Chapter 13: At a weak point
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"Amy..." Aaron said and rushed to hold her cause her legs went weak. She was always afraid to see that sight again in her life, but here it was. She fell on her knees.

Chris was helping Sam get up, but soon, he noticed Amy and how weak she was at that point. He knew she was reminded of her past. He dropped the gun and rushed towards her at that very second. 

"Mom!" He said and hugged her tightly. She hugged him back, her hands trembling and eyes filled with tears cause her biggest fear came true. She felt like she failed to protect him well. 

"I'm okay...don't worry." Chris caressed her back. He knew what she was going through; he was the only one who knew her deepest secrets.

Sam was shocked to see her this weak. He had expected her to be the strongest person but seeing that made him realize that they all also and their weaknesses, and mostly, they had to pretend to be strong to save themselves from this heartless world.

He felt like crying himself, he didn't realize, but he forgot about his pain and just wanted to hug her. He wanted to comfort her and tell her that she had done enough. But he couldn't do that. 

He couldn't cross this master-servant line she had drawn between them. She was the queen whereas he was just a thief. He hated this, but this was his fate. All these thoughts kept revolving in his head, he looked at the ceiling, and suddenly, everything started becoming blurry. He was standing, but soon he felt his legs give away. There was darkness in front of his eyes, and the next thing they knew, he fainted and fell on the ground. 

"What's wrong with him?" Aaron asked as he ran towards him. He was shocked to see that Sam's arm was shot.

"He was protecting me..." Chris said, and they all were shocked. 

"Maybe this guy wasn't as bad they had expected. After all, he came out to be a timid one." They all thought.

Aaron carried Sam and laid him in one of the cars that were parked outside and then came back inside the warehouse.

"Mom, are you okay?" Chris asked in a worried tone. Amy nodded and got up. She walked up to Loren, who was lying on the floor; his leg was wounded and covered with blood. 

"So, you aren't as strong as I thought huh?" He said, and Theo and Jane facepalmed in disappointment. He was dead.

"I guess you're not strong enough to find out who I am." She said, and he looked at her with anger in his eyes. Her eyes seemed to be dead; there were no emotions, no pain, no regret, no anger.

"Let me help you." She said as she bent down. "Summer Astley." She whispered in his ear. His eyes widened on hearing that name, and he started trembling with fear.

"Don't forget that name cause that's the reason for your death." She took out her gun and pointed it at him. He started regretting all of his decisions and begged her to spare his life, but it was too late. His cries couldn't move her at all. She placed her finger on the trigger, and Jane covered Chris's eyes. 

Amy's eyes were filled with anger, lips sealed tightly, and hand clenched. She was venting out all her anger and frustration on him. She pulled the trigger and shot him in the chest. He groaned in pain, but she didn't stop after that. Her expressions didn't change, and she kept shooting him until there was no sign of life. 

"Amy, STOP!" Theo said and grabbed her gun. "He's dead already. Stop." 

"Clear the scene." She said and walked away, leaving them all confused. 

"Where are you going?" Jane asked her.

"Go back to the hotel." She ordered them, clearly avoiding the question. As she stepped outside, she saw Joseph and other guards walking in her direction. 

"I'll deal with you later on." She said, and they all froze. She sat in the car and drove in some direction at full speed.

"Oh god! What the hell just happened?" Theo said and looked tensed up. 

"Bet she's blaming herself for all of this." Jane said, and they both nodded. 

"It was my fault, I shouldn't have sent young master alone." Joseph said and slapped his head. 

"But you did send bodyguards with him, you did as she told you to." Aaron told him. 

They all were removing all the pieces of evidence that they were ever in that warehouse. They were planning to make it seem like a situation where one of the members snapped and attacked the leader, and all the gang members got killed in that mess. So they were framing the shreds of evidence that way- removing all the fingerprints, footage from cameras. 

"Where is that idiot though?" Theo asked, referring to Sam, and they stared at him cause Sam was older than him. 

"Fine, where's Sam!" Theo said and panicked because of the constant stares. 

"I laid him in the car. The wound was severe so I tied it a little bit." Aaron informed them, and they nodded along.

"I don't think he's against us, I mean Loren isn't one who'd cooperate with like anyone." Jane said. 

They chucked at the brutal truth and agreed with her; Loren never worked with anyone else cause of his 'pride'.

"I also think so...that guy always seems so terrified." Theo added. 

"I don't know about this." Aaron said with a shrug. He didn't know what to do or who to believe. 

"But he saved Chris so I might believe him a bit." He mumbled, and they all laughed. Aaron hated to show his soft side.

After doing all the work, they got out of the warehouse. They were ready to go back to the hotel cause all of the work was done.

"Oh shit!" Aaron said as he looked in the direction where all the cars had been parked. 

"What happened?" Jane laughed at seeing him panic that way. 

"Amy took the car that Sam was in." He said, and they all facepalmed in regret. 

"Why did you do that!" Theo asked him, trying to control his anger. 

"I didn't know she would take that car." Aaron said, trying not to snap at him. It made Theo back off in no time, and he went quiet. 

"Let's just see what happens next." Jane said, and they all nodded but still worrying about what'll happen. 

"I think they'll get more familiar with each other." Chris said cheerfully. They all smiled at the child's innocence. 

"Darling, you don't know how shady they both are." Jane said and patted his head lightly before they got on the cars and drove off to the hotel.


Amy was driving at full speed, the road was empty, and she was headed in an unknown direction. Her mind was a mess; she didn't know what she should do next. And she needed to clear it out somehow. 

She reached a cliff after driving for quite some time and turned the car as she was reaching closer to the end. The turn was steep due to the fast speed of the car, and she pretty much flew towards the cliff but controlled her body.

The same happened to Sam, who was lying on the back seat, his head banged on the widow, and he screamed in pain, making her snap out of her thoughts. She turned and noticed that there was an injured guy in her car.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him. 

"What am I doing here?" He rubbed his head and looked around in confusion. 

She rolled her eyes and got out of the car. He didn't say anything further cause he didn't want to anger her more. 

Amy walked to the back and opened the trunk. Unexpectedly, she walked to the front and sat beside him. He flinched and scooted to the corner. 

"What are you doing?" She looked at him in confusion. "Do I look that scary?" She asked him as she tilted her head lightly, which was kinda scary but somehow, he found that cute. Sam shook his head in denial. 

"Then, come here." She signaled him, and he came closer to her. 

"Remove your shirt." She said, and he was startled. She glanced at him and noticed that he was nervous. 

"What? I can't treat your wound like this?" He noticed that she had a first aid kit in her hand. 

He nodded and started removing his shirt but hissed at the pain that he felt when he moved his arm. She noticed that and came closer to him, their faces just inches away. She placed her hands on his chest before she started helping him remove his shirt. He was surprised to see how careful she was to not let him feel any pain.

She was focused on that task while he kept staring at her. Her eyes were red and cheek rosy. She was a mess, but for some reason, he still found her mesmerizing. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

She glanced at him and noticed him staring. She smiled softly and looked away. 

"What?" She asked him. 

"You're pretty." He said without thinking, and she paused. 

No one had told her that before. Yeah, they talked about it, but no one dared say it to her. Sam was the first one and it sort of made her happy; although, she didn't show it. Sam flinched as he realized what he had just said. He panicked and started stuttering. 

"I...I'm sorry I didn't mean to...I...I mean you're pretty b...but..." She smiled at his response and looked into his eyes. He went silent at that very instant. Those cold eyes seemed to make him feel at ease. 

"Pretty..." He said again, without thinking.

"Huh?" She said in confusion.

"You're eyes...they're so pretty... I always think about it...I wanted to ask so many questions...but can' seem so far away...I try but I can't reach you...I wanna know you more..." He said, looking deeply into her eyes. He wasn't thinking about what he was saying; the words were just coming out as if he was under a spell.

Amy smiled and slowly inched closer to him; their faces close enough to feel each other's breaths...