Chapter 5
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(Tyler’s Pov)

I follow Kimi but I keep getting distracted by the luxuries like the paintings and all the maids. I haven’t seen any butlers but I’m sure there are some around here somewhere. We end up in this huge dining room with a table that could comfortably fit thirty people. Kimi chimes in, breaking my focus on studying their wealth. “These are the twins, Tsuki and Taiyo, your big sisters!” Their faces looked similar to Kimi, but they had black hair, crimson eyes, they had only four tails but I assume it’s a mana thing. The only way I could tell Tsuki and Taiyo apart is their clothes because they are identical Twins.

“Welcome to the Lockridge clan, Ototo-kun!” they say in unison.

Kimi moves on “This is your little sister Kyuu!” She looks like a mini Kimi. It’s kinda weird… the only difference besides size is that she has six tails, which is surprising because she is my younger sister and had more than the twins.  

She cheerfully chimes in, “I hope we get along Onii-chan!”

Kimi states, “Your father and only brother died in our last war...” they all look sad after she mentioned that.

I panic and say, “Uh, it’s nice to meet all of you!” because if I was cast out once they could do it again…

Kimi seems to snap out of it and says, “Alright, time for lunch since all the introductions are done!”

I sat next to Kimi and ate a lot of meat-based dishes, but I nearly cried because it was the first actual meal since I got to this world. Since I started I could feel her gaze on me but I hear Kimi ask, “How’s your meal, honey?”

I think about it for a minute then say, “It needs more vegetables and fruit, but besides that, it’s fantastic!”

Kim responds quickly, “I’ll keep that in mind for the rest of our meals, honey!” 

The rest of the meal was uneventful besides small talk. After the meal though Kimi asks, “What do you want to do next?”

Curiously I ask, “Do you have a library?” They have to have a study or something with how big this place is!

She responds cheerfully, “Of course we do!” Then she grabs my hand and leads the way there. When we get there she asks, “What do you want to study?”

The fact I have no clue about anything in this world… I say, “I want to start with basic history and magic because I had no clue what I was doing in that arena.”

With her warm smile, she says, “I would start with basic history and we have all the up-to-date books here so you will get the best of the best!”

Kimi hands me a lot of books “Read all these for basic history” then hands me a lot more books “and these for basic magic!”

Looking at the stack of books, it would take me a lot of time to get through these books… I mutter, “This is a lot...”

She chimes in and says, “I could get you a tutor, sweetheart.”

I don’t want to burden them anymore so I’ll stick with these. I respond with “No, thank you Kimi I’ll stick with these for now.” When I crack open my first book, I hear Kimi make her way out of the library. After a while of reading, I learned this country is named Kemono, and it’s mostly made up of Demi-Humans and in their last war with a neighboring country, they lost most of their male population, and finding a male with high mana purity is even harder…

I won’t even acknowledge that thought. 

They also have a lot of counterparts to the technology I’m used to: they have trains, lights, and many other things, but they run on magic instead of electricity. There were a lot of other things I learned, but nothing very interesting. I get up to stretch and went on a walk to take a breather.

After a while of walking, I realize I got lost… this place is too big… While I look around to find someone to help me find my way to the library again. I find Kyuu playing with a few birds and singing it was beautiful. I must only be a year or two older than her from just looking at her.  

I walk up to her and wait till she is done and say, “That was beautiful, you are a brilliant singer, Kyuu.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice you Onii-chan! Do you need anything?” she asks sweetly.

I say meekly “Uh yeah I seem to be quite lost can you point me back to the library...”

She cheerfully says, “It’s alright Onii-chan this place is quite large I’ll help you!”

She happily leads me to the library and says, “Well bye-bye Onii-chan!”

“Thank you!” I yell while she walks away.