Chapter 19: The Auction
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A day passed and it was the day of the auction, the big day they all were waiting for. They all were nervous except for Amy, she was as calm as always, not bothered by the ruckus that was created outside.

The whole resort was booked for the auction, all the famous businessmen were present there and the media stood outside waiting for them to get out. But that wasn't the only thing they were curious about, it was the organizers of the auction.

No one knew who had organized the auction. That scene seemed familiar; it was something the Astley family used to do. But nothing was clear then. They weren't expecting the Astley family to be back, cause if they did the world would have turned upside down already. The AB organization would have vanished from the underworld by them.

Although all those businessmen and such organizations pretended to be good people in front of the world, people still had a clue about it. But no one dared speak up against the underworld organizations cause they could kill them and get away without any questions asked.

The businessmen who did know the truth were too scared to speak up, especially after knowing what Amy did to Mr. J. They realized that going against Amy was like asking for death cause she seemed more dangerous as compared to the previous leader.

"Hey, what are you here for?" Reporter 1 asked as they stood in the front, taking pictures of the people who were entering the auction.

"To know who's behind all this?" Reporter 2 replied and the first one scoffed.

"Same." He chuckled.

"I'm here to see who gets the most expensive thing?" Reporter 3 said suddenly and the other two reporters gave him weird looks.

"What is it?!" They asked out of curiosity.

"The red ruby." He replied and the other two gasped.

"That's the most expensive ruby on the continent." Reporter 2 said and shook his head in surprise.

"Seriously who is behind this auction?" Reporter 1 asked as he clicked a few photos.


"When will they come? All the "important" businessmen have already arrived." Aaron complained in frustration. He was getting impatient at that point cause the auction was about to begin shortly and there was no sign of the Scotts.

The whole gang was in the security room, monitoring all the security cams. They were there mainly to keep an eye on the villains.

"Soon...they'll arrive soon," Levi answered him, his eyes were fixed on the monitors that showed the live footage of the whole area.

"But what if they don't come?" Theo asked suddenly and the other gave him weird looks; he was a child indeed.

"We didn't destroy their building for nothing, it was just to lure them here." Jane informed him. She was giving the guards some instructions about their plans.

"That message on the wall was left there to scare them. And they'll most likely come here cause they are afraid that their secrets will be revealed."  Levi added. "And to protect their power they can go to any extend, attending this auction is nothing."

"But how will they know that this is the place they'll know that truth at?" One of the guards asked and the three rolled their eyes in frustration.

"Cause the style is similar to the previous master." Aaron told him and walked away cause he didn't want to clear their doubts anymore. The other two chucked on seeing him so irritated.

"Amy arranged the auction in the same way as it was done years ago, the organizers are mysterious but still all the richest businessmen are present here. This is the biggest giveaway." Jane informed them and they nodded along.

"The heck are you guys doing here?" Amy said in a stern tone and they all flinched cause they didn't realize that she had arrived there.

"Just clearing their doubts." Levi said and smiled awkwardly. Amy tilted her head as she raised an eyebrow.

"It seems like you have too much free time." Amy said and smiled. That smile was a sign of danger, of the storm that was going to come if they didn't do anything.

"NO!" Jane said loudly. "We have a lot of work that we gotta do." She said as she turned towards the guards and started giving them further instructions. They all rushed back to their works.

"Better." She said in a cold tone and turned away from them.

"Summie..." Sam said in a low voice as he stood in a corner. His voice was low but still, Amy heard it, not his voice but the name he said. It held a deep meaning to her, cause it was part of the past that she wanted to forget.

Amy had asked him to come along cause she wanted him to work with her. That was what she told him. But it was a trap, she was trying to confirm her doubts.

They all noticed him but acted like they didn't and continued with their work. They were keeping a close eye on him but he hadn't moved at all since they had arrived. He just stood silently in the corner.

"Yeah." Amy said as she walked up to him with a smile. He did feel special because of her actions. It seemed like she only smiled at him cause most of the time she kept a straight face.

"Ah, what do I need to do?" He asked her and looked a lot more relaxed now.

"Nothing, just observe everything. It's a big day for me and I want you to be with me." She smiled softly before walking away. He felt his face burn a little but didn't show any further reactions. 

"How long is this act gonna go?" Aaron said in an irritated tone.

"You're back!" Levi said cheerfully to tease him. Aaron glared at him but in return Levi just laughed.

"Even I'm tired now. I don't know what's going on in her mind." Jane said as she stood beside them. Their arms crossed close to their chest and eyes fixed on the monitors in front of them but the same thing going on in their minds.

"What is she trying to do?" She question but no one had an answer to that.

"Bro, you said something about the incident from 6 years ago, what was it about?" Theo asked in a low voice as he stood with them.

"Yeah, even I don't know about that." Levi said as he turned to face Aaron.

"We weren't even present at the scene, fool." Jane said harshly; they could tell that she was hella frustrated from what was going on. If they made a mistake now, she would burst at them.

"Haa..." Aaron sighed. They could already predict that it was something sad and was still bothering him. "You know she was there for so long and I figured that she must have seen a lot, including the people around them so I just said that. But when I saw her reaction to my words, I figured that she's hiding something from us."

"But what?" Jane asked suddenly and they flinched cause she sounded a lot like Amy, cold and irritated.

"Either she doesn't trust us enough or she's also trying to figure it out so she doesn't want the words to spread." Levi put out his thoughts.

"It's the second one!" They said all together cause they didn't want to believe the first one. Levi started laughing at their reaction.

"So, the best solution now is waiting for her to tell us." Theo said and they all nodded.

"And helping her figure it out." Aaron added and they gave him weird looks cause that didn't make sense.

"What did we just decide? We'll wait!!" Jane said and looked angry.

"I meant keeping a close eye on that fool." Aaron explained and shrugged a little cause he was a little afraid of her.

Jane and Amy were like sisters since they had grown up together and obviously they picked up each other's habit; which included, Jane, having the same temper as Amy. They hated this but couldn't do anything cause that anger wasn't a joke.

"OK get lost now!" She said and walked away.

"What was that?" Levi said as he went slump. Theo supported him immediately.

"She's becoming more and more like Amy as time passes." Aaron said and was also shocked.

"OK, let's get back to work now." Theo suggested and they both nodded before they separated again.

The atmosphere was pretty quiet after that. The guards were outside giving them updates on what was happening while the whole gang was in the security room. They were all dressed up, wearing suits and beautiful dresses.

The boys wore light blue suits with white shirts underneath. Their hair was neatly kept and they did look like some rich businessmen.

Jane wore a green dress which went up to her knees and there was a slit on one side; there was floral print on the dress. Her brown hair was left open and rested on her shoulders.

Amy, on the other hand, wore a two-piece peach dress with a top and a long skirt, the whole dress was covered with lace and paired with nude heels. That was so her style, professional but simple.

Sam still stood in a corner, wearing a black suit that Amy had given him. He was looked neat and he did look like some rich brat.

"They're here." A guard said through the microphone. They all became attentive on hearing that, even Sam.  "Gate 2, east side." The guard informed them.

Levi opened the footage of the cameras that covered that area. There was a crowd of the press at one side, the cars pulled up on the other. The guards stepped out and held the door open for their masters.

Oliver came out first, he was wearing a grey suit and had paired it with expensive accessories.

Then came the leader of the AB organization, the old devil, Thomas Scott, he looked simpler than his 2 but one could tell that he was a sinner. He held this dark energy that made everyone step away from him.

Amy smiled as she scanned the whole scene with her eyes. "You haven't changed at all after all these years, huh?" Her eyes were fixed on Oliver.  "My ex-fiance."