Chapter 19: A monster
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" Let's go!" Amy said and she turned around to go outside. The trio of boys nodded and they started closing everything and were done within minutes. Sam was puzzled by their actions.

"Was it their plan?" He thought as he solved the mystery that caught him for so long. "They wanted to lure them to her!" He jumped up at the thought of that, what will Thomas do to him for ruining everything.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked her as he rushed to her. He looked anxious and scared; all he could think of was what would happen to him if she went there. He didn't know anything about this plan and was freaking out as figured it. Thomas was going to kill him for letting this happen.

Amy smiled as she saw him panic. He freaked out and let down his mark without even realizing it. He didn't think about the outcome of his carelessness.

"Just stay here." She said coldly. But he didn't back away at the right time.

"I...I don't feel well. Can you stay with me?" He said with an innocent face. The guys closed their eyes and shook their heads in regret. He didn't know when to stop and now...

"I said stay here," Amy said and forced on a smile. The guys were shocked to see that she was holding back.

"Please...Summie..." He said and held her arm; the boys facepalmed. He hit the nerve. The word Summie. The smile on Amy's face faded in a second and she slapped his arm away.

"Listen, boy!" She said as she pinched his cheek, only anger filled in her eyes. "You gotta learn when to stop. There's a limit till when I can handle your nonsense." She tightened her grip. His eyes teared up a little as he was scared to death after looking into those cold eyes. His hands started trembling a little. "Now just shut and stop this act of yours." She said and pushed him away. Without taking a second glance at him, she walked out of the security room.

Sam fell on the floor cause his legs gave away. He was trembling from fear and didn't know how to react. She was so much more dangerous them Thomas. She was nothing like what he had read about her. It seemed like a whole different person, someone he couldn't recognize. She had built the walls around her that stopped anyone from even seeing her properly, knowing who she really was.

"Oh, boy," Levi said as he stood in front of him, about to go outside. "I told you to be careful around her. You didn't listen and got too confident." He scoffed.

"Ok, let me give you a little help, she doesn't trust anyone, not even us," Theo said as she patted his shoulder.

"Keep an eye on him," Aaron commanded the guards and the trio walked out.

Sam was in shock from that experience and didn't understand what was happening around him. He just sat on the floor, without any moment, staring blankly at the floor.

"He's gone crazy..." Levi said as he walked out. He was the last one to leave and was using a tab, also making a call at the same time.

The people at the party were enjoying themselves but little did they know the person they wanted to see the most was around them. The whole gang had taken a secret route away from the crowd. Amy looked badass as always, carrying the dark energy that scared people from afar.

"Gosh, you're finally here," Jane said as she saw them approach her. She was standing a hallway away from the suite that the Scotts were in.

"There was a little trouble," Theo said slowly. Jane glanced at Amy and was shocked cause Amy looked angry.

"Such big trouble?" Jane asked them and was a little nervous. Amy rolled her eyes and stepped away from them, looking through the tablet that Levi had handed over to her.

"Sam tried to stop her and she snapped at him when he didn't stop," Levi said and Jane shook her head in disappointment.

"So she told him everything?" She asked him and they nodded their heads.

"But now he knows what he's getting into." Theo said with a bright smile.

"You all sinners are enjoying this so much." Jane said and laughed.

"Done with your gossip?" Amy said suddenly. She was standing a few steps away from them, leaning against the wall. She looked like she was ready to kill them any time now, she was pissed off.

"Y...yeah." They all said in unison and were scared of the dark energy that she emitted.

Amy turned around and they were headed towards the suite where the Scotts were staying in. The moment was approaching closer and their heartbeats were increasing every second.

They reached the hallway of the suite and she guided the boys to go ahead first. They smirked cunningly and loosened their shirts.

"Let's go," Aaron said and tilted his head a little.

There were four guards outside the suite, staying alert. They saw three guys walking towards them and asked them to stop but when they didn't, they took out their guns, pointing them at them.

"Kids." Levi scoffed.

As the trio approached the guards, Aaron slapped away the first guard's gun away and kicked the gun from the second guard's hand. Levi punched the third guard and made him fall. Theo on the other hand snatched the gun from the fourth guard's hand without him noticing. The fight began and they knocked the guards out without making too much sound cause they didn't want to alert the people sitting inside the suite.

"You ready?" Amy asked when the fight ended.

"I'm eager for this," Aaron said in a whining tone and she smirked. Amy nodded and the others took out their guns. Jane knocked on the door. A guy asked who was on the door through the microphone.

"It's Jane." She replied. Amy and the boys were standing on the other side of the door so that guy couldn't see them through the mini camera. The guy unlocked the door and Theo kicked it open.

The people inside the door jumped out of their seats on seeing that. No one was expecting anything like this to happen. After Jane showed up they assumed that the information Sam gave them was incorrect.

They had pointed guns at them so the Scotts and their assistants had no chance to react to it.

"Nice to see you again, uncle Thomas," Amy said with a smile.

"Summer!" Thomas said and was about to get up.

"Uh. Uh. You don't have to be troubled." Aaron said and pointed the gun at him as he stood behind him. Levi and Theo tied two assistants while Jane stood behind Oliver, holding him at gunpoint.

"And you..." Amy said and turned to Oliver. "How have you ex-fiance..." She smiled cunningly, hitting his nerves intentionally.

"What the hell do you want?" Oliver asked; he was biting his lower lip, trying to suppress his anger.

"I want everything back." She said and turned away from him.

"Why the hell have you returned after 6 years, huh?" He asked her, smiling mischievously.

"Shut up!" Jane said and put the gun on his head. Amy shook her head telling her to let him keep speaking.

"I'm listening." She said and sat opposite him.

"You have a son," Oliver said and smiled. The four of them were surprised that he knew about Chris. But Amy kept her cool. She was expecting this.

"And he's mine." He continued.

"There were so many of them, how can you be sure it's yours?" Amy hit the nerve again. Oliver got angry and tried to hit her but Theo stood in front of him, glaring at him.

"You have these losers around you now. Still can't fight on your own huh?" Oliver said and wanted to break her but it seemed too difficult. She seemed like a whole different person with no signs of her old self.

"You still need drugs and gangs to win over others?" She asked him, hitting the nerve once again. She was indirectly telling him that he had drugged her to win over her so he had no right over Chris. Theo smirked a little on seeing Oliver struggle to control himself.

"What do you want from us?" Thomas finally spoke up. He was calm, unlike his son who was reacting to everything she said.

"I told you I want everything back, so I'm here to declare a war, I'll take everything back." She said and turned to him, emitting a dark aura that made Oliver flinch.

"You really think you'll be able to do that after what we did to you?" Thomas laughed.

"Oh, Uncle," She squatted in front of him. "It's been 6 years, even your idiot son changed a little." She tilted her head, staring coldly into his eyes. "How much would I have changed after becoming a single mom and being forced to take care of everything alone?" She asked him and Thomas was a little shocked. He couldn't see that timid girl anywhere in her, what now remained was just a monster that they had created. "I'm standing in front of you fearlessly, even after what you did to me, you can see how much I've changed." She said and smiled.

Oliver moved his hand a little, trying to reach his phone. 

"It's of no use." She said and turned to him. "All those snipers you planted to kill me, well guess what I killed them instead. So now there's no one you can call to kill me or drug me...or what say...rape me?" She said and he started trembling after seeing her that way. There seemed to be no sign of life in her eyes, just dark energy which was also eating her up.

"Be ready." She turned towards Thomas. "Everything you own will be destroyed soon...including that boss of yours." She said and they both looked at her all shocked and scared. How did she know about their boss?

"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."  ---Frederick Nietzsche