Chapter 15: The Williams?
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They were at the airport again, on their way back to City A. Chris was standing beside Amy and, as usual, talking nonstop. But the only difference this time was that he was holding someone else's hand as well. It was Sam's. And surprisingly, Amy didn't mind that, even when Chris was mostly talking to him instead of her. 

"Summie, should I really be here?" Sam asked her in a low voice. He was starting to have a feeling that he didn't belong there. Everyone seemed so different from him and he just couldn't fit in. 

"Yeah, you are where you need to be and where I want you to be." She said with a soft smile. That simple gesture of hers was enough to relieve his tension, and he started smiling again, talking to Chris in a cheerful tone.

Amy gestured to the guards, and they stood beside both Sam and Chris while Amy started walking in front of them. She held a document in her hand and was checking that. 

"She's always like that. Acting as if I don't exist." Chris said and sounded disappointed. Sam patted his head and then carried him in his arms. 

"But you know, right? She loves you more than anything." He said, and Chris nodded along.

"She's doing it all for you, trying her best to protect you." He said, his eyes fixed on that sleek figure walking in front of him. He became surprisingly serious, as he said those words; his voice went grave as if he was giving someone a warning.

"Let's go!" Sam said the next second as he looked at Chris and was smiling cheerfully again.

"Yes!" Chris said as he started giggling

Amy was walking ahead of them alone like a tigress returning to her kingdom; an injured tigress, dangerous than anything else. Jane and Theo were making some arrangements while Aaron was just lost somewhere. As they all got together at one point, they nodded in agreement and started walking towards Amy.

"Amy, are you serious about this new plan of yours?" Jane asked, and Amy rolled her eyes in frustration. 

"You know it can be really dangerous." Theo warned her. Amy just glared at him, telling him to see the person he's giving that warning to, the devil queen.

"Just think this through once. I mean aren't we already clear about this?" Jane asked. By this point, she was whining in front of her, begging her to stop or just think twice.

"Well, I'm not clear yet. I'm gotta make it sure myself." Amy said, and they were all left speechless. They couldn't argue with her when there was no chance that she'll even listen to their advice. She was simply telling them her decision.

"What do we have to do?" Aaron asked. He stared right into her eyes with confidence and trust that he had in her. They were looking into each other's eyes, without saying anything, as if talking to each other that way. It seemed like he knew what she was thinking and why she was doing this. Amy sighed and broke eye contact. She started walking again.

"Amy, we need answers before doing this! You're asking that guy to call you by that name when you don't even trust him. Why?! You would have killed anyone who said that name. So, why all this?" Jane said, a little loudly. Amy didn't reply and just kept walking. Jane took a deep breath and lifted her foot, about to walk forward to stop her.

"Stop!" Aaron said and grabbed Jane's arm, stopping her from going towards Amy. 

"You have no right to doubt her cause you weren't the one present there, experiencing all that." He told her, and Jane stopped at once. She regretting doing that. They had forced the tension to reach the level where he had to bring that up. 

Aaron had said those words to Jane, but it was Amy who was more affected by them. She halted as she heard him and clenched her fists as she recalled that horrible memory; she seemed to be on the verge of tears. But there was more anger in those eyes than tears. That incident left a scar she could never remove, not if they all were still alive. 

She bit her lower lip then took a deep breath and started walking again. She didn't say anything throughout the flight neither did the rest of the three. They were thinking about what they had just done - reopened a stitched wound which hadn't healed for years. But that conversation forced them to keep a close eye on Sam, observe everything he did, and find something suspicious. 

They believed Amy without a doubt now. The flight was quite long; some of them slept throughout the way, some worked, and some just talked nonsense cause they weren't gonna get time for that after that.

They got off the plane as they reached City A after a few hours. The scene was similar; the people at the airport couldn't take their eyes off the queen. The whole gang had that impact on the outside world. 

Levi waited for them outside, looking excited and happy. But he was shocked to see how awkward they all were being and more to see how close Sam had gotten to Amy. Just after two days? With just one glance, he could tell that she was pretending but was confused as to why.

They all sat in the cars- Chris and Sam in a car along with the guards while the whole gang sat in a separate one- and drove off to the mansion. Theo explained everything to Levi about what had happened in City B and Amy's new plan.

"Ahh." He exclaimed as he understood everything. "Well, I'm with you on it, Amy." He said with a smile. 

"You don't have any other option." She said coldly, making them all laugh at Levi. The tension was finally released, and they turned back to their normal selves, laughing and making fun of each other.

"How are the preparations for the auction going?" Amy asked Levi; he was doing all that these past few days. 

"We're all set, the auction is the day after tomorrow." He said, and she nodded along. 

"You guys know the plan." She said in her cold 'Amy tone', which was lifeless but enough to scare the person to death. "Let's get this war started." She said and looked outside the window. The time was drawing near, the moment she meets the people she wants to kill the most.

"But what exactly happened that made you go to such extends? I mean as far as I know you, you're not the kind, who'll seduce your enemy, you're most likely to threaten him." Levi asked, and the others agreed with him as if he had spoken their mind. They all+ turned to her, their eyes filled with curiosity. The devil queen was pretending to make someone fall into her trap. That was out of the normal. 

"Yeah, how did you know that he was a liar?" Theo asked. 

"Well, we were in the car and I was going to treat his wounds..." She started narrating the story, and they all listened closely, their eyes fixed on her cause that sight was rare to see.

"I was changing his dressing and saw a few cuts on his body, those weren't something a normal person would get. They were from rough fights." She explained the first reason and they all nodded along. Something like that was predictable. 

"He was saying nonsense like he was attracted to me, falling in love with me and all. Clearly, he was trying to make me fall for him." She said awkwardly and they were all smiles.

"But you turned the tables." Levi said with a bright smile, which seemed creepy to Amy.

"What did you do?" Theo asked excitedly. 

" kissed him." She said and looked away. They all gasped.

"That was your first kiss!!" Jane said loudly. Amy glared at her.

"I mean the consensual one." She said and smiled awkwardly. She lowered her voice, feeling bad about what she had just sprouted. 

"Are you serious, Amy?" Aaron asked in a serious tone.

"Darling, they say everything is fair in love and war and there is no love in my case." She said coldly with an emotionless face, clearly telling them that she wouldn't hesitate once before killing him. 

"So what happened next?" Jane changed the topic immediately cause her words left them speechless on that topic.

"Oh yeah, the most obvious one." She said as she laid back, and paused for a bit, making them even more curious.

"He told me hated violence, he said that his father used to beat him along with his mother and sister. That was the reason he became so timid and scared of violence." She said and they were confused about how it was the most obvious one. 

"Levi." She called his name suddenly. "Search up a person in the underworld, Austin Williams." Amy ordered him. Aaron flinched on hearing that name; he immediately looked at her, his face clearly depicting how shocked and scared he was to hear that name. 

"Williams?" He asked her in surprise, putting certain stress on that last name. He didn't want his negative thoughts to be true.

"I'm just confirming my doubts." Amy said coldly, making his fear resurface.

"Okay, a countryside guy, an alcoholic and gambled a lot. Lived with his wife and had two childer, elder son and a daughter born after 5 years gap. He tortured his family, physically and mentally, forcing the son to work from a young age." Levi started narrating the info which was provided to him. He had searched up all the sites and that was he got in the end.
"That's pretty similar." Theo commented and the other two nodded. Aaron was praying constantly that what he feared would not be the truth.

"Woah!" Levi commented suddenly, in an astonished yet sacred tone and the others became more curious.

"He worked for AB organization and was an undercover asset" The other gasped in disbelief while Aaron shook his head in discouragement; this was what he had expected. Williams, a name that was quite popular earlier in the underworld, they didn't own any organization but worked for numerous, doing the works that others couldn't. Whether it was killing, stealing some documents, or destroying someone, they did it without leaving any traces behind. In the end, they decided to work for AB organization and soon just vanished as if kept underground, reserved for a certain use.

"He sold his daughter and wife after some time. In the end, was killed one night, by his son, Ryan Williams." The ending left them all shocked. There were two things they didn't saw coming in it and the third was yet to come.

"Who is he?" Jane asked and Levi nodded. He was searching for a picture of Ryan Williams, his fingers typing fast on the keyboard of the laptop, which suddenly paused and he turned pale. 

"What?" They asked him but he didn't move. 

"Levi, who is he?" Theo asked him.

"S...Sam..." He mumbled and Amy smiled cause she was right, indeed.