Chapter 4
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(Slave 062’s Pov)

Wake up felt more refreshing cause I wasn’t on the dirt wait I’m not in my cage… I wonder how long I was out? I sit up and see a woman that has fox ears that match her white hair, has breathtaking blue eyes, and 9 fluffy looking tails. I remember I guess she’s the one who bought me. I look around to see that I’m quite the luxurious carriage. The woman smiles and asks,  “Are you alright after that fight? It seems you used a lot of magic in succession.”

I reassure her and say, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

She says cheerfully, “That’s good!” with her fluffy tails moving around, which I think means she’s happy...

Remembering that I’m a slave, I get a sour taste in my mouth and ask, “Why did you buy me? To fight? For pleasure?”

She frowns a little that wouldn’t be quite noticeable if I wasn’t looking at her face the entire time and asks “Before I answer that, can you put your hand on this?” then pulls out a crystal ball and a piece of paper. I give a skeptical look but still place my hand on the crystal ball because I am a slave after all. 


[ Name: Tyler L̴̢̛̛͇̖̣̜͒̀̔̎̄̒̐̂͠o̵̡̦͈͓̖̗͉͍͎̜̩̜͙̜̳̊̀͌͂̽̌̽̂̍͠͠ĉ̸̞̙͙͕͇͒̐́̓̆̀̆͛̽̕̚͝k̴̛͙̩̲̜̫̳̰͕̑ͅr̵̨̺̫̬̝͕̮̰̤͙̲̪̞̭̥͆͂̒͊̈̋̀͗̾͘í̶̧̛̭̯͉̠͓̰̹̗̤̖͎̗̒̑̉͆͐̓̍̾͒͜͜͝d̷̳̲̹͎͙̆͊̈́͊̑͜g̵̢̢̡̙͉̩̟͓͔͋̏̇ͅȩ̶̲̜͙͕̟̘̟̾̽̒̾̎͗͆̇̿̅̕̚(Disowned)

 Race: Human

 Age: 15

 Magic Purity: High (8.9/10)

 Magic Affinity: Darkness and ???

 Bloodline Trait: Mental manipulation nullification and ???

 Special Skills: ??? 

 Debuff: Physical frailness (Curable)                          ]

 The woman looks confused and says, “There are a lot of blanks…” Then instantly smiles and says “You are my son!”

I’m so confused to the point the only thing I can udder out is “Huh?”

She lets out a chuckle then states bluntly, “You are the last living male relative of the Lockridge Clan!”

Still confused, I ask, “What do you mean?”

“You are the last male relative of this country’s previous King!” she states bluntly. 

I feel my new body feels emotions I shouldn’t have… “W-wait, none of this makes sense! Who are you and why was I a slave if I was the king’s son!”

She calmly states, “I’m Kimi Lockridge the queen of this country and the reason you were a slave is complex and will be explained to you when you are ready.”

...I don’t trust her if I am related to the king, why was I a slave. Why was Tyler disowned? Well, I guess I’m Tyler now...

 (Kimi’s Pov)

I see my son isn’t quite taking the news well and won’t warm up to me anytime soon. I am going to have to spoil him a little till he warms up to me! First thing on the agenda is to get that filth off him! 

It seems I beat her to my baby, so I win♡!

 (Tyler’s Pov)

I hear the carriage stop after our long conversation, and Kimi stands up and takes my hand while we walk out of the carriage. The first thing that catches my eye is the enormous palace that is made of stone like a castle, and Kimi notices my look and says, “It can be yours one day!”

I don’t answer because I don’t want to be king and have no reason to believe her story. 

When we get through the front gate she turns to me and says, “Before you meet the rest of the family, you need a bath.” She then motions to one maid and whispers in her ear.

Kimi shows me where the bath is. I go in thinking about how I don’t remember when the last time I washed myself. When I walk into the bath, it is luxurious! It is mostly made of marble and looked straight out of a fairytale. While gawking at the bath, I hear the door open and Kimi comes in with a towel, covering herself and asks, “Need any help, sweetheart?”

Looking where you clean yourself off before you get into the bath I say “Y-yeah, how does your soap work?”

She cheerfully says, “Oh? yeah, let me show you!” She puts her hand over this weird container and soap comes out like a body wash bottle. 

“Put a small amount of mana into it and soap comes out!” she states happily.

I say, “Thanks!” meekly

She says while washing herself next to me, “No problem, sweetheart.” After that, I clean myself with no problems and soak in the bath for a while. It’s the most relaxed I’ve felt since I got to this world. When I got out Kimi handed me clothes and says, “They are probably baggy but I will get you some new ones within the week!”

While putting on the somewhat baggy clothes I say “Thanks...” I see Kimi put on similar clothes that she had in before, which kinda looks like a shrine maiden.

While following Kimi, I get curious and ask, “What are we doing next?”

“You are going to meet your new family!” she says with a motherly aura which is nice because I never knew my mother she died giving birth to me in my past life...



Author's note - Double post gang gang!