

She kept on going around until she found yet another dead end.

She tried looking down at the endless sky.

There was nothing!

Not a single thing!

[ How can this be? ]

The only thing that was around here was a piece of land and a huge mansion which was being carried by it. Nothing else!

She was losing her hope from escaping this place.

[ W-where am I? ]

She clenched her clothes as she asked herself that.

[ This is nowhere! ] ( Sora )

From behind her, Sora's voice was heard.

* * *

When I woke up, I thought I had had a wet dream about a girl appearing here.

But after looking at some ripped clothes on the ground I told myself that it was real!

A real girl ha teleported into this dimension!

But where did she go?

Did she try and escape?

Well, there is nowhere you can escape from here.

I looked out of the window and noticed that girl who was running around at the edges of this land.

I put on my clothes and walked outside of my house, towards that girl.

She was standing at the edge of this land.

She didn't seem to have noticed me yet.

What is she trying to do?

[ W-where am I? ]

I thought she noticed my presence when she asked that question but it seems she was talking to herself.

[ This is nowhere! ] ( Sora )

I replied to her.

[ Heh? ]

She immediately turned around when she heard my voice. Her face was pale when she saw my face.

My voice isn't that scary is it?!

[ Noo! G-get away from m-me!! ]

She started freaking out as she was on the edge, barely standing on land.

Is she going to jump?

[ You'll regret it if you jump to the abyss! ] ( Sora )

I said to her with a smile on my face.

[ w-what do you m-mean? ]

Her voice was trembling.

[ What I mean? If you fall from here, you'll continue falling into an endless abyss forever! ] ( Sora )

As she turned around, she noticed that her legs were at the very edge of the land.

[ Waaahhhhhh! ]

As she noticed her situation, she lost her balance and fell down.

But I already haf expected this outcome so I immediately rushed towards her and grabbed her.

After laying her on the grass, I was on all fours on top of her.

[ hic, p-please l-let me go home..hic!! ]

She started crying.

Even the way she cries was really cute.

But I feel really bad now that she is crying.

[ Even if wanted, I can't! ] ( Sora )

I said to her as we both were in the same position.

[ Why? Hic,... *sniff* ]

I lowered my face and kissed her. My lips were touching hers. I don't know if she was tired, but she didn't seem to resist.

[ Because we are trapped in the inescapable land! ] ( Sora )