Chapter 20: Revenge for the torture
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"Be ready." She turned towards Thomas. Her eyes were cold and lifeless. "Everything you own will be destroyed soon...including that boss of yours." A cold shiver went down his spine as he was forced to look into her eyes.

Their jaws dropped on hearing that. How could she know about their boss? No one even knew that he existed. Then how could she?

Amy smiled cause she had just achieved one victory. She made them fall out of their bubble of happiness and showed them that she could still win. The Astley Empire never lost its power. They were still strong enough to take back everything they had lost. She stepped back a little, her eyes fixed at that slump figure in front of her- lost and nervous after hearing her words.

"See you soon." She said and turned around towards the door. In a few moments, the whole room was cleared from the whole gang, but they left behind those two broken people who were shivering from fear that she had just planted in them.

"What the hell just happened?!" Oliver asked and was shocked to the core. His hands trembling and sweat trickling down his forehead. She seemed nothing like the girl he had seen six years ago. The kind and innocent girl that he was going to get married to but instead he cheated on her...multiple times.

"" Thomas asked in a stuttering and weak voice. " in world did she know about the boss?" His voice went lower with each word. Oliver found that weird and looked up in his direction. His eyes widened on seeing his father clench his chest and fall on the ground.

Thomas was getting old and he had already destroyed himself from the start of that whole business. At this point his body was too weak and could take such big revelations; the only heir of the Astley empire was still alive and on top of that, she knew their biggest secret.

Oliver rushed to his father who was now lying on the floor unconsciously and called for help. No one arrived for quite a while cause Amy's people had taken down all the guards. He shouted on top of his lungs and was getting anxious. The guards who were standing at some distance arrived and they carried Thomas outside.


"What boss?" Levi asked her as they walked away from the suite. She had not told them anything about the 'boss' that she had just mentioned.

Amy didn't say anything in response. They were walking through the hallways again. On their way back to the security room.

"Yeah, you never mentioned anything about it!" Theo added in a frustrated tone, reminding her of her actions. Amy smirked on hearing that.

"Oh, I didn't?" Amy answered and sounded amused.

"Amy, you never told us they had a boss!" Jane said and they all were kind of disappointed.

"You never asked." She answered with a straight face. It made them even more annoyed.

"B...but..." Theo said but was cut off by Amy in between.

"Where's grandpa and Chris?" Amy asked Jane in a serious tone.

"On the plane right now," Jane said as she checked the time on her watch.

"Good." She nodded. "Make sure they don't return before 6 months and keep a close eye on them." She ordered and Jane nodded.

"What next?" Aaron asked her.

"Just wait and watch." She said and suddenly turned towards the lift.

"Where are we going?" Theo asked in confusion.

"The rooftop." She said and was smiling cunningly.

They all were left puzzled by her actions but followed her anyway. They reached the rooftop and she walked to the end of it, from where they could see the entrance of the resort.

The others followed her and looked in the direction she was looking in. Everything seemed normal and it left them confused. What was she planning to do now?

But things changed within minutes.

All that silence was covered with sirens of ambulances and cars screeching all of a sudden. They looked at the entrance closely and were shocked to see that the ambulances were there for Thomas. They saw his men carry him to the ambulance, he was unconscious and weak as if he had already lost.

"" Theo asked her in shock and the other three had the same question. How did she know that something like this would happen?

"The guy used to smoke a lot and got a heart disease in the end. Can't handle shocks." She said. Her eyes fixed at that sight of him lying helplessly being carried by people. She felt a feeling of victory and satisfaction in seeing that.

"That's why you revealed that you knew about the boss?" Aaron asked in a serious tone. "You wanted this to happen to him?" She smiled and looked at him.

"You know me." She said, still had a smile on her face.

If some stranger saw her, they'd say she's heartless and a monster. But what they all saw was a broken girl, tortured to the extend she wished to die. But she still wasn't allowed to give up. She was still forced to live on with all those scars and pretend to be normal. This was her revenge for everything that had happened to her; everything that Thomas had done to her six years ago.

"So you had it all planned already?" Levi asked her. She nodded and looked back at the entrance of the resort.

A sigh escaped her mouth and her expressions changed. Her lips clenched tightly, she seemed to be tortured. But still, there was a fire in her eyes. The dark aura was back and more dangerous than before.

"I'll destroy you completely...." She said, her eyes fixed at Thomas and hands clenching the metal railing. "....To the extend where you beg me for mercy just as you did to me in the past."

The four of them felt a little scared of her now. She was on her way to destroy them, walking on fire but it didn't hurt her...cause she had already burnt down in it.


Thomas was rushed to the hospital immediately and was under observation for a long time. The doctor declared that he had a heart attack and it would be better if he wasn't given any more shock or else he could even die from it. Oliver broke down into tears and felt helpless.

Thomas was right, he wasn't capable enough to handle the whole organization but now he had to. And this obviously benefitted Amy the most.


"What'll they do next?" Theo asked Amy out of curiosity. The rest laughed on seeing him that curious. They were on their way back to the security room now.

"Oliver has to take over the organization," Amy replied and they were shocked to see that she was actually answering his question.

"He isn't that good though. Even Thomas doesn't trust him with the organization." Jane added.

"Exactly. Because of that and cause I returned, Oliver will be forced to call his boss." She said and they all paused midway.

"That's your main motive?"  Levi asked her.

"We thought you just wanted to kill the Scotts," Theo added and laughed awkwardly.

"No, I don't wanna kill them, I wanna torture them to the point that they beg me to let them die." She said and clenched her fists tightly as she was reminded of those horrible memories again from six years ago when they made her beg them for death. They had tortured her so much that she felt disgusted by herself.

"And what about the boss?" Jane asked her.

"He was the one behind the death of the old leaders." Aaron clarified and the other three looked at him in shock.

"You knew?!" They asked him.

"Yeah." He replied in a stern tone and the other gave up trying to be angry at him. "...but you don't know who he is..." He told Amy. The other three looked at her in surprise; she lied to the Scotts? She nodded once but didn't actually clarify it.

"Prepare the attack we planned on AB organization," Amy said and walked away.

"So soon?" Jane asked in shock.

"It's the best time," Levi told her. "Their boss is in hospital and the new boss isn't patient enough to take care of everything."

"Ok, let's do this together." She said and sounded exhausted. The boys hugged her and caressed her back.

Amy reached the security room, followed closely by the rest of them.

"Where are all of the guards?" Theo question and found the empty hall strange. Amy smiled lightly.

They opened the door and were shocked to see all the guards lying on the floor, unconscious, and on the table in the center sat Sam... aka... Ryan Williams.

He looked badass, his one leg on the table while the other on top of one of the guard's chest. There was no sign of that timid guy and they could tell that he was a killer...