Chapter 11: Chris is kidnapped?!
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Amy smiled as Mathew left the place and glanced at her assistants.

"Tie him." She ordered them. 

Aaron and Theo nodded and walked up to him at once. They picked him from the floor forcefully and tied him to a chair with ropes, tight enough to leave marks for days. After that, the three stood in a corner and didn't say a word.

"Well, hello there." She sat on the chair in front of him. He didn't say anything but was terrified to death. "Nice to see you again." She smiled softly, a devil's smile.

He looked up but didn't dare to look into her eyes, so he immediately looked away. 

"I was never expecting to meet the richest businessman this way. The guy I had the most expectations from." She said as she crossed her legs and laid back. She stared into his nervous eyes; only anger was visible in hers.

"I...I'm sorry." He mumbled and was on the verge of tears. He lowered his head down and kept staring at the ground and regretted everything he had done so far.

"You really think, I'll let you get away so easily." She said as she got up. She was completely ignoring him and how he was begging her.

"It's the Astley family you're talking about." She said, and now she stood behind him. Her hands, on his shoulder, not letting him breathe properly.

"You'd better not go against us." He got cold shivered on hearing her words cause that was his biggest mistake.

"But you committed that mistake." She took out her gun and placed it at his head. He started trembling at that very instant. His death was drawing near.

"'t..." He started crying; he was seeing the devil, standing right on his shoulder, prepared to kill him any second.

"You know, I could have just asked the gang leader to kill you, but I wanted to show you what I'm capable of. That the power of the Astley family never dies." She walked in front of him. 

"I...I'm sorry...Mam...please forgive me..." He kept repeating; his voice increased each time he said it. But it didn't affect her at all. It seemed as though she couldn't hear him; no one could cause they didn't even look at him.

"No last wishes for you." She held him at her gunpoint, her hand stable and eyes having no sign of fear. While he trembled, cried loudly, and begged her for mercy.

"Don't worry about your business, it'll all be mine." She said, her words leaving him shocked. 

He looked up, and at that very second, she pulled the trigger. 

Jane closed her eyes due to the loud noise while Theo just flinched. Aaron did not have any response; he knew this was coming. The silent anger inside her had to burst out someday. 

The bullet left the gun and pierced into his head, causing immediate death. Only a gasp escaped his mouth and then...silence. The blood started flowing out of the wound, down his face and then dripping on the ground.

"You deserved that." Amy said in a low voice and started walking towards the exit. Her long coat flying backward with the air, making her look even more badass. She threw the gun at Theo, who caught it just in time. 

"Clean up." She said and walked outside, followed by Jane. 

"So soon?" The Boss asked her; he was waiting outside. 

"Wasn't a big thing?" She said and stood beside him.

"You sure about this?" He asked her and became a lot more serious.

"Is there any other option now? I already burnt their warehouse." She said, and he chuckled. 

"I saw the news... you won't regret it right?" He asked her and her expressions turned gloomy. 

"I regret not being strong enough to protect them." She answered bluntly. 

"You tried your best." He tried to comfort her.

"Yeah, and now I'm doing my best." She said, leaving him speechless. He couldn't stop her.

"Fine then, tell me if you need anything." He said, and she nodded.

"We're done." Theo said as they walked up to them, followed by Aaron. 

"We'll take care of the rest." The Boss said, and Amy nodded. 

Jane got a phone call and walked away for a second while the others continued talking. Theo was curious to know more about the Boss.

"MAM! We have a problem." Jane said as she ran towards them. "Chris is kidnapped." 


"Where are we going?" Sam asked Chris in a low voice. 

"Hotel." Chris answered him. His answers were just like his mother's, short and cold as ice.

They were in the car, on their way from the airport to the hotel.

"Are you that sad, young master?" The guard sitting behind him asked. He looked pretty young and had a thin mustache. "You're acting just like the boss." 

"Then why doesn't she trust me more?!" Chris burst out, making Sam flinch in shock. 

"She doesn't even think I'm strong enough to protect myself." He said in a sad tone followed by a groan, which made all the guards laugh.

"You know she loves you too much." The head guard, Joseph, said. He was sitting in the passenger seat. Chris pouted; he couldn't argue with that.

"You're her only son, and if anything happens to you, I'm pretty she'll burn down this world." The other guards nodded cause that was what'll most likely happen.

Sam didn't say anything; he was quietly observing all that. The things they said about Amy amused him, and his curiousness to know her was increasing. He couldn't do anything but stay quiet. She was too far away from him; there was an invisible wall between them that she had built, but he could still feel it.

They reached the hotel and checked into their suite. They all were exhausted except for Chris.

"Why can't we go sightseeing? There are so many places I want to see." Chris whined while the guards sat on the chairs, all exhausted and tired.

"Kid, aren't you tired after the 6-hour long flight?" The head guard asked.

"He slept the whole time." The young guards added, and then the two went quiet.

"I WANT TO GO OUT!" Chris shouted at them, making them all hiss in frustration.

"Young master, show some mercy on us." One of the guards groaned. 

Sam stood in the corner and was observing all of that. He didn't talk much, or we can say he didn't talk at all. He seemed to be a timid person. 

"Can I take Sam with me?" Chris suggested, and there was silence in that room. 

Sam did get a little hope when Chris suggested so, but that silence filled him with anxiety. He smiled a rather painful smile and looked away. 

"You are a loser, Sam, don't forget that." He told himself. 

The leader was going to refuse the child's request, but then he thought of what Amy had told him.

"It might be a good chance for us to test him, so act as you trust him. Don't let him get suspicious. We don't know his true motive yet."

"Yeah, sure, go ahead. Sam is a part of our team after all." The team leader said, and the other guards were shocked by his reply. 

"Get ready first." He said with a soft smile, which was more shocking. The leader then looked at Sam and signaled him to get going. 

"Leader, what are you doing?" One of the guards asked him after they were the only ones there.

"What Amy told me to do?" He said and looked at them. They all put on a forced smile and looked away from him.

"You two follow them." He ordered two of the guards, Joe and Noah. 

"What?" They protested but when quiet when he glared at them. 


"Ready, young master?" Joseph asked as he stepped inside his room. 

"Yes, I am." Chris said as he put on his backpack. Joseph smiled and patted his head.

"You know we don't trust him," He said in a more serious tone as he sat on his knees. He placed his hand on his shoulder and squeezed it a little.

"And this is to sort of test his loyalty. We will follow but if something goes wrong..." He handed Chris a small gun that he could use very easily.

"W...we don't wanna take any risks." He said and lowered his head. He was praying that Chris never had to use it; that he would never step into their world.

"Got it. I'll take care of myself." Chris said with a cute smile. He hid the gun in his boots. 

"Just like her." Joseph said, and Chris smiled brightly on hearing that.

They left the hotel after some time, and as instructed by Joseph, the guards followed them from some distance. 

Sam took Chris to show the famous places around City B that he had mentioned. He was surprised to see that such a small child had such great knowledge.

"Hey, why don't you talk much?" Chris asked him while they were looking around in a museum. 

"Ah, I just don't want to be a nuisance." Sam replied. His answer sounded rather stupid to Chris.

"Nuisance? Bro, you sound like you're scared as hell. Just speak your mind. They never hurt innocent people." He advised. 

Sam smiled; this child was giving him advice that sort of comforted him and gave him confidence. He nodded and opened up a little to him. They started talking and got to know each other better. 

Chris didn't feel like he was a bad guy; he felt like Sam was confused and insecure about himself. He felt safe with him and forgot about everything else.

But little did they knew there was still someone watching them from a distance, aside from the guards.

"What to do boss?" A young guy asked; he had been watching the two for a long time. 

"Distract those two guards and take the boy."