Chapter 18: It’s the start of a war
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"Aren't you excited for this, baby?" Amy asked him with a cunning smile on her face. All of the others in that room smiled as they realized that she was playing with him.

Sam didn't reply, instead, he just kept staring at her face. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at him with surprise. She knew that behind that blank face he was stressed out with questions. 

She was right. His mind was filled with questions, "What the hell is happening? How the hell can she be here? What about the auction? If she doesn't show up the boss will kill me!" 

"You still here with me?" She asked him as she waved her hand in front of his face.

"Huh?" He said as he snapped out of his questions. 

"Where are you lost?" She asked him as she fake laughed, pretending that she was the same as before.

"Uh...I was mesmerized by your beauty." He lied and shrugged a little to act all innocent. She smiled and turned to the monitors. There were only a few guards in that room now. The trio of boys was working there, pretending that they couldn't hear them.

"What were you saying?" He asked her, feeling a little embarrassed, while in reality, he felt angry cause that one mistake could make her suspicious.

"Are you excited about the auction?" She repeated her question, still looking at the monitors. 

He sighed as it seemed like she didn't suspect him at all; it was kinda unbelievable but he didn't want to focus on his negative thoughts. 

"Yeah, of course, I am excited. It's really big for you; I wish you all the best." He smiled brightly as he looked at her. The fact that she wasn't looking at him, irritated him, making him want to kill her. 

She chuckled softly and looked at him. "Good to know we feel the same way." She said and walked away from him. 

"What was that?" He thought to himself and sighed. "What the hell is she planning to do? I can't read her at all. It seems like she's built a wall around herself or is it she finally revealing her true self?" He was confused by her action, just as Amy had wanted.

"Isn't summie going to the auction?" Sam asked Levi who happened to walk past him.

"Ah, there were a few changes in the plan." He said and smiled at him before he went back to work. Sam smiled back but he was really stressed about what was going to happen.

"Oh god! Why is it happening to me?" He screamed in his mind. "This is my first mission. I was trained for it for so many years so why now! I was forced to know everything about her but she's so different from all that information. I can not recognize her at all even after practically growing with her. Can a person really change that much in 6 years?" He was lost in deep thoughts. 

Sam was forced to learn about her, I know every detail about her from her schedule to her likes and dislikes; including even the slightest details about her. All this had happened since childhood that's why be said he grew up with her. 
Suddenly a thought came to his mind and made him jump. His boss! Thomas would kill him for giving him the wrong information and Oliver, he didn't trust him completely to begin with.

Sam panicked and ran outside. To his surprise, two guards were standing outside. 

"Sorry man, you're not allowed to go anywhere." One of the guards said as he interrupted Sam. 

"Only me?" Sam asked suspiciously. 

"No all of you, the auction is already started, so it's dangerous to go there now." He suggested and Sam nodded and went back inside the room. 

There was nothing he could do to warn his boss about it; he wasn't allowed to use any communications cause that might leave traces of their plan. The Scotts were ready to kill her on sight with the snipers. Little did they know it was going to be a whole different story. 


"I gotta say, and a lot of you might agree with me- this auction reminds me of the Astley family." The host said and the audience smiled cause that was the truth. It reminded everyone of the Astley family and also of the terror that it had on the underworld. Everyone was curious to know about the organizer. 

"So now, we welcome the organizers of this auction." The host said cheerfully and the lights went dim.

The Scotts had been impatiently waiting for this moment. The snipers were in their place, their guns pointed at the door ready to shoot her as she walked in. 

A fat older man stepped inside and the spotlight went on him. The Scotts were shocked to the core on seeing that sight. Wasn't she the organizer? And according to what Sam had told them, she was going to make an appearance. Thomas raised his arm, signalling the snipers to lower their guns. 

That old man that the host introduced as the organizer of the auction was one of the businessmen whom Amy had forced to work for her. He didn't hate it actually, he was well fed and just had to do a few appearances in her place.

Everyone looked at him all disappointed. They all wanted the Astley family back, except for the Scotts who were silently observing everything from a corner, controlling their anger.

"Oh, don't be so disappointed by me already," The fat man said as he chuckled and the audience laughed along. "I just organized it, my boss still chose to remain in the dark." He said and many people from the audience started hooting cause there was still hope that the Astley family was behind it. It was pretty obvious since everything was similar to how they did several years ago. 

The auction started and the items were being sold pretty quickly but what everyone awaited was the red ruby, which was the most expensive item. They were curious about who would buy it.

And the time finally arrived, the host started the bidding of the red ruby. The starting bid was 70 million, which was the highest price of the night.

"You have to buy it!" Thomas ordered Oliver who smiled confidently in response.

"80 million." A woman who was sitting in the front row said.

"1 billion." A young businessman, sitting at the back said.

Oliver scoffed on hearing that and raised his board. "10 billion." He said confidently.

A long silence followed. It was the highest bid of the night and something no one dared to do. Well, it wasn't the price alone that scared them. It was also the one who made the bid. The Scotts. Going against them would be like asking for a miserable death. 

"10 billion, one." The host started the counting. 

"10 billion, two." 

"50 billion." A female voice came from the back. Everyone turned around and looked curiously. The Scotts expected her to be Amy. But to their disappointment, it wasn't her. It was Jane, someone no one could have expected. The Scotts had never seen her so she was the perfect person to trick them.

She looked more beautiful than any lady in the room. People questioned how they couldn't notice her for so long. Oliver had the same question in his mind, being a playboy how could he not see her? Jane kept a low profile this whole time and waited was the right time to drop the bomb and gather all the attention, especially make the Scotts notice her. 

They both looked shocked and surprised, Jane smiled on seeing them that way. There was acstrange feeling of contentment in that victory. Even if she didn't get the ruby, she wouldn't be surprised cause she's already shocked the Scotts to the core. The plan would still work.

Oliver was about to make his bid but Thomas stopped him. He had some other plans in his mind. 

To everyone's surprise, it was Jane who bought the ruby at last. It was an unbelievable scene, someone dared go against the Scotts and actually won!

The auction ended after that and everyone was at the party which was organized by Amy to make the whole plan work. 

Jane was surrounded by a lot of people who had questions to ask her or congratulate her, while in reality, they felt jealous of her, some even wished former to die.

"Dad, what are you planning to do?" Oliver asked Thomas. They were standing at a distance from her.

"Make a deal with her, either sell the ruby to us and disappear or just die." Thomas replies and Oliver was actually a little scared of that side of his father when he did get that side in his genes.

"Ok, let's kill her!" Oliver said and was excited to kill her brutally. 

"Relax," Thomas said and smiled. 

When the crowd cleared out, they approached Jane. She had a microphone on her clothes so Amy and all the others could hear Jane and her surrounding in the security room. 

Thomas greeted her politely and congratulated her on the great achievement. She smiled brightly and thanked them. She introduced herself as the owner of J company, which was something Amy had established secretly. It was pretty famous now.

"Well, now that I know you, why don't we make a deal? We were considering collaborating with your company for a long time." Thomas laid his trap after some sweet talk. 

"It'll be my pleasure," Jane said with a smile. Thomas smiled as he thought that she took the bait and fell into his trap. Amy was listening to their conversation from the security room and so were the others. 

"We're booked a suite in this resort, why don't we talk about it now?" Thomas suggested. 

"Yeah, sure. I'll be there in five minutes." Jane said and they left after telling her the suite number. 

Amy smiled as the conversation. 

"Let's go!" She said and walked out of the room. "It's finally the moment I waited for, for all these torturous years..."