Chapter 12: The kidnappers of the prince
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"Take the boy." The guy commanded. He sat in the back seat, a cigarette in his hand, which filled the whole car with smoke, almost making the others choke. He wore a hat and looked shady, like a gangster from the 90s. 

He was Loren, the head of the Lion gang. They were Mathew's sworn enemies and tried to ruin their business all the time but rarely succeeded. He recently got to know that Mathew was making a trade with this girl from A city. As always, he was now trying to ruin it by finding her weakness, her son.

Their cars were parked at a distance from where Sam and Chris were standing. A guy sitting in the passenger seat was keeping an eye on them while the other two were discussing the plan, making guesses how they could possibly kidnap the child. They knew that two bodyguards were secretly following the child and were thus planning to distract them. 

Loren was getting curious about this girl now; he had never seen someone so secretive. They tried to look up about her but reached a dead end. Intentionally, he was also luring her. It was an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. 

"You two distract them." Loren commanded suddenly. He was getting impatient. "The rest bring the child and that weird guy." He could tell just by looking that Sam wasn't one of the bodyguards. 

They did as instructed. The two of the guys walked up to the bodyguards to distract them. They went to them, pretending to be visitors, and asked for direction and some other random questions. Because the guards had to maintain their cover so they couldn't avoid them, so they sort of helped them. 

On the other side, Chris and Sam were going to enter a street, which led to a  famous lake. That area was pretty much empty cause they were taking a shortcut. When suddenly a car stopped in front of them. 

The door of the car opened, and that guy asked them to get inside with a gun pointed at them. They were standing on the side of the road, so no one could see what was actually happening. Chris glanced around but couldn't see the guards anywhere; he realized immediately that these kidnappers came prepared. 

If he did shoot at that time, it would gain a lot of attention, so it was risky. They had no choice but to go along with them. 

Sam held Chris's hand tightly and gulped slowly; he couldn't think of anything. Chris could tell that he was scared to death.

"Didn't you hear me, get in?" That guy said in a stern tone and a louder voice. 

Chris squeezed his hand lightly. Sam patted his shoulder and whispered slowly. "It'll be okay, I'm sure she'll find us." He comforted him. 

Chris felt touched by his words; Sam was frightened by the situation but was still trying to make him feel safe. 

They got inside the car and saw two guys sitting in the front and a guy wearing a hat in the back. 

"Better choice." That mysterious guy, who was Loren said before he blindfolded them, and the car drove off.

The guards looked back in the direction where Chris was standing after the "visitors" went away. They were astounded to see that there was no one at that place. They panicked at the thought that they lost them, and looked around but couldn't find them anywhere. Then they tried calling Sam but got no response. They called Joseph and also kept searching further.

"HOW CAN YOU LOSE THEM?!!" Joseph shouted at them after he understood the whole situation.

"Sir there was a situation..." The guard said and was feeling guilty. 

"Give that answer to Amy." He said and regretted sending Chris alone. 

They tried to track them using the trackers and then called Jane and informed her of the situation also, giving her the location that they had found. The car was still moving, so they yet couldn't predict where the kidnappers were headed. When the cars did stop after some time, they realized that it was Loren's warehouse. They immediately realized that he was after Amy and Mathew. 

"Do you need my help?" Mathew said. "I think it's all because of me..." He felt guilty. 

"No...but you gotta repay me. I'm killing your biggest enemy today." Amy said with cold expressions as she loaded her gun. They could see that she was angry, and Loran was going to die for sure. Everyone knew that she was the devil queen, but still, someone dared to touch her son, she wouldn't hesitate before burning down the world to save him.

Mathew smiled hesitantly on hearing her words. He was getting quite scared and was now feeling bad for Loren. They sat in the car and started driving to the location. 

"15 minutes." Amy ordered Theo, who was startled on hearing her words. The drive was of half an hour to 45 minutes, and fulfilling her order seemed quite impossible at that time. But he didn't complain cause she wasn't going to change her words even if he begged.

He drove at full speed and tried to reach there as soon as possible. 


"Bring them." Loren ordered as he got out of the car. The guys nodded, and one of them carried Chris inside the warehouse while the other dragged Sam there. 

They brought them inside the dark warehouse, which was nowhere near the one Amy had destroyed before. The window glasses were broken as if rocks were thrown inside, and curtains were worn out or eaten by mice. There were no lights and no equipment. 

The guys threw them both on the ground before stepping away. They heard car screeches outside but didn't react cause it was their men. The door opened, and four more men walked inside. They stood beside the other two.

"Hi there, little prince." Loren said as he removed the blindfold from Chris's face. The other guy stepped forwards and removed the blindfold from Sam's eyes.

"Loren, leader of the Lion gang." Chris said and smiled lightly. 

"You know me?" Lorean asked and was quite impressed. 

"Who doesn't?" Chris answered and was acting quite mature, whereas Sam was blank about the situation. 

"Now, be a good child and tell me who your mom is?" He ordered and was surprised to see Chris smiling. 

"H...hey, just let the child go..." Sam said and was worried about Chris. 

"Did I ask you anything?" Loren said and punched Sam. He had had enough of them; he was getting impatient. 

Chris slowly looked around and scanned the place. Loren's men were having weapons, but not guns, and stood at some distance from them. The floor was covered with sand because of the broken windows.

Loren ordered his man to come forward and beat Sam. 

One of the guys walked closer and started punching Sam, who immediately fell to the ground with just one swing. That guy kicked him and punched him harshly. Sam's lips were bleeding, and in no time, numerous wounds and cuts showed up on his body.

"Tell me, WHO IS SHE?" Loren shouted at Sam, who didn't say a word. Chris was quite shocked to see that. Amy had just tortured him, but he was still staying loyal.

Loran got angry and took out his gun and pointed at Sam. "TELL ME!!" He shouted on top of his lungs.

Chris didn't react and just observed his surroundings. He was recalling all the things that Amy had taught him about fighting the enemy. 

When Sam didn't say anything, Loren pulled the trigger and shot his arm. The bullet went into his arm, pretty closet to his shoulder. Sam groaned in pain, but he didn't utter a word. The wound started bleeding in no time.

"Tell me, kid, or you'll be the same." He told Chris.

"She'll kill you." Chris whispered, making Loren lower his gun. He stepped closer to hear what he was saying. 

"What?" Lorena asked him and was getting curious cause he thought that finally his questions were being answered.

"I said, she'll kill you." Chris repeated, looking fearlessly into his eyes. Loren burst into laughter on hearing those words and threw his head backward. 

Sam was confused about what Chris wanted to do. He looked closely and noticed that Chris was reaching his hand to his boot, which had a gun. 

"Don't forget I warned you." Chris said before he took out his gun and shot at Loren's hand, making him drop the gun. The other guys standing there got alerted but were too slow to react to him. Chris shot at them, either legs or shoulders. He didn't kill them but made sure that they couldn't run after them. 

Loren took out a blade and pointed at Chris. 

"Don't you dare." Chris warned him.

"Kid, I warned you already." Loren said and stepped closer. Chris didn't panic and focused on his aim. 

He suddenly dropped his gun, and Loran thought that he won. But the next thing he knew, Chris shot at his knee, making him fall to the ground. They heard the car screeched again, and this time Chris knew who it was; he lowered his gun at once. The door was kicked open, and it was Amy who entered the warehouse. 

She froze at once; she was shocked at the sight in front of her. Chris was standing in the center, wounded men around him, crawling and asking him to spare them. He held a gun in his hand. Amy stepped back for a second cause she couldn't accept that situation. She got a flashback. A small girl, just like him, standing in the center of a warehouse. She had blonde hair and green eyes and held a gun in her hand. But the only difference was that she was standing on dead bodies.