Chapter 14: You’re special?!
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Amy inched closer to him; she smiled mischievously, and then suddenly, she flicked his forehead.

"Ow!" He cried in pain as he snapped back to reality. 

"Are you even listening to yourself?" She asked him. 

"I don't know." He said and lowered his head; he looked like an abandoned puppy. 

"Just say if you have any questions, I won't kill you for that." She said all of a sudden, as she was looking through the first aid kit. 

He smiled brightly again on hearing her words. She picked a pair of gloves and started wearing them.

"Really?" He beamed with light. She nodded as she got everything prepared. Her expressions were quite neutral; she wasn't excited or anything like him.

"You think I'll joke." She asked him calmly as she looked at him. He shook his head like a child, which made her smile cause she was reminded of Chris. They both did seem a lot similar, except the fact that Chris seemed to be braver than him.

"Stay still." She told him and came closer to him. She had forceps in her hand, which terrified him. He backed away a little as she brought her hand close to the wound. 

"I have to take the bullet out, it might become serious if it goes closer to the organs." She told him in a grave tone, and he closed his eyes tightly. 

"Don't clench it too tightly." She warned him and seemed worried.

"Ok, just don't look at the wound and keep talking. We don't have anything to numb you so try to distract yourself from the pain." She informed him, and he nodded slowly. She smiled softly; that smile calmed him a little bit. 

She brought the forceps closer to the wound and took a deep breath before she started the process. Sam hissed in pain as the forceps entered the wounded area. 

"Don't focus on it." She suggested and was fully engaged in the process. She couldn't bear any risks.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. A soft smile formed on his face as he saw her so close to him. He sort of forgot about the pain and felt a sense of happiness as he realized that they were now a lot more familiar to each other. `

After some time, Amy found the bullet and took it out using the forceps. Sam groaned as she started pulling it out. 

"Just a little more." She told him, and he clenched his lips tightly. She slowly took out the bullet and placed it in an empty vessel that she had found in the trunk. 

Sam let out a sigh of relief as he realized that it was all done. Amy smiled softly and caressed his arm; she then started dressing the wound. 

"You did great." She said and pecked on his cheek lightly; he was shocked at her action. Amy closed her eyes in regret as she realized that she was treating him how she treated Chris. That thought sort of made her laugh. 

"What's wrong?" He asked as he saw her back away. 

"You two are so similar..." She said and was trying not to smile.

"Who?" He said hesitantly. He was quite nervous about who she was talking about. 

"You and Chris." She said, and he burst out into laughter as he realized how many negative thoughts he was having. 

"Seriously, how can I find you two similar?" She said, and they both started laughing.

"Why are we here?" Sam asked as he looked around. They were on a cliff, near the dead end.

"Argh! I was just frustrated and didn't know what to do, so I just drove off without thinking." Amy informed him. She was now sort of regretting her decision.

"You know the route back right?" Sam panicked a little. 

"I do." She said as she chuckled a little. 

"I'm curious, why are you so panicked by little things?" She said and sipped water from the bottle that was kept there.

"Oh, uh... even I don't know that...I just hate violence so I get panicked very easily..." He said, and she nodded along. 

"Was there any specific reason behind that?" She asked him. Sam was kinda happy to see that she was curious about him but also nervous about telling her the truth.

"My dad..." He mumbled. "He used to beat me and my younger sister and mother. My mom actually passed away because of depression that the trauma I don't like violence at all..."

"At least you had a family..." She mumbled without thinking.

"Huh?" He asked cause he couldn't hear her. 

"Makes sense...I won't ask you to do any such things from now on." She changed her words and looked at him with a smile on her face. He smiled brightly again. He didn't expect her to understand his problem and also try to help her. 

"Okay!" He said brightly, which made her chuckle. 

"Oh, I had a lot of things I wanted to tell you." He said, and she looked at him. 

"Uhh...Uhhh." He got nervous because of the eye contact, and she laughed at that. She found him cute. 

She got out of the car and closed the door. He was startled to see that and thought that she didn't want to hear him.

"Can you speak now?" She leaned against the door after opening the window. He beamed again and scooped closer to the window. 

"It isn't too important...but I wanted to tell you that you're the strongest person I've ever met. I know your life is pretty dangerous but somehow I feel that it's the circumstances that made you this way. I don't think it was your own choice. I really admire you." He said and a smile formed on her face. He didn't know her well but did guess the truth. He was afraid of her but still didn't back away from saying what he wanted to, and she appreciated that. 

"I really admire how you love Chris so much, you try to give him a normal life, you do your best so don't stress. You've made him strong enough to protect himself. If you're his idol, he wouldn't ever go on the wrong track, I can guarantee that." He said with a smile that had formed on its own. 

She turned around and bent down a little. Their faces were just a few inches away. They both were smiling, looking the happiest they had ever seen each other.

"Pretty..." Sam said, just like earlier; he was mesmerized by her again.

"I'm pretty?" She asked him, and he nodded like a child.

"Do you like me?" She asked him, curious to know his answer.

"It seems so..." He told the truth; he was hearing to himself.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" She asked him, her head a little tilted now. 

"You don't seem to be bad." He said and tilted his head the same way. She chucked cause he looked really cute.

"Even if you were, I'd still love you...they say love is blind." He said, and she laughed; he did the same. 

"You're really cute." She said and pinched his chin. She tilted her head a little and moved closer to him, kissing his lips lightly. His eyes widened due to surprise, but he closed them and kissed her back. There was no tongue involved, just a soft touch of their lips. But that touch of their lips was enough to say out the hidden feeling out loud. The wall was finally broken, and they were closer to each other than they had ever been to anyone.

They both had some similar wounds from their past, the wounds of abandonment, and fear. They could understand each other without saying a word.

They seemed to complete each other, being the pieces that were missing from their lives.

Their honestly and similarities were what made them fall for each other more. 

That kiss and all those words were what they did without thinking twice. But little did they know they were falling for each other without even knowing it. 

They got a little closer through this conversation; the line between them faded cause they both crossed it without even realizing it. 

"Why don't you call me by my name?" Amy said, and she was now sitting in the driver's seat. They were on their way to the hotel. Sam was sitting in the passenger seat, something he wasn't expecting to happen so soon. 

"R...really?" He asked her hesitantly, and she hummed in response. She looked a lot more distant than before, but he assumed that it was because she was focused on driving. 

"Ok...I'll do so from now on." He said and was a little awkward in that situation.

"What are you waiting for then?" She asked him, her eyes focussed on the road. It seemed like the old, heartless, and distant Amy was back.

"Ah...Amy... is that alright...?" He said. It felt quite weird to call her like that.

"No!" She said a little loudly that he flinched. "It doesn't sound right?" She said and was thinking of how he should address her. 

"How call me Summie? No one calls that, so it'll make you a special one." She said, and he smiled. She wasn't so distant anyway; it was the same girl who had kissed her moments ago.

"Ok!" He said excitedly and nodded his head like a child. 

"I'll call you Summie from now on." He continued. She smiled, but that smile faded in no time; he didn't notice that due to the excitement.

They reached the hotel and went inside. Amy was walking in front of him; she was back in her bossy form. All the guards and the assistants greeted her. They all were surprised to see that she didn't scold them or even ask about what had happened earlier. She looked too calm to be her normal self. She was planning something big. 

"Levi sent us the updates." Jane informed her, and she nodded. She glanced at Sam and told him that he should rest in Chris's room.

"Ok...bye...Summie." He said, and a guard guided him to the room. 

The three, Jane, Theo, and Aaron, including Joseph, were shocked to the core after hearing that name.

"How can you let him use that name?" Aaron asked her hesitantly. That name wasn't heard for years. It held a lot of dark history with it. 

"W...what the hell are you planning to do now?" Jane asked her, fear clearly visible on her face. The others were in a similar condition. Things got real now; they realized that Amy wasn't stopping anytime soon. And they were terrified cause she could go to any extent to get her revenge, even if it means to destroy her own life or re-opening old wounds that killed her once.

"Amy tell us!" Theo said with a shaking voice. 

"I'm just trying to bait the fish...getting him to trust me blindly."