Chapter 6
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(Tyler’s Pov)

While I was reading more of the books Kimi recommended, Tsuki came up to me and said, “It’s dinnertime Ototo-Kun!” Confused, I look out the window. It’s dark; I guess I got sucked into reading.

Tsuki lead me to the dining room because I’m still trying to remember the layout of this place, but it’s way too big to do that in one day. When we went into the dining room, everyone was already there and all the food is set out. Kimi seems to be in a scary state. Her bright blue eyes seemed to be blood red.

“I found him in the library, Mom!” Tsuki says, getting Kimi’s attention, and her expression changes immediately to the cheerful one I always see.

“I got distracted reading,” I say meekly.

Kimi cheerfully says, “It’s alright honey, come and eat.”

I sit down at the table and shrug off whatever I just saw, probably for my own good. The table has more vegetables and fruits. I guess my suggestion got taken to heart pretty fast… I dig in because it’s not all meat-based foods!

With the loving tone she usually has, she says, “It looks like you are enjoying your food, honey!”

I happily say, “Yeah, I guess you told the maids about my suggestion or something.”

“I cook all the food here, sweetheart because I like to put all the love I can into the cooking.”

I guess it’s harder for assassinations to happen if no outsiders are cooking the food. It’s quite smart. I would do the same if I was someone in power. After eating all the delicious food, I realize I was the last one to finish eating, which I usually wouldn’t think anything of it, but it was kinda scary because they were staring at me while I was trying to finish.

I say, “Sorry, for taking a while to eat…”

“It’s fine, take as long as you want!” everyone says in unison.

That was weird…

“Um, where am I sleeping?” I ask meekly.

Kimi says proudly, “I got a room set up for you, sweetheart!”

I say, “Thanks, Kimi...” while trying to get their stares out of my head… then I get up and follow Kimi and eventually we end up at my new room, and it’s a pretty large room. It’s the size of a small apartment and has an enormous bed.

Kimi points to a door in the room's corner near my bed and asks, “See that door? Honey!”

I respond with a confused look “Yeah…?”

She cheerfully says, “If you need anything, go through it. It leads to my room!”

That’s kinda weird, but I won’t question it… We separate and I lay in my bed, and I sink into it immediately: it’s extremely comfortable. It’s even better than my modern bed, but my “Dad” got the cheapest one or got it out of the trash, now that I think about it.

I think about the events up till now and I feel these people seem to be kinda alright, even if their motives are questionable. I think they deserve a small amount of trust, at least more than I gave my dad. I fall asleep peacefully for once…

When I wake up, it’s not of my accord, it’s Kimi poking me and telling me breakfast was ready.

I got up and followed her to the dining hall, then ate breakfast. It was some form of eggs and meat, but I don’t know because I don’t know what they use in this world. I wonder if Kimi can teach me to cook like that because learning under such a splendid cook would be great. Nothing really eventful happened during breakfast. Afterwards I try to make my way to the library, but I was stopped by the twins and Kyuu.

Their clothes seem to be like Kimi’s which are variations of the shrine maiden clothes she wore yesterday. Is this what royalty wears here? It’s a bit less revealing on Kyuu because she is the youngest.

Tsuki asks, “Do you want to hang out with us today?”

I guess reading can wait and I respond, “Sure… what are we doing?”

Taiyo says, “We planned to go shopping and we know you need clothes.”


Kyuu chimes in “No need to be shy with us Onii-chan!”

“I’ll try...” I say meekly.

I wanted to try out new magic I read about, but I guess it can wait because I really need clothes that aren’t baggy. I follow my new sisters to the front gate and we head to the town right outside the palace.




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